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Divine Decoration Tricks #4: Decoration backpacks - how to keep order?

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In today's Divine Decoration Tricks I will show you how to keep your decorative items in the order and easy to find!

Back in the days when there were fewer items in the game that could be used for decorations, decorating your house would certainly take less time than today. With this many new items CipSoft gifted us with, you may spend much more time searching for the items you need than on the actual process of decorating your house.

I would like to show you my decoration backpack which you could use as an inspiration on how to sort your own. Remember that most of the backpack categories are sorted based on my subjective concepts and associations. That is why it's good to use this project as an idea but sort your backpacks in a way that will serve you best, from your own perspective and based on your own style and needs. 

Those are the six backpacks my main backpack consists of:
1. items sorted out by colors
2. items that are base for the stacks
3. dolls, rares, semi-rares, ugly stuff
4. all kinds of plants
5. light sources
6. items that raise the stacks

1. Items sorted out by colors
This is the most important backpack for me because it lets me search for the exact colors of the items I find necessary at a point. If you are not one of the people who remember the names of every item but usually just remember their sprites, you may find the items you need searching for them by their color. Items sorted like this are the best solution for people who make one or two colored decorations. Imagine how easy it is to decorate a whole yellow room using just one backpack.

Examples of one-colored decorations:

The backpack with items sorted by colors:

At first, when you open the backpack, you may only find the stackable items. This way it's easier to remember how many backpacks exactly you need to open to find what you need. The further backpacks contain unstackable items.

2. Items that are base for the stacks
You may already be confused with the fact that there is a blood herb in the second backpack as it can be considered a plant. Why is it not in backpack number 4 then? Well, as I already mentioned, I sorted the items basing on my subjective associations and needs. The second backpack contains all the items that are put on the very bottoms of the stacks, such as e.g. carpets. However, my decoration style always bases on the blood herbs which are usually put at the very bottom of the stacks, hence why they're in the base backpack rather than in the one with the plants. 

3. Dolls, rares, semi-rares, ugly stuff
That is a backpack for all the items that are used rarely but are still needed for decorations sometimes. Those have been sorted by the style or my needs. For example, I have a backpack with edible items only, with items only Christmas-related, a backpack with items that could be used in decorations with erotic/torture themes. I also have a backpack with dolls and animals. The backpack with ugly stuff is basically some trash that can be used to cover certain gaps in stacks.

4. All kinds of plants
Here all kinds of flowers or plants can be found. Those have also been segregated by their colors so that it is easier to find them. This backpack is usually used for decorating gardens.

5. light sources
The fifth backpack contains all the items that provide lights. There aren't many of them in there so I didn't sort them by colors because the less clicking through the backpacks, the more comfortable it is. This is the backpack I open once my decoration is fully finished and the only thing it's missing is some color enhancement that can be achieved by hiding some light sources inside of the stacks.

6. Items that raise the stacks
Those are the objects that build into higher leveled stacks. I segregated those by the exact items which can see seen on the gif below.

Of course, the way you sort your backpack depends on your personal needs. I am here just to give you a clue. One of my friends, also a passionate decorator, Monzi has backpacks with subcategories, as well. For example, her backpack with blue items is divided not only for stackables and non-stackables like mine but also on various kinds of items such as weapons. She also has a backpack with household items and stuff to make the rooms more real, a backpack with bowls, ewers, cups, mugs, books, etc. It is a good idea to sort everything in such a detailed way when you have a lot of stuff that you use all the time so everything really depends on the number of your items and how often you're going to use them because, if you hardly ever do, it is better to keep them in your depot, instead.

That is it! I hope you found today's article useful and decide to work on your decoration backpacks, as well! Don't forget to leave a comment! <3


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  1. Very neatly organised! I love the coloured backpacks in the main bp. Makes it so much easier to navigate, especially for other people who haven't made the system. I think I will have to switch mine so they look like this!