Monday, February 1, 2021

Player of the Month #7: Ely Blademaster

Our Player of the Month for February is Ely Blademaster. Playing on the server Quintera, Ely managed to get over 1100 achievement points!

Can you introduce yourself? How old are you, what do you do in real life etc.

-Haiii! My name is Ely, thank you for interviewing me. I’m 28 years old (omg so close to 30 ahhh!) In real life since there is a pandemic still going on unfortunately, I lost my previous job opportunity, but I finally got another. I did study software engineering, so I am doing some classes on the side to advance my knowledge to eventually change into a new position at work. I enjoyed playing Tibia during my free time and stream it along with other games, but since last year was a bit crazy I didn’t do too much of it. Hoping that this year will be better and will get to enjoy gaming more! I wish the same for everyone else too!

When and how did you start playing Tibia?

-I was introduced to Tibia in grade 6 (I believe I was 11 or 12 at the time) by my friends Dark Shelly and Lira Knight. I didn’t get very far because I kept dying to rats in Rookgaard. So I gave up and made my current character 2 years later. That one I actually made it out of Rookgaard and created a druid but found that potions were pricy so I made a knight which I played the most until 2010 where I could buy premmy for myself. At that point I discovered more places in the premmy lands and my friend Grumpy Panda needed someone to throw avalanches so asked me to come with my druid, since then I started leveling my druid more and I found that mages were more fun to play with because there were more spells to learn/use. Honestly, I know I’m not the best mage player out there, so I keep learning till today.

What is the background of your Tibian main character’s name?

-Everyone asks me why “Blademaster” when you’re a druid? I chose the name because it was a family name and I was the youngest (last person) at the time to join. Everyone who did play back then have now all retired but occasionally they come on to chat and catch up. But I chose to keep this name since I’m the last one active and to keep the family name alive. I even made a poem about it when Cipsoft asked to create one for a CM Token sometime ago and posted it on my Facebook page.

What do you enjoy the most about Tibia?

-ACHIEVEMENTS. Honestly, everyone is focused on getting levels or pvp and I felt like collecting achievements. My friend Dark Shelly and I would try to complete a lot of quests and collect for outfits and stuff because we wanted to get more achievements. I just focused a lot on it and it was fun, it still is fun till today. I’m so proud of myself that I made it to 1100 points. There’s still quiet a few more I need to get but it does require a lot of hunting which I don’t personally like haha but I know when I get motivated again, I will get back to it. One of my goals for last year was to make it to 1100 achievement points so I’m glad I got that.

Is there any Tibian you find inspiring?

-There are different people who I admire doing different things in Tibia, but there isn’t just 1 person. There are a few depending on the category and I don’t want to name a few if I forget others. I actually enjoyed checking out Facebook life threads, fan pages and forums of life threads on fansites. A lot of that has moved to the Instagram community which was nice too but now there too has become more of a marketplace. There are still quiet a lot of people you can come across who have some useful tips about different things, just like here on Tibia Goals, it’s amazing how you reach out to people and help share their tips and advice!

X or Y!

Night waccoon or Ladybug

-Lady Bug!!! But Night Waccoon is also soo cute… buuut Lady Bug is my favourite. 

Never change your outfit again or never get any new achievement.

-AHHH HOW DARE YOU ASK ME THIS!!! You know outfits and achievements kinda go hand in hand.. cuz you get an achievement for getting an outfit completed…sooo it’s a lose lose situation. Hahahah but I guess I would never change my outfit again and keep getting achievements.

Assassin or barbarian

-I can’t choose between these two!! You really giving me hard choices here!! Omg I honestly rank them the same it’s just depending on the day tbh. Some days feel more like a “peachy assassin” kinda day and other days feel like “yaaah imma dominate the barbarian slayinn monsters”.

Solo or team hunt

-Team hunt! I really don’t like hunting in general because I get bored fairly easily that’s why I prefer doing quests or exploring or working on achievements (although there’s a few of them now that require hunting haha) But I really do like team hunts because they are more entertaining and usually if trying to level it’s better to do it with friends.

Wear Elementalist but with different colors or wear your colors but with any other outfit except Elementalist

-WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!?! HAHAHA I love my colours and I love Elementalist. You would break my heart not to wear it. But is it ok if I wear my colours for all other outfits and for Elementalist just use a different colour? Would this be allowed? hahahah

Thais or Carlin

-Thais has always been home. I remember way back when maybe in 2008 I tried to walk from Thais to Carlin and I got pk’d in Kazz. I always hated Kazz because it happened every time I went. I didn’t ever get to see Carlin until I got premmy and took the boat. hahahahaha

Decorating or doing bestiary

-DECORATING. Hahaha bestiary is okay and it helps me distract myself but decorating is sooooo much fun and relaxing. Sometimes I stream on Discord when I’m decorating just so friends can watch haha but other times I deco alone when I don’t really want to talk to anyone and just listen to music or watch Netflix while I try different stacks or think of different ideas to change around my houses.

Lose 15 levels or lose 5 magic levels

-Well it depends... will I lose more than 5 magic levels if I lose 15 levels? I don’t want to lose my ML… it’s way harder to get magic level than levels. At least for me I feel like it’s more time and money being put into getting it. With levels I don’t care too much except for the fact I need levels to complete certain quests or access certain areas but other than that I don’t really care as much for it. Magic levels help me heal a lot more and do damage more which I would need as my internet hasn’t been the best lately so I need to know if I do go on a hunt or something that I can stay alive or keep my team alive even if I get super laggy. 1 good sio is better than 3 bad sios.

