Friday, August 20, 2021

My Tibian life

Hi my name is Diana I am Mexican, my character name is Dyaniixz, even though that's not the only name I've had, my character names before were Dyaana, Dhyar Dothraki, Dyaana Mia and now finally. I've decided to keep Dyaniixz.

I started playing back in 2006, I remember my first character was a Knight and I used to play with my RL friends on an european server named Aurea, now named Vunira. We were always playing in little groups, killing other players and having so much fun. One day killing other players I got a red skull with my knight, so I could not keep playing with that character and I created a druid and that's how I realized that I like playing druids more. After that I got my first premium account and I started to discover more stuff on the game, and I also met more players. At level 50-60 me and my friends, most of them are polish got into war. 

After a while I retired and in 2010 I created a new account and played on the server named Fortera now it's Talera, with some friends from Chile that used to play with me on the first server.
We fought war for a couple months and then there was another war after another one and we usually won. After we won the server I decided to transfer my character with some friends that were fighting war on another server, but I was studying at college so it was hard for me to keep playing that much so I retired again.

Between being retired and playing once in a while with my friends I had so much fun with many adventures. I always played with teams that were in war and after winning them I enjoyed to hunt, do quests, explore new places , get addons etc.

After I got back approximately 3 years ago I've been playing with different friends and transfering from servers mostly after losing wars LOL. Right now I'm playing on Firmera but Ive played on Aurea, Empera, Fortera, Julera, Zanera, Shivera, Laudera, Efidia, Amera and after the merge of servers I also played on Lobera, Peloria, Solidera, Talera and finally Firmera. 

I've never set a goal on Tibia , I just like to play and enjoy with all the friends that I've met because of the game. Thanks to Tibia I met my boyfriend. We've been dating for almost 2 years,  we are now living together in RL and I can not express how thankful I am because it gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful friends and to live as a couple with my boyfriend. 

I feel that my biggest achievement it's that I've left a mark on many people I've met on Tibia, sometimes I run into people that I met years ago and they still remember me and that makes me feel so happy. Tibia also can get you many enemies because of the war  but it can also make you have great friends, and you can become a better person by helping others to achieve their goals.

However if someone asks me what would be an achievement in the game that I would like to have in the medium- long term I would have to say to reach level 600 and get Elemental Spikes, so I can get my Elementalist Outfit Full, it's one of the outfits that I like the most on Tibia and also the Mage Outfit full on female, although at some point I thought to get Ferumbras Hat but it didn't become that important after a while that thought got discarded, but there's still a chance to get it if I keep playing and I'll set it as a goal.I also enjoy getting achievements and hopefully at some point have the most achievements on the server.

Tibia has always been one of my favorite games, and it is the one that I've played the most since I found out about its existence. And one of the main reasons that I always return to play it's because of the friendships that have lasted, this makes the game so enjoyable and funny.

And well I think that would be all for now, I hope you like my story and I hope it encourages more players to share their story with this community. <3


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