Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Player of the Month 45: Star Wuli

Greetings to our entire TibiaGoals community, last month we had a Charm collector, he told us about all his goals and experiences when obtaining each of his bestiary points and thus obtaining them all.

This month, as you already know, it is the turn of a woman in the community. 

In the month of April, this girl will tell us what it means to be a woman in war and not only actively participate in war, but also be one of the leaders. Her server is Wintera, but she currently fights in Talera & Lobera (NA Servers). 


We are very happy to bring you Star Wuli as player of the month for April!

Hello! How are you? Thank you very much again for agreeing to be our player of the month for April. Are you ready? Let's start with the interview!

1. Could you introduce yourself to those who don't know you? What is your name RL and your char? What do you do RL and where are you from?

- Hello!! My name is Liz, my char is Star Wuli. I work in government and I am from Tamaulipas.

2. When was the first time you played Tibia, and who showed you this game?

- I started playing in 2004 with some school friends that played and invited me.

3. Is there a story behind your name?

- I would love to say yes, but the truth is it was a suggestion from Tibia.

4. Tell us more about what it is like to be a leader on your server Wintera, have you encountered any problems/difficulties because you are a woman?

- It is entertaining, it requires dedication and a lot of team play, no server decision goes through a single person, we are a team of people looking for stability and so far it has been achieved, me being a woman hasn’t changed anything in particular.

5. What do you think are the characteristics needed to be a good leader?

- From my point of view it should be a set of several things, clearly knowing about the game to be able to guide or help your team but it is also important to know how to treat people, have a good attitude, focus on solutions, and generate camaraderie. There are also several types of leaders, from those who run respawn, those who disturb the enemy, those who manage the team, those who contribute financially, and if we all have the same vision, it results in a great team.

6. Do you have any funny anecdotes in the game?

- Several, some recorded, others not hahaha but in these years of playing I have had many funny anecdotes, for example once in an attack on Flimsy it occurred to me to open a pk in a square with no exit, my team yelled at me like crazy and luckily the enemy didn’t realized it and I was able to leave quickly, then it became a good anecdote about how they screamed at me like crazy.

7. Do you think that the toxicity of the community is worse for women active in war?

- For some reason the enemy always believes that being a woman makes it easier for you to get upset but it depends on each person and their character. Personally, I don't pay much attention to what they say and I dedicate myself to just playing, having fun with my team and keep learning.

8. What is your opinion about the streamers on Twitch who bring active wars content to the community, would you be interested in streaming at some point?

- I have fun watching them and reading the comments, I don't think I'm doing something so entertaining to stream so it's not in my plans at the moment.

9. Star Wuli favorites

Outfit: Pirate outfit full

Colors: Fuschia

Backpack: Buggy

Mount: Night Waccoon

Favorite Item in Tibia: Eye of the storm / War Backpack

10. Define your guild in 3 words

- PVP, Union and Laughter

11. Personally, what has been the best and worst thing that Tibia has left you with?

- People, for better or worse, I have met extraordinary people and also people who have disappointed me alot. 

12. Do you have any goals or projects in Tibia or RL?

- Not at the moment, one of the things I wanted was to kill a Ferumbras alone with my friends and I already accomplished that, but let's see what happens in the future.

13. In your opinion, who do you think are the best racers on the NA servers?

- Each team has its runners, some don’t stand out as much or are not known because they don’t stream it on Twitch.

14. Would you like to say a few words of encouragement for the Tibia Goals community?

- Enjoy the game and remember that behind each character there is a person and a story ❤️.


Run PK or Give KS

- Give KS

War in Issavi or War in Darashia

- Issavi

ED or EK

- E.K.

Strawberry Cupcake or Blueberry Cupcake

- In my case, Strawberry

Do not use SDs again or Do not use paralyze rune again?

- Do not use SDs again

SSA or Might Ring?


Magic Wall or Tera Wall?

- magic wall

Decorate levels or decorate a house?

- Decorate my house

Play Tibia talking on TS/Discord or Play Tibia listening to music

-Speaking in TS definitely

Twitch or YouTube


Thank you very much Liz for taking the time for our interview! We wish you all the success in the game and RL!

Hail TibiaGoals~

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