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Player of the month #39: Gutek

Get ready for an exhilarating ride because we've got a surprise for you! In our interview this month, we're going to introduce you to a player from the EU servers, someone who's left their mark in Tibia by leading guilds and connecting with the community on Twitch, delivering pulse-pounding PVP content in various languages. Yep, you guessed it, we're about to dive into the world of Gutek.

Gutek comes with an impressive track record, conquering and dominating a slew of Tibia worlds in partnership with multiple guilds. How does he pull it off? What's his secret sauce for staying on top of his game? And just how many victorious battles can he boast?

We promise you, this interview is going to be a rollercoaster of anecdotes that'll address these burning questions, sprinkled with nuggets of battle wisdom and strategies, all the way to his most heart-pounding moments and his unique take on the game.

Don't even think about missing out on this interview—it's a full-throttle, high-energy joyride!

1. Before we kick off this interview, we'd like to extend a massive shoutout to you for being game to dive into this adventure with us. Now, let's get this started! But before we do, we're dying to know: Is there a fun fact or quirky detail about yourself that you'd love to have us sprinkle into this article?

- Well first thank you for considering me into it, I usually dont take those but I have actually followed the development on this website since it's creation, kinda, and I know of it even before it was an actual thing, it was more like a project, so I've to say Im amazed by the work that has been put on it by its admins and cooperators.

Now into the question, I must say a 'fun fact' would be that, before this was created, I used to tell one of the admins that "Whenever your website is famous you can interview me" as a joke. Well, you can say that aged well.

2. You've got a community of fans and haters who spend hours with you on Twitch; do you think this adds an extra dose of adrenaline to your battles? How have you dealt with the trolls?

- I love streaming. Honestly, its probably the one thing that made me gain so many followers, members, supporters and even friends, through play style, expressing my own oppinion about things and kind of creating a "persona" to be on stream, it's just funny as hell (Can you say hell in here? haha)

Sometimes I even open my microphone during battles that I command, just to add some spice to it, "content creating" hahahaha, the best part of it I would say is to learn to deal with your own failures, people think that experienced players dont do stupid things, well, that's certainly just not true at all, and its funny to see people who you think are the best just making fails over and over haha

As for the trolls, well, depends on my mood, I guess, sometimes I just ban them because I cba, sometimes I just go on with the flow and just enter their game, I don't know, if they were to say for exemple things about me that arent true, I would just go and say "Yeaaah, that's absolutely true, I was actually so very serious about it, matter of fact, Im surprised word got out so quick, you must be very insightful" and genuinely complimenting them, they kinda run out of arguments and have nothing else to say, because most of the times their "hate" or "trolling" just comes out of nothing, mostly out of a rumor they heard or what someone else said about me. I find it funny though and very interesting!

3. How did you first step into Tibia, and what initially drew you to the game? Who first introduced you to Tibia?

- Well, I've no idea tbh.. It was a popular game back in the days and I used to play with friends on a cyber-cafe. But I cant recall who introduced me to it. I do remember picking up spears from the floor though, so it must've been a loooooong time ago!

4. Your names always have 'Gutek' on it, this is your in-game name, what led you to choose it? Is it the only name you've used?

- Well, I would say most of my characters do have it, yes, but some others don't.

It's the name I've used ever since I play this game, I really don't know how many years, but I own approximately 40+ characters at the moment and probably around 70 on the peak (before bazaar where I could sell many of them, Thanks CIP)

But certainly, any of the characters I spend actual time on have my name on it.

But despite common believe, there's no hidden meaning on it, I clicked on "Suggest name" around 30 times on the website and then one time "Gutek" came out and I just stuck to it hahaha.

5. To get to know more about Gutek (within Tibia), what item should you ALWAYS have in your backpack but always forget? Also, what item do you always carry in your backpack but never use?

- The teleport crystals for the warzone entrance. Actually a very old mechanic of the game which seems to be forgotten or ignore by many players, its crazy useful if you want to ambush!

Aaaaand, I would say, souvenirs, I actually carry with me, on some of my characters, items that have been given to me by other players (usually that dont weight much of course) and I dont really ever use them, but I keep them there.

6. Among the numerous worlds in Tibia, do you have a favorite war? Why is this your favorite?

- Good question. Well, I would have to say that each of the wars I've fought has given me something far more valuable than the victory, experience. And since each of them is different, I would say there's not one I could pick as favourite.

Although, since now we decided to explore the "Retro Hardcore" Worlds, I must say that this is by far, now, my favourite PvP system.

I would say its because of the strategic game play you have to put on it and because, its a system I never played before, if I were to win on it, I would then achieve success on every single PvP System on Tibia.

7. Dominating multiple servers is no small feat. Could you share some of the key strategies and tactics that have helped you maintain your competitive edge across them?

