Friday, February 12, 2021

Valentine's day Special: Tibian Couples

 ❤ Amy Meow & Deroox Meow 

TibiaGoals: How did you guys meet? Tell us your love story!
It was really funny how we met, hahaha. When my friend invited me to return to play Tibia starting from 0 on a new server and sometime after I went to the mainland, she invited me to spend time with her where she was, I was barely level 20 and she was with him (They are friends), I stood next to both of them and this guy accidentally pressed a hotkey where he had "exori gran ico", being level 20 and he level 150+ it was instant death, hahaha. He asked me for forgiveness and from there we started talking. We got along very well but I was very shy to speak so our communication really took place little by little. Now that I think about it, I can't believe I'm with the first person who killed me in Tibia and I still have that screenshot, hahaha.

TibiaGoals: Do you think that gaming together is beneficial for the relationship?

Of course, I think that if it can be beneficial as long as we both respect each other, for example, perhaps at first I could be very clumsy to play with druid because I had never played this vocation and this boy was very patient with me and never made me feel bad if by mistake of mine he got to die for failing to cure him or things like that. There is also the part that when you are a woman and you play a game where most of the players are men, honestly some of them don't care that you have a relationship and they do whatever it takes as long as you pay attention to them, I think we should set limits with them and not get impressed away by the material things that others can offer you (because unfortunately, that happens), in that aspect, I take great care of my relationship and my boy can be sure that I will never leave him for another person who came to offer things that honestly I can get by myself. We should be with someone because we like, love him/her, not because of the material things he/she can offer us. 

Taking into account all this that I mentioned, a relationship where we both play can be very beautiful because we share the same passion to play Tibia, the same passion for something we really enjoy doing. My boy and I never get bored of doing quests, bosses, leveling, exploring the map, doing bestiary, achievements, fighting in a war and all this while we hear music, talk or joke and I believe especially in these difficult times when we cannot leave our houses and we kinda feel anxious and lonely at least I can feel more relaxed and that I'm not alone playing together.

TibiaGoals: Have u ever argued about smth tibia related? If so, what was it?!

Probably yes, but nothing serious, such as when we are doing a quest and we cannot move forward because of something we are doing wrong, we make comments like "I told you it wasn't like that" or for example, I really like to do achievements, There is an achievement where you have to click on a shell to get a daily pearl and sometimes he clicks it accidentally or on purpose to troll me haha I may get kinda angry but just  for a second, hahaha, nothing really big, nothing serious xD

❤ Queen Sunwing & Heavenly Joy 

TibiaGoals: How long have you girls been together? Tell us your love story!
I and Kimi have been together since 28/11-17. We have been playing Tibia together for the past 3 year-ish I would say. It all started out when she played Tibia one time when we just had moved in together as a couple. I was never really into games in general since I was a beauty blogger and worked with social media back then so I was never really bothered about Tibia or any kind of other games. I was not a gaming girl at all and pretty much hated games. But at that moment; Something caught my eyes. Not really sure what it was but something was very exciting about Tibia for me and I barely played games back then, besides Sims basically. I remember so clearly back then when I told my fianceé that I wanted to try to play it and she looked at me with her eyes like ”Are you sure?” and I made an account with a character named Lolla Johansson without knowing how to use the spells or anything and I'd literally die to Trolls.

I remember how frustrating and funny it was. How my motivation kept growing to achieve certain stuff. From that day I never stopped playing Tibia and still continue to achieve various goals. We hunt together as a couple in-game and have been doing that for a long time now. I was an ED and she was the EK. We are still until this day, playing as a DUO and I hope it will stay like that for a very, very long time. We haven't met through Tibia like many others have. We met each other through Facebook actually. And our love just keeps getting stronger for each day that goes by. I still have butterflies in my stomach when I look into her beautiful eyes. If I had to say something about us playing together, I would definitely say that I wouldn’t have achieved all of the in-game things if it wasn’t for her. All of her help with achievements and levels is priceless and a lot of her dedication that I truly admire. That she pushes me and helps me succeed with achieving all of my goals!

TibiaGoals: Have u ever argued about smth tibia related? If so, what was it?!
HAHAHAHA yes! Actually, we have argued about Tibia related stuff. Some people may think we don’t have arguments but yes! We do. It is mostly because I am very stubborn as a person and when I for example die; I wanna take back EXP as fast as possible no matter what the limits or cost is meanwhile Kimi is the one who is more relaxed and chilled out. That is something we often argue about but in the end - we have never argued about something bad or to a point where we don’t wanna play with each other. We laugh about everything at the end of the day!

❤ Michii The Queen & Neo The Boss 

TibiaGoals: How did you guys meet? Tell us your love story!
We met in March last year, he was the leader of the war guild I just transferred to and he was the only leader who spoke my language so I always felt freer to solve my problems or doubts with him. We started being more close when I was having internet problems and dying full bless all the time, so I found the courage to one day ask him to hunt with me my last 5% I needed to level and he agreed! Of course my internet dropped at least 3 times and he always saved me. I instantly found his company great that day, so easy to talk to and such a gentleman and after that day we both felt like spending more time with each other to have a friend in the other that within a lot of time of friendship it became something more. We clicked instantly really, it was the most natural relationship start we both ever had, We both felt free to be ourselves and I think what captivated each of us was that we both wanted to be good for the other, we both are adults and we both knew that the other had gone through something as we all have, so you could see we both cared for being a good person for the other even as “friends”, we started doing nice things for each other to help each other.

What in your opinion are the pros and cons of having a boyfriend in the game?