Golden outfit or full summoner

-Full Summoner! It is one of my current goals to complete. Golden outfit maybe nice but I would probably like it more if I could change the colour of gold. Like it would still be gold but with a tint of colour. How cute would a rose gold outfit be?? Haha but I understand it is golden outfit for a reason. I hope to get my Feru Hat this year but who knows, I’ll just try to save as much as I can or hopefully loot it.

PvP or nonPvP

-Open-PVP for me. I have a character on Optional-PVP server which is nice too but it’s a different way to hunt. Some people will argue one is easier than the other but I think that both have their unique way of hunting. For example, EKs on non-pvp can throw a mwall then step on it to get out of a situation, whereas on open-pvp they can’t do that. On open-pvp druid can put some wild growth to help the team run through where as, on non-pvp as soon as u step on the rune, it disappears. So, both have their own ups and downs not really one easier than the other just 2 different ways you need to learn how to maneuver. BUT for me I like open-pvp because this is just how it’s always been for me, and it would be a one-way ticket if I went to an optional-pvp server. That’s why I created a different character to play there, in which I completed one goal in getting my Lady Bug mount there, so I’m happy.

Do you remember what was your first important goal to reach in Tibia?

-The very first one was to get out of Rookgaard, since I failed the first time. I was happy that I made it out finally. But after that I didn’t have any strong goals until they released the Elementalist Outfit and Lady Bug Mount (which I already shared my story with you). I did remember one thing, before the Elementalist Outfit update happened, that Dark Shelly & I tried to get the Assassin Outfit and we collected almost all the items. Then unfortunately one of our friends got hacked and they stole all our items from my house. After experiencing that, I always bought a house with at least 2 doors. I also got myself the Druid Outfit and Panda Mount because, 1, I am a druid, I just HAD to get the outfit and 2, the Panda Mount is because I LOVE pandas hahah I won’t forget I paid 300k for my panda mount and thank God it didn’t break, I probably would’ve cried (keep in mind 300k was a lot of money back then… like 1 month premmy if we put it in those terms.)

Which achievement is the most difficult to obtain in your opinion?

-This is a difficult question because it would really depend on difficult. There are the achievements for doing hunting tasks which will just take a longer time to complete if you don’t spend all your money on prey cards. There are others where it would just cost a lot, like paying a lot of money for an addon/mount/item (yes, I consider it difficult because whether people sell tc for gp [they work irl to buy tc] or hunt a lot to save up gp or hunt bosses to get a rare to sell for gp, it’s all work being put into getting it.) One of the current hard ones discovered I think is Fearless.

>> Spoiler: Breaking 50 vases (jars) when the Horestis mini world event is active. <<

I think it is one of the hardest right now because it takes a lot of time to break a vase, the chances are not very high and you can only try once every hour.

The all-time hard achievement to get is “His True Face” (after completing Blood Brothers Quest) because it is still a mystery in a way that nobody knows the exact way. But people said it is most probably something like finding the man in the cave, it’s a random time and if you’re lucky you will get it. The advice I was given by Count Toofitti awhile ago, was to talk to NPCs, he never said which one(s) so I’ve tried talking to all of them, but still no luck for me.

5 adjectives describing Tibia?

-Adventurous, Ambitious, Old-Fashioned, Mysterious, Defeated

Do you think Tibia had rather a positive or negative aspect on your life?

-Positive. Tibia is the game I feel that I can always go back to. There are things continuously changing and that’s fine because it’s always something new to learn. I made some great friendships through the game and it was how I met my husband (who unfortunately passed 2 years ago). I always wanted to meet some of my friends who I met in game and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do it. I still hope to meet more especially the ones I’ve known for years.

You have always been a part of fansites, you are also a streamer, what makes you wanna be so close to the community? What do you like about it the most?

-Before joining a fansite I always liked to participate in contests and be in the community trying to help others and share with them similar experiences. I joined fansite teams to help them even more! Fansites are where players reach out to when they need information or guidance or simply want to share experiences, I love to support them that way. I am a team member of Tibia Events and I mainly joined because I appreciated how they had in game events, like the old days where you would have some RPG with friends. There’s a lot of contests that happen with different fansites and I just love how this one, we try to have one every month so more people have a chance to participate. I started actively streaming in 2019 because I wanted to share more adventures with my friends and ended up joining a part of the streaming community. Last year I didn’t stream as much but I’m hoping this year I will get the chance to again. I really love to help others and get to be myself when I stream. I love talking to people and getting to know them, being a streamer, you encounter many different type of people so it’s an interesting experience.

Do you have any encouraging words to the community?

-Enjoy the game, meet new people, respect those if you want to be respected. Be kind as much as you can and true to your friends. Tibia is a game where it can become super toxic but there are some kind people out there. It may take some time but you will find your place. Until then, explore and enjoy the game for what it is. If you’re bored, try decorating! Walk around the cities and see how others have decorated their houses so you can try different things for yourself when you get a house. Watch some youtube videos or twitch streams if you’re thinking about trying a new hunting spawn, or facing a new boss you never tried before. You can learn a lot from others. 


  1. Ely is one of the kindest people that I got to know around here. I really enjoyed reading your interview! <3

    1. awww thanks babe!! <3 <3 I'm glad you enjoyed this hehe

  2. Nice, detailed answers! I also had troubles with getting out of rookgaard so I can relate hahaha. Nice words to the community too, personally I met more nice people than the toxic ones, so definitely worth trying!

    1. hahah Rookgaard was honestly so difficult... especially when someone wouldn't let you pass through the wooden plank and you can see that 2 rats were coming for you. It's like knowing it's all going to end very slowly but surely hahaha & yes, there is nice people but sometimes when you come across the ones who fake being nice then it's hard to trust others. It happened to a couple friends of mine sadly but they were able to get out of bad situations thankfully.

  3. One of the most beautiful souls here <3!