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Breaking the stereotype: We don't procrastinate! - from the feminine perspective

Every human being is a victim of “procrastination”, it is something intrinsic in their DNA and the correct term for something that could always happen is probably not known. The human brain, according to science, is programmed for "pleasure" so it is normal that repetitive activities or those ones which are part of a routine could be postponed to perform others that "generate" a little more satisfaction, the important thing is to identify when this happens and how to prevent could hobbies being affected by a chronic action to "procrastinate." Tibia and the time that players spend in it is no exception.

Tibia is not just an MMORPG that has been online for a few years generating connections between the players of the world, for so many people, Tibia has been the means of communication with friends who have transcended the screen, the game, who have endured over time and broken down language barriers. Tibia has been the origin of loves, enemies and experiences that today are part of a sentimental generation of players who were probably away from the game and as a result of this new reality generated by the Coronavirus, have returned retaking old contacts and with a slight tendency to procrastinate working from home.

On the other hand, many members of the community have fallen in love, created families, started businesses, fulfilled professional goals, had children, as well as others, have ended friendships or have left this physical plane. It is a bit difficult to tell exactly when updates have passed, but it can be confirmed that Tibia is part of each of the players, of the essence as human beings and professionals, therefore we have decided to analyze in a more sensitive way the impact of Tibia in the real life of some players in the community, highlighting what have been their "success formulas" to maintain personal and professional quality aligned with the objectives of the game through a balance always maintaining clear priorities while still enjoying time in front of and behind the screen and above all without procrastinating.

Within this group of multicultural female players in the community, data has been collected that gives a key idea of their gameplay, as well as the reasons that have kept them as part of Tibia over time. The community is diverse, made up of full-time moms, health professionals, Engineers, Managers, Digital Designers, Entrepreneurs, all of whom are women with quality material that can be found on their Instagram, Facebook or Twitch accounts and are used as a window to communicate to the world how these girls celebrate the rewards of the achievements in the game, showing that the same objectives are usually treated in different ways according to our cultures or interests but that in the end the criticisms, incidents or how they started their interest in the game, we are all women with an extraordinary ability to manage time between our various roles.

Tibia from its inception was conceptualized for a "general" audience, where the objectives were to kill people, win wars and conquer servers, creating a “gray área” for those players who did not feel identified with these premises. Over the time, world trends have changed the course of preconceptions, promoting the presence of female players and resulting in the creation of new activities within Tibia that have worked as an incentive, especially for the community of players who stand out for being excellent: decorating, achieving goals, making bestiary or being pvp pro players, and are also excellent housewives, professionals or even both roles, thus creating a space in which everyone manages to show what they are passionate about and are really good, strengthening the development of other women within the environment, motivating hard work.

TibiaGoals, in this section wants to promote the sharing of all this information to close that gap of lack of time for all these "hobbies" within the community, especially today, where the "gender of the player" can define who you are, without deny the fact that female players who stand out are constantly attacked and in many cases stereotyped or hypersexualized due to their role in play, going beyond their integrity in real life, so this article seeks to highlight the personality and opinion of a group of successful players so that other players can identify with their characters, goals or interests avoiding procrastination in their days.
  • Mikhelle - Mexican, graduated as Geophysicist with an MSc in Reservoir Engineering, cats-lover and video games (it's really not just Tibia) she plays League of Legends and PS4.

  • Estelania - Dutch, graduated as SPW3 focused on children, social pedagogical employee, pastry chef and nail stylist as a hobby, today she is a full-time mother of two beautiful children.

  • Makadamia - Polish, she works as a Cost estimator for HVAC systems, today she is a recognized figure within tibia for being the author of a lot of value-added content to the game, in addition to having an exquisite taste making house decorations.

  • Loreni, Mexican, graduated as a Chef, she is professionalizing in advanced Pastry. Also is a gamer who loves achievements and addons.

