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The Queen, the wizard and the warrior - Chapter 2: Benjamin's melody

            - Trish .. Wake up, Sh ... - Trisha began to open her eyes completely puzzled, I raised my hand slowly from her mouth ordering silence. - Wake up and take this, do you know how to use it?

  1. - Oh ....! - Sh! They'll hear us Trish sat up and took the havoc blade from my hands. I could see that she was trying to recompose her frightened expression to a more neutral one, however her eyes still gave her away as she looked at the sword and at me simultaneously. -What ara them, Eloise? - They are apes... - Apes? Here? - Yes, they are hunting medusas, hush ... We hid behind the bushes that we had built the night before as camouflage while we listened to the agonizing cries of the medusas and hydras along with shouts of joy and celebrations of the monkeys for that fruitful hunt; It was a show of chills that lasted at least forty minutes until little by little silence began to reign again.

  • - What were they doing so far, Eli? Don't they have creatures to hunt and feed near Tiquanda? - The medusa is the banquet they serve at the Kerkopy, which is the New Year of the Apes and although there are a few weeks left, I think they are already starting to prepare for their celebrations - "Culture and mythology" the most interesting subject of all the tests and the least valued one. I always imagined myself being a teacher of this subject growing up and being able to communicate history and culture in a more engaging and captivating way. Now this wish feels a bit distant and it seems like many full moons have passed since we were last in the warmth of our home, sitting sipping hot chocolate next to our father and Kespian. I quickly pushed these memories from my mind when I felt a lump in my throat forming with a bitter taste of sadness, just one night has passed and we still had at least fifteen to go. Before choosing to be a Sorcerer, I thought that my vocation would be Knight, however, and I couldn't explain why, a second before the definition, my decision was to be a witch. In the adrenaline rush of the moment, I completely forgot that Trisha hadn't yet completed her tests or had any training prior to them. We got up and I took the a Gnome Sword that Kespian had given us for the travel, Trisha would have her first training with me. She may find me quite rusty, but I must be able to convey something to her about my abilities. - Steady legs Trish and your senses very keen, we'll start with the basics ... It was just a couple of hours until dawn and with the first rays of the sun our training ended. We packed up our camouflage traps while we had fruit and bread for breakfast and started on our way again. The road to Svargrond was freshly marked in my memory after the geographical lessons of the tests, my memory is excellent. We are between the palace of asuras and the tower of medusa and due to the presence of the monkeys last night, we will have to lengthen the path as far south as possible from the lands of the apes to reach the port of boats.


  • - The decision of your vocation is one or if not the most important that you will be making in your life Eloise, as well as a requirement to be registered in the three tests. Have you thought about this choice? - Father, Professor Daski in training has told me that my sword skill has imminent potential, but I don't know ... Sorcery looks appealing to me as if it'd be calling me somehow, but what if I end up not being that good? ... Lately I have had very "cloudy" dreams where I am at the top of a ruined tower. There are many clouds around or smoke, I'm not sure ... And each dream begins in the same way: I begin by examining the room, in the middle of the mist statues and lamps can be glimpsed. A sensation invades my body that begins in my chest, spreading to my extremities and I can feel it tickling up the back of my neck, causing a chill that shudders me. The heat in the palm of my hands makes me turn my gaze towards them and I am exalted to see them wrapped in violet flames, but they do not burn me, instead they invade me with adrenaline ... And I wake up ... -Eloise? Hello?

  • - Sorry, What? - Where did you go? I've been telling you important things - Sorry father, I was thinking about ... In the tests. I lied to him. Partly because explaining something that is so confusing feels so complicated, partly because this dream feels inexplicably different. I wake up excited, startled, drenched in sweat and my hands burning with temperature; I'm afraid of what it might mean to tell someone else, even my family. - I will register with the vocation of Sorcerer. - Sounds like a good choice to me, Child. You will be an excellent witch, just like your mother is.




We arrived at the capital of Thais, the oldest city on the Mainland and where King Tibianus III reigns in his castle at the end of the main street of the city. The boat trip was turbulent, but shorter than we both expected and our way to the port of Port Hope did not have major setbacks as we chose a good desert route of civilization and rich in diverse fauna. We had two days of relative peace, we hunted baby pandas to feed ourselves in the afternoons and we continued with Trisha's training routines daily, in the early mornings. Trish's skills with the havoc are improving, at least enough to be able to defend ourselves in case of any attack or invasion of apes or whatever we may find on the way to Svar. The afternoon was falling and we stayed in the first establishment that we found leaving the ship, it seemed to be the main tavern of the capital or perhaps we arrived on a busy day; Either way, it was much better than sleeping in the Tiquanda jungle and hunting wild animals to feed ourselves. - A beer please. There was a young man about my age taking care of the tables in the inn and attending to its requests. He turned to see me as wondering who that voice was coming from and shot a curious look. I know perfectly well that I am not old enough to be ordering a beer like that, but in the south we pick up the traditions of adults very quickly, our parents guide us to maturity from an early age due to the context of our peoples.


I held the boy's gaze and he shifted his eyes towards little Trish and then looked at me with an expression of empathy. - And for her? - A pumpkin juice for me - Trisha answered. The boy looked back at me with a shy half smile and he continued on his way to the kitchen.     "In the high songs and the high thunders          Fire comes out and I find destruction ...     Where the throne burns and death I wait     They will not defeat us in the end... "      In the background, at another counter, an old man was singing and selling packages to travelers, offering them to keep their belongings together on the trip, although with today's situation it could not be seen to be of much use since travelers travel with armor and swords , going back and forth from one side of the map to the other because of the war. The songs didn't make sense and although the tune seemed upbeat, the lyrics were cold and distressed.

- He is old Benjamin, I am Naji. Excuse me, I've seen you watching since I came out of the kitchen. A wave of shame moved within me. - What is his song about? - I'm not really sure ... the adults have not wanted to tell his story very well, we only know that he lost his memory and now he only sings songs that sometimes make sense and sometimes don't. But he is a beloved person in town and he was granted with the job of selling useful stuff for travelers. Naji made a nonchalant gesture at the end of his last words, finished serving us our drinks and walked away to continue serving the other people.

     "In the final tower,     Between flames and smoke,     The royal crown is reborn ”. I took out a piece of bread from my bag and shared it with Trisha as I listened to Benjamin singing his crazy lyrics. It was a pleasant melody, the notes of it seemed to have a total
harmony where one note followed the next almost intuitively and made you listen to it as a victorious song; though when you focused on the lyrics it turned into an empty, distressed sonata, an unusual contrast that certainly caught my attention.
- I'll be right back Trisha, I'll go get... another beer


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