Friday, April 2, 2021

Your Goals #14: Neo the Boss: The fight for the mighty hat

his is the tale of an average mage in his quest for obtaining the proof of defeating the most powerful and evil sorcerer known in the land at the server Quelibra.

This was his dream and goal for many, many years,

The story begins right after server save, 17th of January 2021. Using the tools at disposal to predict the imminent raid in Kharos, our average mage protagonist raced for the tower where the seals were breaking, Ferumbras' return was close.

The tower was filled with players, among them, the top levels and skill of the server were all here. Even a 1550 druid, and many other mages with greater magic level and level, Paladins with crossbows in hand and sharpshooting for absurd distance fighting levels. Our protagonist was sure tho, that this day, he would surpass his limits and bring back home the proof he wanted for so long.

Before our battle against the evil sorcerer, our battle was with our war enemies, to win a good spot for our stand against Ferumbras, while defending ourselves from their lower levels attacks. We managed to clean everything within the hour before the first message was sent on our Server Log, confirming his return.

After the long wait, our awaited enemy appears in front of our eyes, our protagonist, who calculated the time perfectly, as soon as the evil sorcerer appeared, he slapped his face with the first sudden death rune proceeding by a strong combo from all the other players, this caused Ferumbras' anger and hate to increase drastically, focusing on our protagonist for striking him first, this caused our protagonist to receive a powerful blast from his enemy. But he would not stand and receive a hit from Ferumbras without striking him back, and right after the damaging spell was received, our protagonist strikes him back with the most powerful spell at his disposal, "Eternal Winter" for critical damage, sending him back to where he came from.

After being so confident that he would prove his worth among the strongest players in Tibia, he checked his Loot log, to see and confirm that his dream was soon to stop being just a dream, and becoming a reality. The proof of slaying Ferumbras, meaning the Ferumbras' Hat was on his hands. Theshock and rage of the "so powerful" high levels, high skill was so great that they started spreading hate and threat towards our protagonist, but he was not caring, he managed to play it right and got rewarded by completing his goal.

After going back home, with the hat on his backpack, he places it on his house, wakes up his darling to show her that he finally made it, and afterwards calls all the members of the guild to show that the hat stayed within our team.

With no hesitation, our protagonist, his beloved one, and his loyal friend race towards Zoltan, to show the proof, and wear it 
proudly on his head for the rest of times, to show to those who denigrated, discriminated, insulted, hated, and mocked him, that he was also able to accomplish his goal, regardless of all the obstacles placed in his path.

What I want to tell everyone with this story is: never give up on your dream, work to reach your goal, do not let anyone tell you can not do it. Keep working, and eventually, the time will come for you to reach your goal. And also, never forget to share your achievements with the people that were always with you.

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