Friday, August 20, 2021

A Real Love Story

The year was 2010, a paladin left the city of Carlin to venture in the unknown lands of Thais, tired of the battles with the dragons upon returning to Carlin happy with his backpack full of gold, upon arriving in the city observed several adventurers talking, and that was how the paladin met a sorceress who wore dark clothes. The conversation was the beginning of a story of friendship that the following year transformed into a love story.

We got to know each other and to show that I was a good friend I decided to take the sorceress to hunt alittle, I confess that it did not work very well, the creatures were strong for her level and she ended up dying a few times which made me help her even more as I was feeling guilty.

In 2011 the feeling of friendship became stronger and at the Valentines' Day event, the paladin decided to acquire the heart backpack with a romantic card expressing how he felt about the sorceress...She reported that she was surprised to receive the backpack and got speechless while reading the card.

Our friendship took a big leap and we began to face adventures together. The paladin found a sorceress who healed him with UH in times of danger! Every time while entering the game I immediately looked at the VIP to see if she was online and of course I put a notification that would let me know whenever she enters the game. I confess that the heart, let's say, was very happy ...

It is possible that we bumped into each other through the Tibian lands, but it wasn't the time for everything to happen. It's not all roses though. We faced some negative comments of course. We decided to go to another server and began our story at Rookgaard. Our characters' names were rather unusual, it was a combination of our names. We then had to deal with negative comments, people spoke badly about us for being a couple, but we rather tried to look at the positive sides, we gained friendships on the new server that were really good for our growth.

After a few years we returned to the server where we met, some friends no longer played, others weresurprised and thought we were gone. New people have emerged and only added to this family that Tibia provides us. We are known to some as an unusual couple, after all the perfect combination was to be an Elite Knight and an Elder Druid, I confess that sometimes we play with secondary characters though.

Today we are almost 10 years together "married in real life", we hunt together and achieve goals together...

The classes which are less likely to combine formed the couple we are. The paladin who protects his sorceress and the sorceress who heals his paladin with UH.

I'm Evandro da Roberta, Royal Paladin and she's Roberta do Evandro, Master Sorcerer. We strive to stay at the same level despite some hunts alone advancing the experience of one or the other a little further.

At the end of this story my greatest achievement was to find her who is the woman of my life!

You see an engraved wedding ring.
It weighs 0.40 oz.
Evandro da Roberta & Roberta do Evandro forever...

A final message, a Tibian also knows how to love, your partner can be the person with who you always hunt!