- Well, honestly I never really though of being where we are now. People actually think I am a tyrant, abuser, oppressor and I don't know what more (I actually used those names now in some characters, for the meme) but in reality, I keep in touch with almost every single person in our team, I pass my days chatting with people that sometimes are even "new members" (People who's recently entered our team) and I try to stay humble and down to earth because I know in the end, its just a game and well, behind the screen we're all equal and I keep that always present.

A key strategy would be, to make friends, a lot of the best players I play with are my friends, some of them even met irl, we don't fight for control, we kinda just have each other's back and fight together for fun.

Of course, in order for it to be sucesful and avoid anarchy, there has to be some set rules. It's well known that Tibian players excell on chaos and anarchy, so it's a challenge to keep it all running in order. Luckily, I do count with the help of so many other people who are as commited as me to make it work, nothing I've ever achieved on this game, I did it alone, it was and still is other people helping.

8. Share with us one of your most thrilling victories, and if you remember any lost battles as well. What strategy did you use, and how did you feel afterward?

- Hahaha, I would definitely have to say it was during our Thyria invade. I would have to go deep into context for people to understand why this victory was over all so satisfying, but there was a fight on Edron where we were approximately 150 vs 100 (Our team 150) and on Open PvP (A system that actually punishes PvPers by using the unjustified point system) we managed to run them over.

It was a really exciting fight, I was actually even streaming it and well, everything was improvised on the moment, I saw their highest level came to the fight and I knew they would want to protect him so we just used all the ressources on him, obligating them to help him and therefore making them die for it. It was a masterpiece, anybody on Europe that participated on this fight will surely remember it for a long time :)

9. In Tibia, communication and cooperation are key in PVP. How do you coordinate with your team to achieve success and team sync?

- As of today, and since as I said, we now play together for a looooooong long time (For Tibia standards) nowadays the sync is really easy, sometimes we all just know what's our role and what to do depending on what our vocation is. So that part I would say, with most of my friends is NAILED.

Now about coordination and such, its always a lot of communication, we use mostly discord or whatsapp groups to talk with each other and we do talk a lot. A LOT

10. Do you have any noteworthy enemies in Tibia who constantly challenge you in the field? Any rival guilds or players who consistently challenge you in PVP encounters? Can you tell us about your experiences and interactions with them?

- I would say that I admire more some players on my team that I do admire enemies, I cant really think of one that would give us a hard time or be challenging.

Some of them have PvP-wise qualities, but fail to adapt or evolve therefore always ending on a lose.

11. Achieving greatness takes dedication. How do you balance your in-game pursuits with your real-life commitments?

- I have a very hard time quitting, I've never ever quit anything in my life

Anything I start, I commit until its over

The balance is made simple thanks to all the people who's by my side and help me with everything, as I said, I am nothing but the effort, faith and support of many other people put on me. I am just another Tibia player who happend to be lucky and meet some nice people

12. Tibia boasts a vibrant gaming community. How do you engage with other players outside of PVP battles? Are there any social events or activities you participate in?

- I do, actually, I've met with my closest friends (Not all of them sadly, but a good part of them) IRL. We rented a house in Spain and went there for summer holidays. We're going to do the same next year, and next year hopefully, changing location everytime!

13. Share a funny or unexpected situation you've encountered?

- Haha, one day a guy messaged me on instagram and said "Are you the real Gutek?, Man, take no offense, but the way people describe you, I though you looked like morshabaal IRL"

It's not a situation though, but I think its one of the funniest thing I've had haha

14. Can you select your favorites?


- Darashia

Playing being...

- Both Master Sorcerer o Elder Druid

Essential rune?

- Paralyze Rune and Sudden Death Rune

15. No intentions of stirring up drama here, but can you mention: a retired player you miss in battle, an epic adversary you'd love to face, and a player who's currently giving you a tough time in war?

- Come on, who doesn't love drama on Tibia..

But sadly I've no any names to give on this one, I think there has been hard and then harder enemies, none of it has been easy (Despite the of course, well-known little "EZ" trash talk after you kick them) haha, nothing of it is really easy, its a lot of time spent, collectively, money, effort, so I've grown to appreciate what every player enemy or friend gives us.

16. In Tibia, managing resources and equipment is crucial. How do you ensure that your guild members have the gear they need for success?

- Well, through organization with the other leaders of course.

For our less experienced players we make sure that all the information is always there for them.

And for those who might have less resources, we use guild bank to make sure everyone's on track, technically, the server's ressources to which we have access for being leading guilds, we use on the same people who fought or will fight for it.

17. Gutek in 4 characteristics: Outfit? Backpack? Weapon? Color? Item?

- Citizen / Mage with hat. Ghost Backpack. Soulhexer/Soultainter (Whoever made the Soul items deserve a raise btw, all the other items are kinda ugly). Purple. Since I don't posses any rare item, I would have to say that I like the way that the crown set looks :-)

18. Is there a particular server or situation that stands out as especially difficult to conquer?  Or, in other words, is there any EU server that isn't on your hit list?

