Friday, January 1, 2021

Player of the Month #6: Elfo Fantasma

Our first Player of the Month in 2021 is Elfo Fantasma. He is an Elite Knight from the server Inabra and one of the admins of TibiaRia, a fansite about Tibian humor!

Can you introduce yourself? How old are you, what do you do in real life etc. -Hello! My real name is André, I am 31 years old, turning 32 in a week! On RL I am graduated in Agronomy with a PhD in Genetics & Plant Breeding and I work as a manager of plant science in a multinational company. Professional part aside, I enjoy playing PC and console games, specially RPGs, playing the guitar, playing with my daughter and my pets. Besides playing Tibia I run a Tibia fansite called TibiaRia. When and how did you start playing Tibia? -I started playing Tibia in 2004. There was this friend of mine, Staka, who went to school with me back in the days, we were on our 15’s and one day after the school he went to my house for lunch. After lunch we were on my computer talking about games and he said: ‘’Hey, there’s this game called Tibia, download it, it is awesome!”. Well, I did, he quit Tibia like a year later and here I am, 16 years after that. What is the background of your Tibian main character’s name? -It has everything to do with this friend of mine. My main char is Elfo Fantasma, which means Ghost Elf. Staka had a char called Elfo ~something~ (can’t remember what) and I was like, ok, so I will be Elfo Fantasma. Which aspect of the game do you enjoy the most?-Certainly the way you can make friends. Like real, good friends. I have a lot of friends who are now RL friends that I met in the game. There is no other game you can make friends that last like you can on Tibia.
What do you think is your biggest Tibia achievement? What are you the proudest of? -Well, being a old player I have to say that completing the Annihilator was the biggest achievement. Players that played on versions 7.4, 7.5, etc., knows what I am talking about. The Annihilator was the ultimate challenge for a Tibia player.

X or Y Thais or Venore -Thais War or neutral -Neutral Expensive equipment or decoration -Decoration Druids without sio or without paralyze runes

-Without paralyze Rapid respawn or double loot -Rapid respawn Knight outfit or retro knight outfit -Retro knight outfit Having level 2000 or having 200/200 skills on your level? -Level 2000 Solo or team hunt? -Team hunt, always Queen Eloise or King Tibianus Queen Eloise, girl power! Playing with bad internet or playing without gaming set -Without gaming set. Come on! I am from the time of the mouse with the ball inside it! The internet was pretty bad too, though! Is there any Tibia player you look up to? Or admire them for whatever reason. -There are a few, actually. Specially my friends. I play Tibia for almost 17 years now so me and my friends grew up together on Tibia and on real life, and my friends all became people to admire. From renowned players I have to say Arieswar, who I always admired as a player and after I met him I started to admire him as a person too.

You have your own fansite now, can you tell us what made you decide to create one? How did you pick the theme for the site? -That is a long story, but I will try to summarize it! Basically, I was retired from Tibia for 3 or 4 years when I went to the University, logging in occasionally just to check my char and talk with my friends. In that period of time, all my friends were retired too. After some time we all came back to the game coincidentally at the same time and Discord was a thing already when we started hunting again. Hunting with my friends was so funny and we laughed so hard all the time that we decided to expand that to everyone. First thing we did was a video for a TibiaTV contest, a very silly video where we did a newscast where we gave news that supposedly happened in the game, like the fatal accident between a knight with utani tempo hur and a sorcerer with utani gran hur on their mounts that collided. If you were meant to describe Tibia in one sentence, how would you describe it? -That is the hardest one. I don’t know, maybe: The graphics are not good but the gameplay and the friends you make are awesome! What is your best Tibia memory? -Not a single memory but absolutely the time when we knew nothing about Tibia, when there were no wikis and you had no idea what you could find while exploring. That feeling that you could find a Demon in your way but you were actually just crossing from Thais to Fibula.

Do you think that playing Tibia taught you something?

-Absolutely! It taught me English, of course. But also taught me that true friends will always be on your side and that good people in the game are most likely good people in real life too. The opposite is also true.

Do you have any encouraging words for the community?
-The vaccine is coming and we will soon be able to be close to people we love! In the game, don’t be an a**hole, everyone is playing just to have some fun and you never know what the person behind the keybords is going through. Be kind to each other!


  1. This interview just reminded me when I was going to Fibula from Thais so scared about the Demon comming out in there XD! My rl friends use to prank me with things like that... & also made me realize that mostly the people who invited us to play Tibia is retired nowdays, but we just can't seem to quit playing, for so long, atleast! Hahaha:P

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    1. Hey! Elfo is our friend actually! You can contact him via Discord: Elfo#1864