  • Viky - Spanish, streamer, she is currently in training to achieve her promotion as Manager in a franchise but her most important role is to be a mother of a wonderful child, as well she is a gamer not only in Tibia, also in CSgo and Owerwatchs.

  • Dyaniixz - Mexican, graduated as a Nurse, today she works in a Hospital in the maternity area, she plays League of Legends and we have seen her create war content and determined not to lose her daily rewards motivated by our sweet Lady Mass.

  • Amy Meow - Mexican, graduated as Multimedia & Digital Animator, today she gives us one of the most girly editions of the entire Tibian community, she is a cat lover and anime fan, in addition to being a permanent employee, she has her own design company.

  • Lady Mass - Polish, works as Language Expert at Samsung, is TibiaGoals admin and the main motivator of the community not to lose the Daily Rewards.

With an age range of between 24 and 33 years old and players since 2004 on average, the goals of each of them within Tibia are very similar, with the exception of a few girls who love wars, almost are lovers of decorations, achievements, addons and goals that take time, and even so, ALL OF THIS GIRLS WORK, some at home as full-time moms or housewives, others in organizations of some sectors and at different levels, which could confirm this small list of females players shows that the community of girls in the game have qualified profiles in other areas of their life.

Their obligations as mothers, professionals, housewives are positioned in the first place among the priorities of each of them. The interesting thing was to understand that the tastes within Tibia are mostly interests in a "long term of time" where connecting to the game and advancing a bit is part of their daily routine and therefore the success of achieving each of their goals, in addition, 5 of these 8 girls are active in other games such as: AoT, Tzar, Heroes, League of Legends, CSgo and PS4, where they also need to invest part of their free time. The following graphic summarizes the main points of interest of these girls in the game:

After knowing the type of profile that these players have in RL, it is interesting to understand the average time they spend in the game to keep their “goals” at acceptable levels.

87.5% play more than two days per week, which means they spend a representative amount of their time behind the screen.
  • Now, what time of day do these girls play?

  • How do you manage to define the ideal amount of time to play in their day to day?


Responses to the "when is the best time to play" premise, are balanced throughout the day.

Their schedules are adjusted according to the activities, such as the free time they have while their children are at school or the possible work shifts they may have, it is admirable that even with all these responsibilities in their other facets, the role as a Tibia Player has a space in their life, allowing us to have content available that motivates other members of the community.

Even so, in a productive environment, players have doubts about when to "stop" playing based on the responsibilities they may have, motivation tends to be a key factor to completing a task, this means procrastinating for activities related to others roles but as players, for example, the events of the game can affect the decision to stop playing at a certain moment, denoting that for the players who are looking for achievements, the events are "important and longed for" moments of their lives within the game”.

When we asked about the time they could have sacrificed to be in the game, the following thoughts were elicited:

  • I don’t live in my home country so I do not sacrifice family time, but I do feel it has impacted my willingness to be more productive negatively”

  • “I play or simply login to chat when my kid is to kindergarten or when my husband is at work and my kid is playing something by himself. So this varies a lot, I don't have a specific playtime or day”

  • “The only way to find a balance is to deal with the fact that we will never achieve in this game everything that we wanted to. We should spend some time with friends, enjoy it, but then log out and focus on our real-life because this one is more important for our life, health (also mental health) and real happiness”

  • “I always do my personal activities as a priority, and the remaining time is what I used to play”

  • “I work only in the mornings, and I spend the rest of the day with my son or doing some stuff in rl, and then I play in the evening/night for a while before I'm going to sleep”

  • “Being a nurse means I have different shifts at work, when I'm working in the morning I play at afternoons, but first I find myself cleaning my house or cooking some food, then I take my daily rewards and lvl up sometime or fight wars, but I mostly enter to do my daily rewards since I don't play much anymore :)”

  • You just have to have discipline and set schedules, always give priority to your daily pending tasks and once you finish you can enjoy your free time, I would also advise advancing the other pending tasks that you have for the next day (only if you haven't done enough work already) , so you will be able to enjoy more relaxed the next day, it is also good to do other activities and not spend all day playing, so it is not bad if you can not play on all the day. Remember that physical and mental health is important too!

