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Tibiadrome: The Era of a New Arena

We all have to agree that there are many differents ways to enjoy Tibia, for example for the players that like a little more of action there's PVP, there's also those players who enjoy to decorate and combine items and create amazing decorations on their houses, you can also enjoy Tibia by staying in the depot and meeting new people and just chat! But there's another way to enjoy Tibia too!..The Tibiadrome. 

Tibiadrome is an arena that was implemented on the Summer Update 2021. In this arena you can test your combat skills by killing special creatures that only spawn inside the arena, a maximum of 5 players can join the arena and you must be at least level 50 to be able to get in. There's five different locations to enter the arena, their entrances are next to the dueling arenas. 

There are:

Thais, Rathleton,Edron,Ankrahmun and Kazordoon. 

There are two aspects you have to take into consideration : the wave level and the number of players that enter the arena. 

Wave level : 

You'll have 120 seconds to kill all the creatures that spawn on each wave, you must kill all creatures to move to the next level. Once you've moved on to the next wave, your drome level and wave will increase by one, the higher the wave level, the stronger the creatures are. In my opinion, I've tried the arena many times and if I want to have fun and goof around I'd get on the arena with friends, like we are just having fun! but if I want to actually be able to get rank on Top 20 to get a potion for sure, I'll get on the arena by myself, I found this easier because you can control the way you attack, the way you tank and the type of damage the arena has on that rotation, and also how to work with the time on your favor.  

Let's talk about the different kinds of damage you can take on any rotation, there are 9 types of combat modifiers that make the arena a little bit more difficult,even though some other players call it exciting and fun! :O!

  • Somersault: All melee monsters have a 15% chance to teleport to the furthest player, so if you're doing it solo.. don't trap yourself!.

  • Going down with me: Yup, be careful on this one because as the name says, you are going down too!, because with this combat modifier the monsters trigger an AoE that hits the last player that attacks the monster and all players around him for 40% of their current hp. 

  • Exploding corpses: Monsters explode in an AoE when killed, hitting the players around them for 25% of their current hp, you have to be careful on this one if you are a knight because you can die pretty easily if you are surrounded. 

  • That escalated quickly: Imagine yourself thinking you're almost done with that wave and your monsters hit below 25% their HP and all the sudden they hit HARDER! Yup, they hit as if they were 5 waves higher :(

  • The floor is lava: Run! Because every 15 seconds 100 random fields will be marked like lava on the floor, after 3 seconds they deal damage equal to 60% of your current hp if you're standing on them. 

  • Beam me up!: This one might be helpful if your mana or hp are low, every 15 seconds 100 random fields will be marked and after 3 second all players standing on them will be teleported to a random spot on the arena. 

  • Tanked up: Every 15 seconds after entering the arena 100 random fields will be marked and you have to pay attention and look for a safe spot because after 3 seconds you'll get superdrunk! for 10 seconds and trust me this is no fun, because while you're drunk the damage taken will increase by 10%.

  •  Sown Sorrow: This one it's a little bit different because every 20/17/14/11/8 seconds a seed will spawn, this depends on the number of players inside the arena. If any of the players don't step on the seed within 6 seconds the seed will explode and fear all players for 2 seconds, while feared the damage taken increase by 15%. 

  • Bad Roots: As the one before this depends on the number of players, but on this one if no one steps on the seed within 6 seconds the seed will explode and root all players for 3 seconds, while rooted, damage will increase by 25%.

We suggest if you are doing it with friends you have to designate one player to pay attention with the combat modifiers, so it'll be easy for everyone! If you're doing it solo you can always ask a friend to help you and let you know when the seeds spawns. 

After talking about the combat modifiers on the arena, we should talk about the monsters too, these monsters only spawn on the Drome arena, they are five different types of monsters in which on each wave you'll get 4 out of them.

Let's see which are them and their attacks. 

Domestikion : Support melee that increases the damage output of all monsters Multiple Domestikons stack their buff.