- Difficult to conquer? Any open PvP server, really. It takes way longer than it should because the servers are anti-dominando. Twist of Fate is the worst thing ever and it makes fighting a bit senseless. There's no punishment for dying but a huge one for killing.

An European server I would never go, is probably Antica. I hate that server, it's literally the jungle full anarchy. And I'm afraid that trying to dominate it, might have a bad impact on the market. I think it should stay the way its, kind of "Tierra de nadie".

19. What's your favorite aspect of the Tibia community, and how has it contributed to your success as a possibme boss hunter or achievement collector?

- I'm a terrible boss hunter or achievement collector.

I only have 2 achievements on my main characters that I care for: "Do not disturb" and "Nothing can stop me" and both are relatively easy to obtain

20. Being a PVP enthusiast on EU serves, what drew you to this and how did you become a leader of Non Lifers and allies?

- I've played many other games during the years, but the Tibian PvP is quite unique. So I always come back to it, so to speak.

I became leader of Non Lifers after joining it as a new member, within 3 months or so I was already an admin and as soon as our first war ended I had a leader rank. Became its main leader when the old one quit (With some struggle, having to step on/fight other people), I loved the name and kept it but Im way too ambitious to stay on one place, so I kept on going, one war after other and before I realized, we had made this huge alliance that's around 600+ players atm.

21. Finally, for aspiring PVP players looking to follow in your footsteps and lead their own guilds, what advice or recommendations would you offer to help them succeed in Tibia's competitive community?

- Play with your friends. It's much better than playing to win, I've won, but it came alone out of having fun with friends, meeting people along the way. Never put money or TC or items before people. People's the most important thing you'll meet over the years in this game. Specially now that the millenials are now 25+, most of them have jobs, families, hobbies outside of the game, you can always learn a thing or two from anyone, really, and that's what will take you to the top.

Be decissive, yet sympathetic. Order has to exist everywhere, but remember we're all going through some bad stuff at some point on our life and it will affect our gaming as well.

22. Hey Gutek, which city would you consider your 'war room' for crafting your most cunning battle strategies? And, if we were to rate them "like tourist" destinations for battles, which city gets the title of 'PVP paradise,' and which one would you kindly label as the 'PVP caution zone'?

- Thais for sure, yet to be born the one that beats me on that city! Hahaha, all in all, knowledge is power though, so knowing the city gives me good advantages!

But PvP wise, I think I really like cities like Thais & Edron

City to avoid although I normally like it: Yalahar. Its the city for those who dont wish to play PvP. It's just a million stacks, traps, small corridors. Its just terrible.

23. Even the bravest warriors have their Achilles' heels. What would you say is your kryptonite in open battles? Is there a particular strategy or situation that gives you a tough time?

- I would say, I hate stacks. Open battles are fine, I can have clear vision on what I want to do at all times. But stacks are terrible hahaha, I can play stacks tho, but I rather not to.

24. In the heat of battle, set/spells rotations can be make-or-break moments. Could you share with us a critical spell combination you've mastered and found to be particularly effective? Any tips for budding out there?

- Avatar > UE > CD POT > UE (For mass battles AOE)

Avatar > Utito Tempo > Gran Ico / Gran Con > CD POT > Gran Ico / Gran Con (For single target)

Sadly there isn't a lot of room for creativity in Tibia, everything is set for what's the best and what isn't, its just adapting to the current meta over and over. If you don't, you fall behind, if you do, you keep on top. But there isn't really in my opinion at least, a lot of different combos etc to be learnt.

25. In the heat of Tibia's intense wars, memorable phrases or words often emerge spontaneously. Can you share a story from one of your battles where you 'created, heard, or uttered' some unforgettable words that captured the essence of the moment and still resonate with you?

- Oh, yes I do, actually, when I was a few years younger I would go all in discussions with people that were just pointless, sadly on the spot I appear to be at the moment, its always people's pleasure to talk about me (And not always the best things), I don't mind it tho, not at all, at least not now, but there are always many stories and stuff that are just simply not true. Few years ago I felt the need to explain my self and prove them wrong and so on, nowadays, I'm just on another mindset: "If they're smart enough, they'll know that there are always 2 sides to a story"

Therefore (And the reason why I stopped writing a lot in game) I just let them talk and a phrase I keep with me , which I have on my main character's comment is: "Oderint dum metuant" From Accius' Atreus making reference to Caligula. It roughly translates to "Let them talk, so long as they fear" and I just play by that, people can say whatever they want, so long as their actions don't affect me, I'll just ignore and do my own thing.


We wish you all the best in your upcoming achievements, and may you continue to enjoy your team and Tibia streams to the fullest. Until next time, Hail Tibia Goals!~

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