Thursday, April 1, 2021

Celebrities who played Tibia

In today's article, we will expose the celebrities who played Tibia. Not all of them are known for their love for the MMORPG online but we've made quite a research and managed to find photos of their streams or Instagram stories where they prove that they play Tibia.


Everyone knows that Tibia is an extremely popular game in Brasil not only among the ordinary mortals but also among the most famous people. As it turns out, Tibia has gained its maximum popularity peak back in 2008 when the news reported that the most famous Brasilian football player and their national pride Neymar, (Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior) also played Tibia on a quite high-leveled character. On 3 June 2013, Neymar was unveiled by Barcelona and signed a contract that would keep him at the club. After several attempts to exp his character on a NA server while being in Europe has resulted in his multiple deaths, Neymar decided to quit Tibia and abandoned his Tibia character. Neymar is known for the love for his country and the sources report that he stated he would have never transferred to a European server due to love for his roots.

To our great surprise, Zlatan Ibrahimović, the most loved Swedish football player who mostly streams Fortnite posted a selfie on his Instagram stories where we can see his monitor in the background which clearly displays the Tibia window. It turns out that the sports star loves playing Tibia apart from other games. The picture has been removed from his stories several minutes after it had been posted but his inquisitive fans managed to see it and take a screenshot of it. There happened to be Tibia fans there, as well, and they sent us this image.

Rihanna Not many of you know, but Rihanna is actually connected to Tibia. Is she an active player? Well… she’s more than just that! She is a CM! The sneaky Umbrella singer hides under the name Rejana. She thought she could fool us by changing some letters of the name, but we got to the bottom of it!

What is Rihanna’s favorite outfit? Well, no surprise here, of course, it is the Barbadian outfit.
You might wonder how we got this information. We have acquired an interesting screenshot taken by one of our admins:

Additional information: She is also connected to Arejana Grande, we do not know much about it yet though, but we are working on it!

We've received this rare photography of Eminem trying to play Tibia in 2013 when he was dating his ex-girlfriend who worked for CipSoft. Eminem would always ask her about Tibia so she decided to show him the game. Unfortunately, Eminem was always rather confused and after dying three times to rats he got discouraged. Eventually, she decided to leave him due to his inability to play Tibia. He got heartbroken and decided to win her heart back by getting level 100. He wrote a song called 'Love Game' where he raps 'The game just isn't the same its changing, To new Game, You're now about to witness the power'. However, Eminem never managed to leave Rookgaard. He became passionate about Tibia, though, and somewhat obsessed with the monsters of the mainland he's never been given to face. That's why in 2013 he recorded the song "Monsters" together with Rihanna who, as you already know, hides behind the name Rejana and is also a CM!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj despite living in America, used to like to play EU servers. Not many know that Nicki Minaj is also a huge Power Abuser! Back in the days, she kicked our admin Divine'Angel from respawn, after which she mentioned that situation in one of her songs with the Korean group BTS called Idol. Here's the quote: "So much power in the mind, yes Divine. Take your change you’ll never be next in line". Their beef is now over apparently, Divine states. “Yes, I do remember that situation, however, it is past now, I am very happy for Onika and I cannot wait for her newest album”, says the sorceress from Talera.

The sources say that the Trinidadian rapper gets distracted very easily while playing though, as she spends a lot of time looking at her phone, as a result of this, her character gets logged out.
Nicki was also caught on streams playing Tibia. 

Britney Spears
Not many people know that Britney Spears, a famous pop star, used to be a Tibia streamer.  "After her meltdown in 2007 and several rehab attempts she found her peace in a MMORPG online called Tibia" - reports New York Times. Spears decided to break free from her father, Jamie Spears, from managing her career and being deprived of her freedom and begin an independent career as a hard rock singer. After going bankrupt, she started streaming Tibia in 2011 and gained a lot of followers all over the world. Not long after her first successful streams, she has been forced to quit by her PR managers who demanded all the proofs that the pop star had ever played Tibia removed from the internet. The pop star wanted to secretly give a shout-out to her Tibian fans and recorded a song called "Till The World Ends" where, in between the lines, she means that she will continue playing Tibia till the world ends. An interesting fact is that Spears got tricked into getting black skulled three times and the third time it happens she sang "Oops, I did it again" on the stream and everybody loved it.

Kim Kardashian

In 2012, Kim was a very active war player. She was not the best, but she was always extremely passionate about this aspect of the game. However, some deaths affected her more than others. In one of the episodes of KUWTK, we could see the celebrity’s reaction to getting killed afk, let’s say that the star did not take it too well.

What is more, Kim attempted to hide the fact that she plays from her family. Her mother Kris once heard the woman yelling “north-west! north-west!” in the middle of the night and got concerned. It was then when the woman realized that her daughter becomes a vicious ingame killer at night! The family gave the star a new nickname, North-West. In order to stop them from calling her that, Kim decided to give that name to her firstborn.
“I didn’t know what to do about this nickname, honestly it was like so rude” states Kim, “Giving that name to my baby seemed like the best thing I could do at the time”, she claims.

Peter Dinklage

The Game of Thrones star, Peter Dinklage used to stream Tibia while he was In Belfast, Ireland while the cast was filming the 8th season of the series. His poor performance in the final season is said to be caused by his distraction with Tibia. Peter was passionate about the city of Kazordoon where he owned a house called Lost Cavern. He only reached level 58 because he was too busy killing everyone who decided to hunt the dwarves. Apparently, the movie star assumed the dwarves are other players and he committed to protecting them. 

Source: trust me bro - Divine'Angel & Lady Mass


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