Unicorn team!

We invite you to participate in our Huntsies which will take place regularly throughout the whole year! 

Your tasks will be to find certain things depending on the events and their themes.

It will be in your favour to be familiar with our fansite!

Interested in the dates? Check the event calendar on the right!

The rewarding system is quite something new!
The rewards for particular events are only known to the staff members and CipSoft.
You will not know what they are until the winners are announced!
However, the following rewards will be given in 2022:

Bronze Necklace
Nightmare doll
Snake God trophy
Vampire doll
4 pirate items
(given away)
Panda Teddy
3 bars of gold
Unicorn Figurine
150 demonic essence
(given away)
Giant Ruby
Giant Emerald
frozen starlight 
5 gold ingots

So, you will have a chance to win our fansite item, Luna!

What's more, there are guaranteed tibia coins for the following places:

1st 300 TC
2nd 200 TC
3rd 100 TC

If you happen to have any questions, join our discord and ask us in the questions channel!

How will the winners be chosen?
The first 10 participants who manage to get the Huntsie done will take part in the lottery that will draw the top 3!

TibiaGoals staff is not allowed to participate.

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