Friday, April 2, 2021

Your Goals #13: Ragge Storm: It is not about the graphics; it is about the community to play with

My tibia story begins in 2008 when my cousin showed me this game. My first reaction was like “these graphics are horrible; I will never play this game” – ye… xD –. However, I decided to give it a shot, so that, I created my first character which was master sorcerer on Hiberna – it is an old server –. Nowadays, this character does not exist anymore. My main fun was killing other players with my fire elementals and sudden death runes. I remember I was a red skull once. Nevertheless, I stopped playing it after some months. 

After that, I came back to play tibia in 2010 due to my friends. They were playing on Titania. As a result of this, I created my current and beloved paladin, Ragge Storm. In the beginning, my goal was to get levels quickly so I could join the war guild where my friends were but as I was getting more introduced to all the tibia content, my goals were also changing. Consequently, I started to feel more attracted to completing quests and outfits, getting new mounts and achievements, etc. In addition, I had the opportunity to meet old players from Titania who taught me a lot of this game, for example, hunting grounds or which equipment is the best for a paladin. I have to say that Titania’s community was kind and immensely helpful and I thanks to everyone who helped me and might be reading my tibia story.

As I said before, getting mounts was one of my interests, and here it goes my first significant event in this game. I wanted the mount “blazebringer” which you get from the event called “lightbearer”, but Titania always had failed it on previous occasions. Accordingly, I decided to make a huge forum post asking for help to succeed in it as well as explaining how to make this event and the rewards we could get. The answer was massive! Although there was a war ongoing, both sides decided to stop it for a while and help to complete the event. It was incredible. I never saw the English chat as alive as those four days. From my point of view this was significant because it shows the best version of every single player as a human being. It was wonderful and we should do it more often instead of being toxic in this game.

Continuing with my story, one of my goals in this game is collecting rare items. One of my favourite collections are the pharaoh items and pits of inferno items. I started to kill bosses and buy items from other players. I collected most of the pharaoh items and got all pits of inferno items. Back to those days, these items were more expensive than nowadays. Furthermore, I started to collect dolls. I had a huge collection of them like 30 panda teddies, 2 torn teddies, 2 teddy bears, norseaman doll (replica), 2 fan doll of queen eloise, basket of puppies, etc. But - and here it goes the second significant event in my tibia career -, I got hacked at lvl 321. I still remember that day. I was trying to buy a thunder hammer when I saw an offer in the world forum board. Unfortunately, I did not pay attention and the link to the main thread was a hack link, so that I got hacked and I lost everything as well as I died by a wyrm because I was checking the boss tyrn that day. My friends tried to stop the hacker, but he threatened them warning that he would rook my character to level 1 if they tried to stop him. I know it is frustrating when you lose something that u have been building for a long time in a couple of minutes. That day was a day to think about what to do. On one hand, I could decide to stop playing tibia. On the other hand, I could decide to keep playing it. Well, I chose to keep playing for a simple reason, friends.

Based on my experience, this game is only fun when you have someone to play with. Your goal may be being the top 1 experience in your server or perhaps you want to get the highest score in distance or magic level. But before your goals reveal to yourself, the main reason for playing this game is because when we log in there is always someone to play with and that’s why I always say “it is not about the graphics, it is about the community to play with”. This is a reference to what I said before.

According to this, the next day after my hack, I was playing again with a crown set, hive bow and 3kk given to me by my friends. Let me tell you where has that decision led me. I was level 321, now I am level 536. I had 650ish achievements points, now I have 835 and the most important aspect I could meet new people who are also my friends now. Consequently, I animate to everyone to not be sad when they got hacked or their houses are cleaned by someone who was pretending to be a “friend” to get the items you have. Get over it and keep moving with your friend while you enjoy your time playing this game.

To sum up my tibia story, I would like to bring here my closest friends, they are Dyin Bryan, Talerim and Lady Xyver and recently they showed to me the best version of themselves as human beings. One of my short-term goals was getting a falcon bow. I was saving cash for it and I was also crossing my fingers to loot it from oberon. However, they decided to buy it for me and give it to me as a gift for my birthday. It was incredible and this is another significant event for me because as I said it shows the best version of a human being and it also shows how our goals can be completed with our friends help. So that, stick with your friends and enjoy the game. Do not let anything discourage you and stand by our friends during the hard moments.

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