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Player of the Month #44: Floky Monkey

 Welcome to this exciting edition of our Player of the Month! Before diving into the goals of our brave adventurer, we are going to give a brief introduction to the fascinating world of the Bestiary in Tibia.


The Bestiary is an indispensable tool that allows you to explore and track the creatures that inhabit the Tibian world. Each creature has its own entry in the bestiary, where you can find specific details such as their difficulty level, locations where they are found, and the number of creatures you must defeat to unlock their entry. Additionally, creatures are classified into different classes based on their type and characteristics, from amphibians to insectoids and more.

But the most exciting thing is the precious Charm Points

By defeating specific creatures, you can earn charm points that allow you to activate special enchantments to enhance your combat skills.

Not only does the Bestiary offer you a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the world of Tibia, but completing it is an impressive achievement that demonstrates your dedication as an adventurer.

So, go ahead! Immerse yourself in the Bestiary and discover the hidden secrets of the creatures of Tibia. Just how our adventurer of the month has achieved it!

Meet Floky Monkey, an intrepid player who has unlocked all the Bestiary entries. As members of Tibia Goals, it is an honor to welcome him as the Player of the Month for March. With his dedication and bravery, he has explored the darkest and most dangerous corners of Tibia, facing mythical creatures and unraveling their secrets.

His achievement of completing the Bestiary not only demonstrates his deep knowledge of the world of Tibia, but also his passion for adventure and self-improvement. Congratulations, Floky Monkey, and may your adventures in Tibia continue to be epic and exciting!

Let’s start!

Tell us, what is your name, where are you from and what do you do in real life?

- Hello! My name is Alex, I am Spanish, from Barcelona and I am dedicated to warehouse logistics.

Do you remember when you were introduced to Tibia? How was that experience?

- I met him through a friend in 2005, at first I didn't like it very much but little by little I got hooked and I couldn't stop. I played on the server Lunara and there was a large Spanish community there.

What server are you currently playing on? Is there any special reason why you chose that server?

- I play in Thyria. To be honest there is no reason why I play on this server, I got to Thyria through all the merges they have been doing over the years.

Tell us about the names of your characters. Do they have any story or meaning behind them?

-The truth is that I chose the name of my character in 2017 when I returned to Tibia after 4 years retired. That day I watched the movie Planet of the Apes and it occurred to me to name my character Monkey... I thought I was only going to play for two or three days but that wasn't the case.

Do you have any funny or memorable anecdotes that you want to share with the Tibian community? We'd love to hear it!

- Right now I can't think of any 😅.

If you had to choose an achievement that describes your gameplay, what would it be and why?

- I would say that nothing can stop me. Since every time I set up a new goal in Tibia, I always achieved it.

Do you have any goals in the game or in real life that you would like to share with us?

- In the game a Ferumbras' Hat. It is a dream/goal that I have before retiring.

For those players struggling to complete all bestiaries, what words of encouragement would you give them?

- Don't give up, it's very hard and sometimes very boring, but once you achieve it it is very rewarding. On the other hand, I would like Cipsoft to give more importance to bestiary since once you have the runes that are usually used for hunting/farming, most players do not see the point in continuing to make bestiary. I hope that in the not too distant future they put something more engaging on the charms so that the players are motivated to keep going.

What was your strategy to unlock all the Bestiary entries?

- In the rapid respawns I never focus on the 50 point respawns, first of all I finished from 5 to 25 points and outside of rapid in my free time I focused on the 50 points. I think that focusing on the 50 points in a rapid is not taking full advantage of it. 100%.

How long did it take you to unlock all the Bestiary entries?

- 7 years, from September 2017 when I created the char, until January 2024 when I finished off the last 2 wolves that were introduced into the game. I was lucky enough to create the char 1 month before they implemented the bestiary, so practically from the first creature I killed it started counting for me.

What is the most important creature to you in your Bestiary and why?

- Deepling Tyrant and Deepling master librarian. They have been the two creatures that almost destroyed my patience and even my health haha.

Of all the frogs that appear in the “Amphibious” class, which one do you think is the most difficult to obtain?

- The one that cost me the most was the Filth Toad since I couldn't find it.

Do you remember a title you earned after completing a class that you especially liked?

- The one I have always used has been Exterminator, but the one I like the most since it is the most exclusive and few of us have it is Executioner  

What's the most adorable creature you've encountered on your bestiary adventures?

- The pig haha

Based on your experience with the Bestiary, what is the most dangerous creature?

- The danger would be any Darklights creature, from the new Rooten Blood Quest areas.

What is the rarest creature you have unlocked in the Bestiary?

- Yeti and Midnight Panther, I think as a rarity those two would be.

Which creature class took you the longest to complete all the entries on?

- Demon. It took me a long time to finish the Infernal Demons and Brachio Demons.

Are there any creatures you find especially mysterious or intriguing?

- Redeemed Souls, because of the respawn mechanic they have.

Have you seen any particularly unusual creatures during your adventures in the game?

-The Adventurers perhaps, they are very random creatures, they don’t make any sense 🤣😅

What is your favorite mount in Tibia?

- The truth is I'm not much of a mount person but if I had to choose I would say Flying Book.

Which city do you prefer to spend your time in Tibia?

- Thais without a doubt.

Do you participate in wars? What has been your experience?

- Since returning to tibia in 2017 I have been neutral, I do not look for or create problems. I don't like wars, I prefer to play calmly

Is there something you always forget in your backpack but always need?

- I am very manic, in my backpack I carry everything that may be needed in a Tibia day to day life. Whether it's pearls, keys, access to caves, I carry it all.

 Do you carry something in your backpack that you never use but is always there?

- Many things, I carry a lucky pig, horseshoes, keys that I don't even know where they are from. But I've been carrying them since I was lvl 200 or 300 and I don't take them off anymore.

What is your favorite outfit?

- Without hesitation, mage outfit full

Do you have a unique style when wearing outfits?

- I have no color or style, I change when I get bored of it.

Besides exploring the Bestiary, what other activities do you enjoy in the game?

- I like to do quests, I think I have them all, and now I want to start with the hunting tasks, it is very similar to bestiary and at least it gives you a reward, or several.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us! 

May your Tibia adventures continue to be exciting and fun-filled! 🌟

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