Friday, November 27, 2020

Rapid Respawn Weekend

Sharpen your swords and ready your spells, for hordes of monsters are incoming! Another Rapid Respawn Weekend will soon be upon us yet again!

Do not forget to donate enough gold for your favourite hunting ground to take full advantage of the event!

Between the server saves of December 04 and December 07, all monsters will respawn five times faster. Areas with an active improved respawn area bonus yield an even faster respawn time. Save the date!

New Mounts

 New mounts have been added to the Store today!

The Festive MammothHoliday Mammoth and Merry Mammoth are gentle giants with a massive appearance and impressive tusks, whose mission it is to deliver gifts all across Tibia.

These creatures are good-natured beings, spreading joy wherever they go, but you best not cross them – a mammoth never forgets.

Once bought, your character can use the mount ingame anytime, no matter if you are a free account or a Premium account.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Vocation Adjustments Release

A  new dawn has come, as the vocation adjustments are finally here!

After first announcing them back in October, Cipsoft invited a large number of players to partake in testing these new and changed features they had come up with. During the test, they made a number of improvements based on your feedback and suggestions – thanks again to everyone who contributed constructively to the discussion and made helpful suggestions. Afterwards, Cipsoft reviewed the vocation adjustments again internally, in the state they had been at the end of the test server. And now, it is time for the adjustments to be introduced to all game worlds.

Cipsoft has created a list of changes these adjustments entail, separated by vocation where applicable. For the most part, they are the same as they have been at the end of the test. They have, however, decided not to implement the reduced spread of single target, non-critical physical attacks, which would have affected knights and paladins. After going through your feedback again, it became clear that the potential upside of raising the minimum damage would not outweigh the perceived downside of lowering the maximum damage, even though it would have resulted in no difference in the mean damage output.

Cipsoft appreciates constructive input and feedback regarding the adjustments. They have created four threads, one for each vocation, so please post your feedback in the thread it is most relevant for: KnightsPaladinsDruidsSorcerers. Cipsoft is also aware that adapting or even innovating your hunting style takes time. Naturally, they are going to follow developments ingame closely and will make changes when necessary.

TibiaGoals Riddles #32

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Friday, November 20, 2020


Cipsoft has discussed the matter of compensation for the recent prolonged downtimes and decided to do the following:

  • The planned double XP and double skill event around Christmas will be extended to a full week, starting on Wednesday, December 23 and ending on Wednesday, December 30.
  • Starting on Monday, November 23, you will be able to collect double the daily reward from reward shrines for a whole week.

They would also like to express their regret again that these long wait times have occurred. As mentioned in the previous news, they are going to observe the situation watchfully to ensure operations are working smoothly.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Game Worlds are Back

After thorough test runs of a fix for the issues that led to today's unannounced long downtime, Cipsoft has now brought their servers back online so all game worlds are up and running again. Of course, they will continue to monitor the situation very closely to make sure that everything is in order and working properly.

Please understand that at this moment, they cannot provide any information about compensation yet. Cipsoft promises to talk about this matter internally within the next days and update you on it as soon as they have news to share.

Cipsoft would like to offer their sincere apologies again for this turmoil and for the long wait. Thank you for your patience and support, Tibians! It is appreciated a lot and they are grateful for the kind words and encouragement you provided. 

See you in Tibia!

Current Downtime

Shortly after today's server save, Cipsoft had to take all game worlds and the website offline due to critical technical issues related to yesterday's extensive changes in the game's backend infrastructure.

Since then, Tibia's product managers, coders, testers and their tech team have been feverishly working on resolving the issues but the matter is very complex and tricky, requiring thorough analysis and caution.

Cipsoft deeply apologises for the long downtime and the trouble. They understand that this is frustrating and they are sorry for making all of you wait.

At the moment, Cipsoft cannot provide any estimation as to when game worlds will be back online today. They are doing their best to fix the problems as quickly as possible.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Divine Decoration tricks #2: Water tricks - A pond, swimming pool, splash effect and fountain

Welcome back to Divine Decoration tricks! 

Today we would like to show you multiple tricks to create water in your houses, whether it's a swimming pool, a pond, a big lake, or just a small fountain.

Peloria 2018
by Monzcarro Murcatto and Tarmon Gai Don

The idea originated in 2018 on Peloria where Monzcarro Murcatto and Tarmon Gai Don decided to create decoration representing Tarmon in his druid nature. You may read more about it in the "story behind the decoration" section soon!

How to create water?

So, the first and the most important thing you have to know about creating an area with water is that you will need some tibia coins at the start. You will need:

Now, let's learn some tricks!

1. A pond with the bridge 

In order to create a pond with the bridge, you will need to create an area with water and two pieces of land on both sides. If you want to make the bridge look realistic, you need to make it look as if it leads from one place to another. Just like in these photos:

In order to create the bridge, you will need:
Of course, with a little bit of creativity you may turn the bridge into a pier so that it's connected with the land on one side only and ends in the middle of the water like this:

You may want to add some nature around and, perhaps, a fishing rod or a stool. Give your decoration a story!

2. Splash animation

The pier leads us to one more trick with water, which doesn't have a visual effect at a first glance. However, you can surprise your friends once they enter your house and decide to use it. Just like this!

Doesn't it look perfect? In order to create such splash animation in your house you will need:

Now, put the pollens and amethysts alternately on your bathtub until it disappears. This is it! Super simple, right?

3. A fountain

If you don't want to take too much space in your house with the river, pond, or lake, you may just want to create a small area of water with a fountain. You will need:
The most important item in this stack is the badbara doll which provides us the flowing water effect which is made of its tears. We will want to cover her body so that we can not really see what it is and all we see is the animation. A lot of people decide to use the small ice statue (fish) and the winterblossom and I believe this stack is the best and makes the best effect, however, it's always good to experiment and either add different items or remove the existing ones. here's what it looks like animated:

This is it for the water tricks! Keep coming back to this article because we will be updating more water tricks soon!