Sunday, November 21, 2021

The voting for the goals contest

Hey guys! We would want to invite you to vote for the top 5 in our goals contest. The voting takes place on discord in the #voting-goals channel. Read on to see more information about the voting!
You can find all the works in the #goals-contest channel.

Join our discord

We received a few complaints about people voting 5 mins after entering the discord, so we were thinking of a solution to the problem. So from today, in order to vote, you must have the DREAM CHASER rank. The rank will be given to everyone who is in the discord for 8-10 hours (The rank will be given to you within the 2 hours). We still have 5 days of voting remaining so you have a lot of time to vote, even if you are not on discord yet!

Voting rules

The entire community will be able to vote for their favorite works and choose the top 5 winners, out of which the TibiaGoals staff will choose 3 final winners.

1. The vote will only be valid if you choose at least two works, providing a short (at least 100 words) justification for each of the works (minimum 200 words in total then). In the comment you can write how this specific goal differs from others, why did you decide to choose it, how is it better than the others, etc.
2. Your critique should be sent on our discord server, in the channel #Voting-goals
3. Apart from the text, you also need to:
* Provide your character name
* The character has to be at least level 100
* The character cannot be hidden
* Add the names of the people you vote for
4. If we notice that there are comments which are identical or just slightly paraphrased, we will only count the first one as valid
5. If there will be 1 comment in a few language versions added by different players, we will also only count the first one as valid
6. The contestants can also participate in the voting, however, they cannot vote for their own story.
7. Your critique needs to have valid arguments, meaning you cannot say “I choose the work of the player X because its cool”
8. Your text can be written in English, Polish, Spanish or Portuguese.
9. You cannot use verbal attack towards participants. The language of your text has to be proper.
10. Every vote that will follow the rules participates in a lottery. The numbers will be given chronologically (eg. You posted the critique as 4th, your number in the lottery will be 4 and so on)
11. When the voting ends (5th December) we will proceed to count the votes, which means it might take us a few days to publish the top 5.


Lottery Prizes:

1st place - Choice between Snake God Trophy, Elven Trophy, and Badge of Glory

2nd place - Choice between the remaining two items

3rd place - The remaining item

The voting deadline:

21st November - 5th December (ends at server save!)

If you don’t know what criteria to consider while voting, we have listed a few aspects you might take into consideration in the process:

The goal:
1. The difficulty of the goal

2. The originality of the goal

3. The execution of the goal (whether it was fully completed or partly completed)

4. How many days it took

5. Whether the approach of reaching the goal was innovative

The presentation:

1. Original approach of presenting

2. The screenshots go well with the story

3. The language (correctness/various languages)

4. The general aesthetic of the presentation

5. Whether it was easy to follow and explained the goal well

To our belief, the goal should be more important than the presentation, however, we of course leave the opinion in your hands. 

*! Keep in mind that the contestants had to show us the proof by mail and they do not need to show all the requested screenshots in their final story! Every submission that made it to the #goals-contest channel is valid and the participants provided us with the screenshots on time.

*! It is normal that some of the goals might be posted by one of the admins. It was mentioned in >Q5< that in case the anonymous participants wouldn’t want to share their story to reveal their name, the TibiaGoals staff will do it for them.

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