Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Divine Decoration Tricks #5: Clouds, shining floor & the lightning effect

Hello, unicorns! How are you doing?

In today's Divine Decoration Tricks I would like to show you
how to create a shining floor, clouds, and my most recent idea - the lightning effect!

1. Shining purple floor 
Any fans of self-made floor coverings here? If you're bored of your standard floors and store carpets but also unsure about the Tibia anniversary carpets, you may find this idea interesting! 

The shining carpets are purple but based on my idea you can obviously experiment with different colors on your own - we always encourage people to do that!

What do we need:
A) Purple cake carpets
Those are the carpets that were introduced during the latest Tibia anniversary celebration and now you can obtain them through the market
B) Ornate carving crossbow (replica)
You can buy those in the Thais museum on Sundays
C) 5 Coloured eggs (purple)
Obtainable during Easter or through the market
D) Purple fireworks powder
Also obtainable through the market or while the event Winterlight Solstice is active

Put the items in the following order:
the purple cake carpet, 5 colored eggs (purple), an ornate carving crossbow (replica), and purple fireworks powder at the top! Voila!

Put your self-made carpets around the whole room and see how much is going on!

2. Clouds
That is a remake of an idea I came up with years ago but it wasn't good enough to put on the website. The problem was that I used zaoan chess pawns or trophy stands which couldn't be entirely hidden. That resulted in the clouds being half brown or half black and I had to drop the idea.


However, lately, CipSoft has introduced my two new favorite items which I am sure all the decorators love:
small blue presents & blue presents.

Why? If you take a closer look, the presents are placed in the upper left part of the SQM. They raise the level of the stack just as zaoan chess pawns that I usually use but the presents are slightly lower. Because of their placements, if you put an item on them, the item covers the present and you can't really tell that there is something under it! So, now you can build the stacks using the presents that won't show! Just look at this plain white cloud!

Interested in the details?
We are going to need these items:
A) Orichalcum pearls 
B) Small blue presents
C) Snowballs
D) Dark moon mirror & Stron sinew

Now just copy the stacks!

Not sure how to put two snowballs on five snowballs? Use the following trick:
step 1. Put 5 snowballs on the stack
step 2. Put any item on the snowballs
step 3. Put 2 snowballs on the stack
step 4. Browse field and remove the unnecessary item 

3. The lightning effect
That is a trick that will surprise your friends when you invite them over! It can be compared to the splashing water trick I described here, because it only works when you walk around. What am I talking about? A stormy, flashing sky!

So, first of all, this effect can only make sense if you're using the light effects, obviously.
Mine are set like this:

What do we need?
Any kind of light sources! From my own experience, I can tell you that the light sources that give an average amount of light work the best here. What are those?
  • frozen starlight
  • green light
  • giant ruby
  • giant amethyst
The trick is pretty simple. CipSoft allows us to have a maximum of 9 items per stack. That means that if you put the tenth item at the top of the stack, the first item will disappear.
Note: Carpets count as items but they never disappear!

How to create the lightning effect:
Put your light source at the very bottom of the SQM. Put 8 other items on it. Once you step at the stack. the item with the light source disappears and so does its light!

That's it for today! :)



  1. Oooh, these blue presents are a blessing! I always struggle with lifting items up.
    Also the cloud is a super nice and creative idea. Your decorations are the best <3

  2. Interesting ideas, thanks for sharing