Hoodinion : Ranged with AOE spells and high damage spikes.  If you get more than one of these monsters you'll have so much fun, that's how people call it right?

Mearidion : Ranged with consistent single damage target. Isn't that bad, but don't get too comfortable, especially because their damage is consistent. 

Murmillion : Tanky melee. When this monster spawn on your wave be prepared to be paralize every 10 seconds!.

Scissorion : High single target damage melee. Be careful with these because they make themselves invisible, when you least expect they are already by your side with high damage. 

Amount of players:

As mentioned before only 5 players can enter the arena at once, and the more players join the more creatures will spawn. It is worth mentioning that the lowest starting level of any player will determine on which wave your team starts. There is a 60 minutes cooldown to re-enter the arena. So if this is something you enjoy doing, you have many opportunities to get a higher rank at the end of the rotation. You also need to know that you can only go inside the arena with players in your party experience share range, you might be asking why? Well this is to prevent the high level characters from "carrying" lover level characters to high ranks. 


We asked the community if they like to play the arena with their friends/team or solo, and the majority said solo! Like I said before, it's easier if you want to get a higher rank, but you can't miss the fun! You should try it with your friends too, thank me later! :) 



TibiaDrome has certain rules that don't apply inside the arena, like on outside of it. First of all, theres not death penalty! I bet your thinking there's nothing better than this but wait!.. we are barely starting. Mana, health and spirit potions, as runes, bolts and arrows will NOT be consumed when used. Amazing right? Well there is no stamina drain! Also spells which cost soul points are deactivated, you also have to know that there is no progression on your skills or levels inside the TibiaDrome. 



We asked some players with different vocations about their experience on the TibiaDrome arena, this is what they had to share:


Barkiyo playing Elite Knight 

"TibiaDrome is really fun, if you are a high level you have to manage your health and mana, but I think as an EK I have to spend a lot of SSA/ Might rings to "keep up" with the other vocations. I think that Druids/Sorcerers are the best vocations to do the arena, since they have the best sustainability, they can heal more than any other vocation, just being a high level character and know how to keep up with waves you can get in a good position at the end of the rotation".



Jeff Hasulhoff playing Master Sorcerer

“My experience has been pretty good! I enjoy the challenge with the ability to try multiple times and push past levels as they get more and more challenging”.


Rene playing Elite Knight

"I have this love/hate experience with Tibia Drome. I do it only once per rotation because I feel it is a massive waste of time and money if you do it multiple times on a knight. However that 1 attempt per 2 weeks I give everything that I got to manage to get into the top 5 of my server. Which is damn hard on my knight since there's too many high level paladins and mages. I still manage to get into the top 5 usually, ending at the late 80s, early 90s."



Meregirl playing Elder Druid

"My experience with the arena is super positive, I've managed to be on Top 5 on every rotation I've played with my main character, getting 3 potions on each one of them, I've had so much fun on different vocations with my makers”.



Aeron playing Royal Paladin

"I missed the beginning of the drome when the update came out so I’m a bit behind but now I try it every rotation. I usually get somewhere between 70-80~ on my 660+ RP. I don’t try very hard (no ssa/might rings or food). I usually firebomb the ground for extra damage".



Krisz playing Elder Druid

"I don't use SSA or anything like that to tank, I'm a little bit distracted hahaha! ūüėä and I've learn that even the way that you use runes it counts (I used to attack with the "use on target" and sometimes I didnt hit all the creatures, now I'm trying to attack using runes with the option "with crosshairs'', and then I can hit them all at once because those little details on the arena help a lot!".



Lyh playing Elite Knight  

"In my honest opinion, the experience I have with the Tibiadrome is very gratifying, however the way it was created it'll be like many other stuff that CipSoft creates and becomes monotonous. At first sight there's different ways and types of arena every 15 days, even though after a few waves you get bored or discouraged for the rewards you get".









