Monday, March 27, 2023

Huntsies 2023, event III


Hello our lovely Unicorns!

The third Huntsies of 2023 are going to take place on 1st of April, at 21:00 CEST (11h after server save).

This time the event will not take place in the game, so you do not need a dedicated character, and signing up is not required either! 

Your task is to write a fake news (link for inspiration: claiming that some celebrity plays/used to play Tibia. This time it doesn't matter who is first - your text will be assessed by us! The more realistic the news sounds and the funnier it is, the more chance to win!

You have a time limit though! Please, send your texts until 22:30 CEST (you have 90 minutes) to the email:

-Your text shall not have less than 300, and not more than 500 words!
-It has to be in English

No imeges are neccessary and whether you add images or not, will not count for your advantage.

By signing up you agree that your work might be published by us!

Have fun and good luck! 

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