Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Player of the Month #5: Bijou Kidi

Our Player of the Month for December is Bijou Kidi from the server Antica. The 600+ druidess managed to get over 1k achievement points during her journey, she also invests a lot of money and energy in magic level training!

Can you introduce yourself? What’s your name, how old are you etc.
-Hey, I’m Klaudia and I’m 30 years old. In Tibia I’m a druid, love to heal and love the nature. In real life, a mother of two, a housewife and part-time archivist. I really enjoy long walks and I love Razer

Is there any story behind your Tibian name?
-Actually, yes. My nickname is combined of two words. Bijou is a synonym for lovely, beautiful, exquisite. In my younger years I loved the jewellery shop called Bijou Brigit, so that’s the place where I got it. And Kidi used to be my nickname in real life, made by my cousine. I really liked Kida from Disney movie, Atlantis, and she said I’m so sweet, that instead of the hard-spelling „Kida” I should be „Kidi”

Do you remember who showed Tibia to you?
-Yes! It was my best friend back then, in 2004. We were at the same school and one day he told me that I should make an account in „this nice 2d game”. I must confess, that I really liked it, till a bug killed me on Rookgaard. I had a break for a week! Haha. I still dislike that red sprite of a bug. My friend stopped playing like after a year, and here I am, after 16 years, still here.

Is there any player that inspired you?
-Hard to say, there are some brilliant players that I know and I’m amazed of their playing style, but I’m rather going my own way. But if I would need to name some, I would say Nasty Kasper for making his bestiary, Rand Silverfang for magic level, and last but not least - Divine’Angel for her decorations.

What is your favorite thing to do in the game?
-Killing team-bosses, like final Forgotten Knowledge or final Heart of Destruction. Everything what requires voice communication. I really enjoy 5-man bosses aswell, when I make them with my friends. I really used to like decorating my house in forest style, but due to the lack of time, I have to pass this one.

Never have I ever... 

Lied about my waste
-I was often lying about my waste, but not to make profit for myself. I always thought my waste is too high so I subtracted a few thousands. 

Transferred gp/tc or sent a parcel to a wrong player accidentally
-Never, yet.

Forgotten to change hotkeys and died
-For my luck, never.

Been stuck in a hole without rope or magic rope spell
-I’m sure that this happened in my first years in Tibia :D

Fallen asleep on the keyboard
-Many times on double exp/skill weekends! 

Tried to teach my real-life friend how to play Tibia?
-I tried. It ended when he got killed by rat.

Been kicked out of respawn
-Happened a few times.

Lied to my friends about being sick so that I didn’t have to hunt
-I have to confess, it also happened, not only once :D

Pressed “exit” so that the monster doesn’t kill me while on deep red HP.
-I never knew how to make that trick, I never made it.

Borrowed something and never gave it back?
-Yes. I borrowed Shield of Corruption from my real life friend to decorate my house. As much as I would want to give it back, I will never be able to, since he passed away

Your goal was to get 130 magic level, can you explain why having a high magic level was what you aimed to achieve? And do you plan to continue training it?
-My answer is pretty simple. When I started my training journey, I saw the difference during hunts – better damage, better healing. Every new magic level gave me more power. Level too, of course. So I wanted to achieve that point, where I would be satisfied with my character. 130 magic level in game gave me that satisfaction. I heal good, I kill good. But everything ends at some point. I’m not planning to train it anymore like I used to. I will for sure try the new rod, the one that lasts 8h, but I have no further goals when it comes to magic level.

Is it hard to mix being a mother and playing Tibia?
-No. Real life has priority, so if I need to „choose” between reading book with my kids or go hunting, the choice is simple. That’s why my level is not growing. I usually manage my time well, and when I have two-week-bosses, my man is taking full care of kids so I can focus. Truth is, that I’m not playing much anymore, but I enjoy the game when the kids have a good care or if they are asleep. It’s all about time management and priorities.

What is your opinion on the recently introduced changes regarding the vocations?
-Since I have never played any other vocation than druid, I can’t say much. I didn’t try new utamo yet, but I already dislike it. I was known as an utamo-druid, because I always felt safer with it. And now? I think it will disable me in some aspects of Tibia.

Do you think Tibia influenced your life in any way?
-Yes. I guess without Tibia I wouldn’t be here where I am now. It sounds a bit nerdy, but this is how it is. I think it’s more positive than negative when I think about it. Thanks to Tibia and its community, I learned more about people's behavior. 

What differs Tibia from other MMORPG?
-I didn’t play many others MMORPGs, but for me Tibia has its own style. I really like those pixels. I enjoy those 2d outfits, items. For me Tibia has memories of my youth.

Do you have any encouraging words to the community?
-I can only say what I’m always saying. Play this game for yourself, play as you want. Don’t let anyone drag you down. Enjoy your gameplay, be what you want. May it be achievement hunter or war player. It’s your character.

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