Tibiadrome, for fun or prizes? 

We asked the community how often they do the arena, if they like it because it's fun or because of the rewards, here are the results:




Now it's time to talk about the rewards, because after all the fun.. YES! you get rewards! On every rotation the players ranking among the top 20 on the leaderboards receive potions randomly selected depending on the wave level they finished on that rotation. The distribution works as follows:

  • 1st-5th place : 3 potions

  • 6th-10th place: 2 potions

  • 11th-20th place: 1 potion

If you are one of the lucky ones you might get a potion, the 20% of the remaining players up to a maximum of 50 potions will raffle among themselves. 

We've been talking about the potions, but which are there? They are not like the regular potions we use mana/health potions, so let's talk about them.

 There's 20 potions you can obtain by participating on the Tibiadrome:



Kooldown-Aid: This one resets cooldowns for all the spells.

Stamina Extension: Fills up stamina by one hour (but not above the maximum).

Wealth Duplex: Doubles the loot from every regular monster you kill for one hour.


Strike Enhancement: Increases critical hit chance by 5% for one hour. 


Charm Upgrade: Increases offensive charm trigger chances by 5% (except cripple) for one hour.


Bestiary Betterment: Makes kills count twice for the bestiary for one hour.




The next 7 potions increase your protection by 8% for one hour


These last 7 potions increase damage by having your attacks and spells treat the target's sensitivity as being 8% higher for one hour.





The points every player gets at the end of the rotation are obtained for at least finishing one wave inside the arena, for every wave in the rotation you will receive 10 points. 

With these points you can get plushies! Yes, you read it correctly, you can exchange your points for plushies of the monsters inside the arena. Imagine having a Plushie of a Domestikion inside your house as deco!!.

You can also get one of the famous Tibiadrome Cube, by trading this one you can get a random potion like the ones from above, also you can get a cool Arena Badge Replica, or one of the Demons pit in different colors, but the reward that any Tibiadrome fan wants it's the Phant mount, this is one of the cutest mount on the game, its a cute elephant with gold gear! Also by getting this mount you can get the achievement "Phantastic!" (+3 achievement points).



We asked the community how were their thoughts about the rewards and if they could get another kind of rewards, here are their answers:









A couple of players that helped with this article gave their opinion about if they could change something about the arena, here are their thoughts about it:


-“I think the mechanics should be different for each vocation, when you kill the creatures they explode and it takes some % of your health and it's really difficult to do it as an EK, even as an RP because with the other vocations you can easily move around”. 


-”I think they need to make more variety on the rewards, including cosmetics things like outfits or mounts, also I think it would be more difficult if they add more creatures and you wouldn't know what to expect”. 


-”I think if I could make a change in the arena, it would definitely be the time for each rotation, for me 2 weeks is a lot!”.


-”I wouldn't change a thing in the arena, for me it's perfect! You can have so much fun and it's a way to improve yourself and become a better player and also improve your skills!”.


-”The thing I would change is trying to make it more beneficial for mid to low level players to participate, maybe adding regular loot for players who do not win potions, similar to killing a boss”.


-”The only thing I’d really change about the arena is the aesthetics. It looks a bit lame and the monsters are sort of generic with weird names. It would be cool to be in a colosseum with actual Tibian monsters or more arena themed monsters that got progressively harder. They could also mix things up with bosses similar to the Svargrond and New Frontier arenas. The Phants are definitely the best part of the Tibiadrome”.


In general,Tibiadrome is one of the most popular activities on Tibia, because there's many ways to win in this arena, you have fun with your friends or by yourself, you get points for rewards and you improve yourself in many ways, alot players says that their PVP has improved alot since they start doing the arena because they’ve been using SSA (stone skin amulet) and might rings.

Overall, Tibiadrome is the arena that we were all expecting… and more! 


If you haven't tried it, you should give it a chance and tell us about your experience in the comments, thanks to players that helped with their opinions about Tibiadrome. 




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