Friday, May 14, 2021

Your Goals #15 : Lothlorian: Roshamuul Accomplishment


Dream wright was the first achievement I earned in Roshamuul. I’m not sure what level I was when I got it, but I do remember that I was too low to be in Rosha solo.

I studied the map (on tibiawiki) and marked the two northern spots, and the southernmost one. The ones that are close by each other in the south (north of the southernmost one) I rejected.

I used to put on my most defensive gear and as many garlic necklaces as I could fit in my backpack, and started running. As soon as I got to one of the half-buried faces I'd throw an e-bomb and fight for my life until the spot was clear. Then I could use broken dreams in peace.

Mostly I went back and forth between the two northernmost spots, but the times when I kept spawning nightmares I lost patience and went to the spot at the far south, close to the wall.

While I was working on this achievement I remember thinking that it was a boring, monotonous (and dangerous!) grind. I despise repetitive tasks (This was before I had started working on the War Against the Hive quest).

In retrospect, this task is easy. I don't remember the cooldown of this mission, but now, 150 or so levels later, I do this task several times per day to farm points for clusters.

I think that as long as you are comfortable with running around Roshamuul and know the safe spots and stairs by heart, it's no big deal.

What I really struggled with was the missions to get the outfit and add-ons. The part where you have to enter the Roshamuul cistern was quite hard. I don't know if melee weapons with elemental damage hadn't been implemented yet or if I was just too stubborn and set in my ways to use them, but it was TOUGH. I think I died once or twice trying to complete the mission down there, but DANG it felt good to get the full Dream Warden outfit. To this day it is the only one I wear! In my opinion the only outfit that compares is the Cave Explorer. I like modest and well designed outfits better than the ones that scream "LOOK AT ME I GOT THIS COOL SHIRT AND PANTS AND SOME ANIMATED GARBAGE ON TOP!"

Never surrender is a quite simple achievement. It will be tough if you're not skilled/leveled enough to kill the sights of surrender, but that is just a matter of protection and skills. I still struggle with killing off the spawn if I get 5 sights, but it's not complicated.

Get chambers, run to the plateau, use them, and wait. It's a bit of a grind but since the cooldown to repeat the mission is only 30 mins, that achieve is pretty quick. 

Currently I am struggling with Nevermending Story achievement. It's the last one I have left to get (apart from about half the umbral creation achievements). Out of the 11 messages in a bottle, the one in Mawhawks lair is the trickiest one.

I halfheartedly started to work on this achievement by just running through Rosha once in a while and looking for the bottle in the easy spots. When I got to 7 or 8 messages I felt it was time to make an actual effort, so I marked the remaining spots on my mini-map and made it a part of my daily routine to check.

I'm embarrassed to say that it took me a little too long to figure out how to get the one where you levitate down from the central mountain.

Eventually I got to 10/11 messages, and since then I've been doing shrine tasks every day and so far I have opened Mawhawks lair 5 or 6 times, but with no luck.

Sometimes I see the message stay in the same spot for 3 days straight, but whenever I look for it and realise that I cant find it (so it has to be in Mawhawks lair) and start grinding the shrine task, it has always moved by the time I make the lair open. 
Now I have switched to grinding horns all the time and using shrines at the same time, so that I have around 300/500 done on any given day.

There are two or three players I see in Roshamuul often, and every time Mawhawks lair is open, exclaiming about the lack of a bottle.

So I think it's a team effort, opening the lair as often as we can.

Personally I make average around 150 desecrated shrines/day.

Don't even ask about the crafting achievements. I have managed to make the bow, xbow, 2handed sword, and 1handed club. This task is just mindlessly boring, and not a real challenge to anyone I think. As long as you're strong enough to survive running around Rosha and farming horns, there is no real challenge here, only boredom and stubbornness.

If you're rich enough to buy all the clusters you need to craft every weapon you're wasting your cash. Buy a grey tome or something.

This is my least favourite part of Tibia, the achievements that demand an insane amount of time or all the cash you can scrape together and then some.

I prefer achievements that anyone can get, regardless of kk's in the bank or levels in the counter. I dont mind a challenge, but when a highlevel is in an advantage just because of the high level and the high earnings that come with it, it gets me down a bit.

If an achievement has to be mindnumbingly boring, at least make it equally hard for everyone, like Fearless. Any person with a laptop can make a char and go to Horestis tomb every day, there's no cheating with that one.

Don't get me wrong, I still hate all these insane achieves, but at least that one is equal in the way that you cannot buy the progress in breaking jars.

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