Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Everything about Luna

You see Luna.
It weighs 27.07 oz.
Gently shrouded in clouds, her dreams are about to come true. As she awakens something magical is about to happen.
Granted by TibiaGoals.com.

Stage I

Luna is awoken and aware. She is focused and determined. She is about to make her dreams come true.

Stage II

Luna is sleeping and dreaming among the clouds. Her dreams are big, she is calm and peaceful. 

Luna's weight is TibiaGoals anniversary
July the 27th

Luna has 6 barks!

They say the sky is the limit but there are my hoofprints on the moon!
Luna makes you realize that there is no impossible. She's being a self-aware unicorn and trying to inspire you!

So divine!
Divine rings a bell! As a queen of clouds, Luna commands the divine forces of heaven. Or is she just complimenting you?!

Oh my! Is this <player's name>?! I’ve read about you on TibiaGoals.com!
Luna is always up to date with TibiaGoals.com content. She knows everyone who contributes to the page and praises your input!

There will never be another one after you, <player's name>!
Luna wants to assure that the player is aware of his/her uniqueness. People might try to replicate or even overpass your accomplishment, but you are still special to her. This bark is a changed quotation from Nicki Minaj's song LLC.

A horse with a shiny horn doesn't make a unicorn!
Luna knows how important it is to be yourself. She knows that the best way to succeed is by being true to yourself and making your own path instead of following someone else's one!

I had a dream I was a queen! I woke up... still a Queen!
Luna is a queen of sass! She knows her position and can never be humbled!

A special thank you to Makadamia
for creating Luna exactly how we imagined it and for having the heavenly amount of patience with our ideas!

Luna Real-Life Craft by Makadamia
Luna Real-Life Craft by Makadamia
Luna Real-Life Craft by Makadamia
Luna Real-Life Craft by Makadamia

Luna is the legendary queen of TibiaGoals. She used to be just a brown pony living in Palimino's stable on the east of Thais. What made her different from her fellow horses though, was her stubbornness to reach a goal and her vivid imagination... How did she become a unicorn?
Read the legend of Luna.

Unicorns are symbols of freedom, magic, purity, and innocence. By magic, they evolve into mysterious pure creatures with horns. They represent evolvement, progress, and independence. 
Luna is a symbol of determination, confidence, and success. She is a strong, independent creature focused on the way to achieving her goals and dreams. 

Luna is more of a diva. She is very confident because she owns her success and evolvement to her and herself only. She might be intimidating to those who haven't figured out their own way yet but she is also very inspiring and helpful. Her barks represent her spirit in a very clear way!

Luna has got 6 barks.

Item creator:

The idea givers:
Divine'Angel & Lady Mass. 

Because Lady Mass loves unicorns and Divine'Angel loves clouds, we decided to create a unicorn in the clouds which merges both our personalities together and seals our long friendship and experience as tibian content creators.

Item creation process:

I designed Luna based on the Midnight Panther doll made by Makadamia. Me and Lady Mass were quite happy with it in the very beginning but afterward, we thought that the item was too much of a good project to be created by someone as inexperienced in pixel art as me, haha! So, we decided to ask Makadamia to remake it and it was a great decision!

Luna's leg movement was there from the beginning and I also tried to add some clouds which were okay but still not satisfying enough!

When I received the graphic project of Luna presenting the girls, expectations, I immediately knew that working on Luna would be a fun adventure. First of all, it was something I already know and love - designing a pet doll in an oblique projection, on the other hand, I would probably never have come up with a unicorn in such colors, which was a challenge for me. The doll was to be large, fluffy as a soft toy, and its style was to be consistent with the TibiaGoals website. I wanted Luna's mane to be more girlish, so I added some curls. The tail had to be thick and fluffy, just like the website's logo. At first glance, the torso is pastel navy blue but tends to purple with all contours. This adds depth and a three-dimensional feel to the graphics. And the eyes ... big and charming :)
An expressive, girly item and at the same time delicate - this concept fitted perfectly. 

In the beginning, the idea of the second stage was to only add the clouds. However, I still felt it was incomplete so I risked asking Makadamia to create an animation of the unicorn laying
down and going to sleep. She was very skeptical at first, telling me it's impossible due to the small canvas size but I knew that with her talent she would be able to do it so I continued bugging her about it. It felt awkward and I didn't want to be too much because we weren't friends at that point yet. Fortunately, I managed to convince her and as I predicted, she did it perfectly!


That is true. I've never done it before so I wasn't sure about it but after giving it a try it worked out quite well! The biggest difficulty was its animation. Originally the clouds presented in the second stage were to be constantly visible, floating lazily up and down. I also added some sparkles to give it some magic touch but the girls decided that there was too much going on so eventually we resigned from them. At a height of 3-4 sqm, it is difficult to design floating clouds. The smooth, fast motion would look unnaturally, while slow motion would appear "laggy" in animation. Here the girls from TibiaGoals came with help and lots of ideas, suggesting a completely different form of the appearance of clouds. I hope everyone likes the final result! <3

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