Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Divine Decoration tricks #2: Water tricks - A pond, swimming pool, splash effect and fountain

Welcome back to Divine Decoration tricks! 

Today we would like to show you multiple tricks to create water in your houses, whether it's a swimming pool, a pond, a big lake, or just a small fountain.

Peloria 2018
by Monzcarro Murcatto and Tarmon Gai Don

The idea originated in 2018 on Peloria where Monzcarro Murcatto and Tarmon Gai Don decided to create decoration representing Tarmon in his druid nature. You may read more about it in the "story behind the decoration" section soon!

How to create water?

So, the first and the most important thing you have to know about creating an area with water is that you will need some tibia coins at the start. You will need:

Now, let's learn some tricks!

1. A pond with the bridge 

In order to create a pond with the bridge, you will need to create an area with water and two pieces of land on both sides. If you want to make the bridge look realistic, you need to make it look as if it leads from one place to another. Just like in these photos:

In order to create the bridge, you will need:
Of course, with a little bit of creativity you may turn the bridge into a pier so that it's connected with the land on one side only and ends in the middle of the water like this:

You may want to add some nature around and, perhaps, a fishing rod or a stool. Give your decoration a story!

2. Splash animation

The pier leads us to one more trick with water, which doesn't have a visual effect at a first glance. However, you can surprise your friends once they enter your house and decide to use it. Just like this!

Doesn't it look perfect? In order to create such splash animation in your house you will need:

Now, put the pollens and amethysts alternately on your bathtub until it disappears. This is it! Super simple, right?

3. A fountain

If you don't want to take too much space in your house with the river, pond, or lake, you may just want to create a small area of water with a fountain. You will need:
The most important item in this stack is the badbara doll which provides us the flowing water effect which is made of its tears. We will want to cover her body so that we can not really see what it is and all we see is the animation. A lot of people decide to use the small ice statue (fish) and the winterblossom and I believe this stack is the best and makes the best effect, however, it's always good to experiment and either add different items or remove the existing ones. here's what it looks like animated:

This is it for the water tricks! Keep coming back to this article because we will be updating more water tricks soon!


  1. wow thanks for this! I will try and do it in my house. I like divine's ideas for decoration. The round lake looks very nice, its a pity I dont have grass in my house or i would do it the same! :(

    1. You can turn the floor into grass by using big leaves and rift carpets under them or you can use the leaf carpets from the store :)! Thank you for the kind words!

  2. What is that shiny glimmering thing used on the picture with 2 badbara with the small ice statue. the top fish have something shining thru it what item is that?

  3. Thank you for the post! I just finished reading it up and am very excited to House sort the following series. Just wanted to let you know that your posts/thoughts/articles give me invaluable insights! I cannot really be thankful enough for all that you do! Currently finishing up your Narratives & Numbers as well. What a Gem as well!

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