Saturday, May 1, 2021

Player of the Month #10: Xarkost Eilia

Our Player of the Month for May is Xarkost Eilia. This paladin from Secura, who is also a Tibian YouTuber, is the leader of one of the oldest guilds in the game!

Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from etc.

-Hello, thanks for choosing me for this month’s interview! My real name is Steve. I am 29 years old and from Nova Scotia, Canada. I am a Computer Programmer and I’ve been playing Tibia on and off since 2003. I’ve streamed on Twitch in the past but seriously started uploading to YouTube just over 2 years ago. I haven't had as much time to play that last few years between editing videos, coaching basketball, and my son being born last year.

Who showed Tibia to you? When was it?

-As I mentioned previously, I first played tibia back in 2003. I was introduced by a RL friend of mine, Stealthless. He hasn't played for a few years but I still see him regularly. We've been friends for over 20 years.

Is there any player that you admire?

-At this point there isn't any particular player I admire or try to emulate. I enjoy spending time with my guild mates which is hard with my RL schedule. Also, I'm a Canadian on an EU server which doesn't help either.

What’s the origin of your character’s name?

-I tried naming my first few characters when I was a kid and they aren't as cool as I thought they were in hindsight. I used the random generator when I started my paladin to get the name "Xarkost Eilia". I've since adapted the name "Xarkost" whenever I need a character name in another game.

Do you consider yourself an RPGer?

-I do not. I was never into the roleplay side of Tibia.

X or Y

Premium cities or Free acc cities?

-It is hard because they are both great for different reasons but I think I would have to go

Premium. The Free account cities are the original cities of Tibia and that’s where I’ve always owned a house. It is hard to beat the interesting design, lore, hunting areas, etc around the Premium Cities. 
I remember when I first got premium and could explore Edron. Also, the update adding Svargrond and Tiqaunda adding such a new environment to the game.

Never open supply stash again or never be able to use bank again?

-Never open my supply stash. I mostly use the supply stash just to drop my stackables after a hunt. It would be a pain to have to sort them manually but I feel like it would be even worse to try to maintain piles and piles of money, not be able to transfer cash to other characters, or pay for supplies directly from the bank account.

Mounts or Outfits?

-I would pick Outfits, they are more personal. Outfits are unique to your character and you can often recognize friends or even just random people on your world based on them always having

the same outfit on.

Tibia 10 or Tibia 11?

-There is always nostalgia with older versions of the game and client but I feel like overall I would have to go with Tibia 11. There are many new helpful features as well as mostly solving the botting problem.

Tibia on laptop or computer?

-Desktop. Whenever gaming or working I’ve always used a Desktop. Laptops are convenient but I am much slower at using them.

Getting achievements or hunting?

-I enjoy getting achievements. Unfortunately, most of the ones that I have left are either a large grind or I need a lot of money to buy them.

KSing enemies or talking problems out?

-I like to think I don’t really have enemies but maybe there is someone who holds a grudge against me. Whenever there is a disagreement I prefer to talk problems out. I’m an adult now with a full time job and a family. If I do have time to play I don’t enjoy spending it following others around or being followed.

Losing EQ or losing 20 levels? -I level very slowly at this point, but I think losing the EQ would hurt more. It would take me a long time to earn the money back to buy a single piece of EQ that costs 50kk+.

Female or male outfits?

-I would pick male as that is what I am used to. There are definitely some female outfits and addons that look better than their male counterparts though :)

Having a bad EK or bad ED?

-I would choose a bad EK. Having a bad EK means you might end up with some bad pulls and creatures attacking you. Having a bad ED means the EK is dead and you have everything on you anyways!

Your guild is almost 20 years old! What is the key of keeping a guild alive for so long in your opinion?

-I would say the key is having a solid group of core players. We've had our ups and downs over the years but we've always had the core players to keep us going. We used to be very active with

recruiting, had many active players, and ran many guild events. Over the years we've shrunk a lot but our core group is always playing off and on. 

Which vocation is the most powerful now in your opinion?

-I find this a difficult question as it can be quite subjective. I typically play solo and haven't really hunted any of the end game spawns. I believe many people consider paladins to be the strongest with the ability to trigger two charms per round which is a huge benefit when hunting creatures with a lot of health. 

From what I see lately though, Knights are in a very good place now after the rebalance, especially solo. Elemental weapons open up a lot of spawns for them and they can make some very good profit.

Mages seem to rely a lot more on having a team around you but it seems like it would be nice especially as a higher level once you manage to have a large health pool.

Define your guild in 5 words.

-Friendly, helpful, trustworthy, loyal, fun.

What is your opinion on the char bazaar?

-It doesn't really influence my playstyle but I am leaning towards it being a good addition. I don't see myself ever purchasing a character as I like to complete everything myself.

I do see a large benefit though now that Tibia's audience is older. Many people that have played in the past and work full time can buy a mid level character rather than starting from scratch. Or, buy a lower level character that is already trained for them. Life is busy and this can save them some of the boring grind in the beginning.

Do you remember your first death? Or if not, what is the first death you remember?

-I don’t remember my first death but I know there were a few on Rookgaard when I first started playing. The first deaths I remember were on my Knight from levels 20-30. I died a few times in Elven Bane being trapped in the pathway with the Orc Berserker as I know many others had during that time. You weren’t able to pass through other characters like you can today.

The first death I remember on my Paladin, though there were a few before it, was level 129 to worker golems. I was younger and still in school and was trying to push some levels over the Christmas break. It was my 4th death in 5~ days because of a lot of connection issues I was having. Back then you lost more experience on death and the experience rates were a lot slower which made it a huge pain to get it back. I took a break for a few weeks after that.

In general I don’t die that often and most of my deaths are connection related. I don’t get as frustrated as I used to but it still bothers me more than most players nowadays haha. I have a high distance skill so one death now sets me back about 2-3 months of offline training I believe.

Do you have any encouraging words to the community?

-Not all players are looking for trouble. I understand some worlds have Dominando, people enjoy PvP, or there are fights for the best spawns. If you are just playing Tibia to relax and have fun there is a world and group of people where you will fit in depending on how you play the game.

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