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Divine Decoration Tricks #3: Shining pillars, a fence & a bar!

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In today's Divine Decoration Tricks we will show you how to create colourful and shining pillars, a fence and a bar!

1. Colorful and shining pillars

Using three zaoan chess pawns to create high-level stands or columns, whatever your imagination tells you they are, is nothing new for us. However, I've recently come up with an idea to stack them with certain weapon replicas and I fell in love the moment I saw the effect. Not only do they add some freshness to an old idea but they also give the black columns some shine and make the decoration look subtly animated. As a fan of magical themed decorations, I find the best item for that to be an ornate carving hammer. However, it is just one of several items you can use to create such columns depending on the color you want to get. All the weapon replicas can be bought on Sundays in the Thais museum.







You may use different items that stack into pillars, such as e.g. trophy stands. I believe that the red hammer would look very good with the brown trophy stands, although you'd have to make sure to cover the top part of the stand!

TIP: Use the Obsidian Zaoan Queen as the last pawn on the stack. It will provide wide purple light all around your pillar giving it a mysterious, magical vibe.

2. A fence
Some spaces in Tibian houses might look too big for you. If you want to give them a whole new shape, it's always a good idea to build the walls, fences, or gates on your very own. They might not look as good as the actual Tibian walls/separators but they surely add a lot of originality to your projects and give the house a whole new design. I am a huge fan of such solutions because they may shock the passersby and make them wonder and analyze the decoration. 

As you've probably realized, the fence has been created using canopy headboard kits. I used those particular bed parts because once you put one next to another they connect, creating a plain wooden surface. That provides us the effect of an inbuilt wooden wall. Please bear in mind that this trick will only work if you can have at least 4 beds in your house!

Having put the canopy headboards next to one another, you see that the pillow part can still be seen. Now our task is to cover the bottom part so that only the upper, wooden part can be visible for us. There are plenty of ways to do that but I will leave that to your own imagination! There is no point in giving you the exact list of the stacked items because what is the most fun in decoration is finding your own ways and ideas. That is what brings you real satisfaction and joy! However, if you're very curious about the given stack, I used: 9 luminescent crystals, obsidian zaoan chess pawn, blood herb, voodoo lily pollen, one more pawn, and a gnomish repair crystal! That is because I like to keep it all purple. If you're a fan of other colors, you will want to use different stacks!

TIP: If you use obsidian zaoan chess pawns, you will be able to create an illusion of objects 'put on' the wooden surfaces! 

3. A bar
The bar is a part of my 'Bar at Lake House' project and I created it using 3 pianos turned backwards. I'd like to give props to CipSoft for creating objects that can be rotated in four different directions, not just two like all the new items. There's been a while since we got furniture that can be rotated into more than just two ways. That is such a pity! Obviously, objects that can be turned completely backwards leave us so much more room for creativity. Just like the canopy headboards from the previous trick, two pianos put next to each other connect into one, big furniture. You may use 2 or more pianos facing west and then bent the bar using one more facing north. Please note, that none of the pianos display an actual keyboard. I added a dresser at the end of it because I felt like 4 pianos would be too boring. You may use something else but remember that it will look the best if it has the same or similar shade of brown to the pianos.

By the way, do you like that little pond in the top left corner? Head here to learn about the water tricks!

TIP: Put a cocktail on your bar unwrapping a dresser at the very same sqm as the piano. Then, put the cocktail into the dresser and destroy it with a sword! Browse field and remove the remaining trash.

This is it for today! See you next time and meanwhile, we're inviting you to check more articles on house decoration here!

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  1. Congratulations on becoming official! Very nice the article, I'll probably use this idea in my little house in LB :)

    1. Thank you Patrick! Remember that we are on Instagram and would love to see your house decoration!
      IG: @tibiagoals

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! ♥
    Inspired on this idea I tested and the bar can also be made out of bamboo drawers!
    For a more tropical look