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Tibia-PVP is a game of skills as any other strategy-tactical game. Skills don't happen to be acquired over the night, thus, it requires some practice to get to be an outstanding PVP player. Nevertheless, some people's progress is thwarted by the overwhelming competition perceived among the most experienced players and consequently, they decide to give up on PVP.

As you may know, in most gaming communities you can find that the players may be competitive towards other players, and tibia's community is no exception, nevertheless, this is not necessarily a bad thing! and in this article, we'll give you tips and show you how enjoyable your gaming experience can be, once you know all of this, especially the PVP side of the tibia which is most enjoyable!


This is very important! Be sure to know exactly who you are and who/what you are not, make a list of all your qualities and make one list of all your faults if it's needed, as detailed as possible; so if the day comes when a person tells you words of discouragement, you'll instantly know if they're right or wrong! If they are right, well ... you already knew it, and have been doing quite alright so far, haven't you?! And if they are wrong, don't bother to convince them otherwise, they won't care/understand it anyways ūüėä


Don't get dragged into their game, you'll stop enjoying your gaming! It's possible that if you're new in the "online gaming world", you are most likely new into the online gaming competition(negativity) and in this case let me tell you how easy it is to get dragged into this plot, which only makes a snowball of negativity. Healthy competition is good, it makes you want to work harder and be better; any other type of competition we recommend you to discard it! The best thing to do is to enjoy your gaming in tibia, by yourself or with your friends, every day and in every aspect!


If you're in a war you're either fighting for something you want/believe or simply enjoying the PVP with your friends because you like it; in either scenario, we would encourage you to be strong if you find that you enjoy it!

In war, there's always the possibility of dying one, two... x times. Don't get bothered by this! If you practice and learn from your mistakes, these are the best situations to practice! Don't get discouraged by losing pixels exp, or by other people trying to discourage you; rather, think of how much you'll enjoy conquering your victory alongside with your friends!


1. What would most likely be the reason you'd join a war?

a) You feel like trying PVP
b) You want rights over respawns X
c) There's a person you don't like on the enemy side 

2. You've been waiting for a respawn for an hour and finally, it's your turn. What would you do if someone (anyone) comes to hunt over you?

a) I'd ask him how long he'll stay and depending on which guild he/she is in, I'd consider coming back later.
b) I'd tell him it's my hunt and expecting him to leave. If he doesn't I'd leave to not waste my bonus stamina, but I'd consider him/her my enemy.
c) I'd not leave, if I'm wasting my bonus stamina, so will they. It's rightfully my turn to hunt there.

3. Your friend got into a fight with a neutral player, you know he's wrong but he is asking you to go and PK them. What would you do?

a) I'd help him. War is war and they must respect it.
b) I'd ignore my friend and the neutrals, ain't nobody got time for that.
c) I'd let him know he is wrong and tell him I'd not take part in his fight unless he finds a better way to solve it.

4. You fought a war and once the server is dominated they ask for 25TC per month of Guild Bank. How would you feel about this?

a) I think is a good way to maintain the organization within the team and keep on with the hierarchy
b) Why would I pay guild bank if I fought the war also? X
b) I don't mind giving the leaders 25 TC for the leaders, I can do that amount during my hunts

5. You have a personal problem with a person from the enemy guild. What would you go on about this?

a) I'll make sure my guild knows what kind of person this is, so everyone would be into disturbing their gameplay
b) I'd find their social media and make fun of their appearance, this way they'll quit playing tibia
c) Whenever I can, I'll interrupt their gaming. They'll regret messing with me.

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