  • I have a fixed schedule that I adapt to automatically! ;D I work till 6 pm (usually), and then I just sit on a call with my bf and that's when I play, if I feel like it! From time to time I have big urges to play more, sooo I work less then (thankfully, the amount of hours I make daily is up to me, so I can just work less if I please haha) and play more :3 When it comes to weekends, I dedicate them to my boyfriend, friends, family, and of course Tibia too! I barely ever work on weekends (only when I really slacked during the week and I feel remorses hahah) so I have some time to do whatever I want! Although I'm not too active in the game lately, I am always waiting impatiently for rapid respawn or other events like that ;D”

Tibia is an incredible method to be productive, by disconnecting from the routine we can return being more proactive or efficient after a "small break" but it can also act against if no other objectives are identified other than procrastination.

Finally, focusing all this information on the female community of Tibia, it was proposed to know their opinion on whether some Tibia players have negatively influenced the willingness of women to record videos, create more content or stream the game by not being able to avoid criticism, thus limiting the amount of material that could exist to de-stress our day to day and the answers were several:

  • “Not in my personal experience but 100% in other women it has” 

  • “I think this is not something of this time anymore. I mean sure there can be some criticism but I guess that's also the same for male streamers who are new in streaming. I think overall women have been accepted in the game for some years already. I never experienced any negativity due to the fact that I'm a woman playing this game” 

  • “The Tibia community is full of haters, not only towards women. I think that girls are just more sensitive and due to this reason they prefer to avoid public hate. 

  • “Of course, in my opinion, a lot of tibia players promote bullying without reason, and when we suffer criticism it affects our confidence and many time we ask ourselves if what we do is okay” 

  • “As a Tibian streamer that I've been, I can say that playing tibia and doing some contests are not compatible. At least this is my experience when I played war and streamed at the same time”.

  • “Kinda, I have seen a lot of players who still criticize or even insult girls who are still learning to play but if they have a good community who encourage them to keep going, those girls usually don't pay attention to the negative comments :)” 

  • “I think that yes and no, I consider that one has to work on their self-esteem and their confidence because criticize there will always be in anything you do, you just have to know how to deal with them and take just the good from each criticism, having worked the same I think that hate comments might be easier to ignore. What is very sad is to run into people of few values ​​who do anything to belittle someone but you can't do anything for them because that does not depend on you”.

  • “I think it's not much worse than in other games. I think that it's a double-edged sword. On one hand, men are indeed very quick to criticize girls, a girl does not want to get together with a boy, he gets mad and starts to spread rumors about her etc. However, let's try to focus on the positive aspects! Men are also often more keen to help a woman out, than another man. I guess it is highly individual and depends on the girl and the boy so it's hard for me to generalize it :( unless I took a specific case into consideration! ;D”

With all these interesting data, it can be concluded that even if you are doing more quests and missions to get more rare items, gaining more levels and experience and thus unlocking new game modes or winning servers demonstrating high pvp capabilities, Tibia must always be used rationally, without fanaticism and making it that solution for the de-stress of adult life, a productive community based on respect, avoiding procrastination in our real lives, following these simple steps:
  1. Identify a game pattern and create strategies to meet your goals, all this needs to be measured in time, these could be small goals that become part of a huge one.

  2. Download applications or implement time management methods and techniques in your daily routine.

  3. Control your thoughts and what you share with the community, this may negatively affect others.

  4. Do only one task at a time, prioritizing your life, family and friends over the game.

  5. Don't beat yourself up for procrastinating once in a while, we are human beings and players

Let's be honest, this ends, as usual, instead of complying with what was planned to play 2 hours a day, we end up playing until Save Server or if you are a charlover, the lists of "goals" to be reached will always increase, the important thing is not procrastinating with what is really important.

by Artemihza Rose

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