The advantages are that you always have a DUO!! We loooove it! We both are gamers and both of us have tried the games that the other plays and we love it that we can do it together and spend our time together in many ways we both enjoy! Plus when one is more experienced in a game than the other, you have a perfect person to teach you anything you want, say tanking tips in tibia or how to headshot someone in CSGO haha. It’s hard to find someone like this in real life! If it comes to disadvantages, it wasn't in our case because we were lucky to both live in the same city, but such gaming relation could easily result in a distance relationship. 

Have u ever argued about smth tibia related? If so, what was it?!
Hah! We have although we really try not to make it too big when it’s tibia related because we both know it’s stupid to argue or hurt over a game. We normally would argue when someone would do something important without the other, like killing Ferumbras or doing anything important that the other would definitely love to be part of! We don't argue if one hunts without the other or if one does bosses without the other. It definitely has to be something big.

❤ Ely Blademaster & Magical Martin 

TibiaGoals: How did you guys meet? Tell us your love story!
We originally met through Twitch. I stream my Tibian adventures and he came across my channel when other streamers had hosted me. He played Tibia a long time ago & on another server. But when he got some free time from work, he made a noobie character on my server (open pvp). We decided to play an optional-pvp server (Astera) so we could focus more on bosses and doing quests together. This past rapid respawn we were able to do a mini hunt in Roshamuul with some friends! :3

TibiaGoals: How does Tibia influence your relationship?
Tibia influences our relationship where we both enjoying playing MMOs, it sparked an interest for us to try other MMO’s together. Tibia is an old game, so we have our own histories within the game, which is great because we share our adventures, and now we create more together.

TibiaGoals: Tell us about a funny situation that happened to you guys in Tibia!
In one of our adventures hunting, we were trying to hunt a new spawn. Unfortunately, since we were learning the best way to hunt there, my bf kept dying because of trapping himself. It was one of the most deaths, but it was soo funny because if he didn’t trap himself, then I did. Plus, I know my druid skills aren’t the best at healing or throwing bombs in the correct spots hahah so some of the deaths were partly my fault too… I’ll admit that hahah

❤ Vussia & Gremciu 

TibiaGoals: How did you guys meet? Tell us your love story!
We've been together for a year and a half now. The first time our characters met was at the final of the Yalahar quest where Gremir was the service organizer. Then, we exchanged just a few sentences about eating or so, and a few weeks later I entered the guild he was in, and within time, the relationship started to flourish. After more than 2 years of playing together, we met for the first time. After the first meeting, the next ones came extremely quickly, leading us to regular dates and then a relationship.

Do you think that playing Tibia together has a good influence on your relationship?
We had been playing together a long time before we became a couple, so now we do not shy away from such entertainment even more! Our lives have changed a lot over the last months (we moved in together, we adopted two cats) so we don't devote as much time to the game as before, but we both like to hunt or do something else in the game. We play in separate teams more often but we always try to reconcile everything with each other by putting everyday life and mutual needs first. Gremir likes to surprise me with small things not only in life but also in the game, so I sometimes log in and see a new eq in the house for a character or decoration stacks for decoration or just a nice letter. We try to make the game cause only good relations between us. We treat it as a good, entertaining element of our lives and an alternative form of spending time together.

TibiaGoals: Do you have any funny stories about Tibia that influenced your relationship?
The funniest thing about the game is that absolutely no one, including our grandmothers, calls Gremciu by his real name. My whole family uses the nickname from the game. I myself use his real name very occasionally. We called Tiquanda our favorite summer destination to barbecue. We have repeatedly cited some funny situations from the game that just fit the real situations, such as e.g. I could not calmly finish the dinner because our cats would constantly try to steal the meatballs so instead of normally asking him to take them away, I told him to "Exeta Res" the kittens. While giving Gremir medications when he was sick, I "charmed" his cold away by saying "Exura sio" Gremciu"!

❤ Elee Bae & Calmi Papi 

TibiaGoals: How did you guys meet? Tell us your love story!
I first met Calmi Papi after I transferred from Solidera to Wintera in June 2019. Shortly after then, I joined the guild he and some of my friends were in at the time, First World Prestige.
However, it wasn't until a few months later that he and I began to get to know each other. I believe it started when he looted a pair of dreamwalkers, an item I currently needed/wanted. So we made a business deal. I paid X amount upfront for the item and the remaining cost I paid once he returned from several weeks of work.
I had a big surprise for paying the item cost I owed when he returned. I put together a huge scavenger hunt for him. A lot of detailed letters stating the rules, items needed, hints of where to go, etc. Never anything too direct leading him throughout. In the end, he was to locate my character to trade simple items for the money I owed him. This was the day we found out that one of his houses was next door to mine. We sort of clicked together after that point, but we weren't actually in a relationship until Dec. 2019. I finally caved in and decided it was worth the shot.

TibiaGoals: What do you usually do in the game together?
We both play MS as main vocation, which isn't exactly ideal for team hunting together. Although sometimes we do anyway or decide on bestiary adventures. I can't count the hours he has stood by and watched me create new house decorations. He giggles alot at my decor processes. We typically try to complete any new quests and achievements together. Sometimes we will level maker or bomb characters together. It really depends on the day and how much time we both have to play. Sometimes we will opt for playing another game or just talking.

TibiaGoals: Was there any situation that happened in Tibia and influenced your real life?
I think the most memorable thing from Tibia that roled over to real life is the time we spent talking to each other since meeting. I think that is what really helped our relationship grow to what it is. He actually told me that he keeps a list of things about me... likes, dislikes, etc. 
Tibia is where we met, but our relationship doesn't consist solely of Tibia. We are planning our options of living closer to one another in real life. I honestly don't think I could have found a better partner.


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