Saturday, August 1, 2020

How to make jungle inside your house?

I will divide this tutorial into several sections:

1. What will you need?
2. How to get the leaves?
3. How to fill the space?
4. How to create a 'leaf tapestry' on the wall

1.What will you need?

• leaves (big)

• leaves (small)

• Areca palm

• Ficus benjamina

• Potted plant

In order to find out where to get those objects click here!

2. How to get the leaves?

Find out how to get the leaves in this post!

After Summer update you may also find the leaves in Darashia, in the warehyena house

3. How to fill the space?

The only and the most important thing you got to know is that you need items which cause other items put on them go a bit higher from the base ground. This causes the items blend in with each other and cover the floor. You do that using Tibia 2D graphics, therefore you have to decorate diagonally.

My favourite items for creating the jungle are either stools  or zaoan chess pawns but those can be actualy any chess pieces, I would just recommend zaoan pawns because they are the smallest and black and blend in perfectly. The stool, on the other hand, are wooden brown which creates optical illusion of a tree.

Take a look at the decoration on the left. What we want to do, is to create a smooth transfer from the river (blue tiles) into the grass (green tiles). As you can see, at the moment it looks very sharp. To do that, we will need zaoan chess pawns.

As we put the pawns, the level ofthe stack goes up and now we can start building around it. I like using the garlands on the stools, because by chance they cover the space between the stools and make the decoration look more consistent.

It already looks much better and smoother than before, doesn't it? Now, depending on the shade we want to get, we start working on the colors. I covered the orange part of the garlands with more leaves because I don't want my decoration to be too orange

As we have the base ready, we can add plants and flowers. Obviously, your decoration doesn't need to be symetrical. I like symetry so I usually do that but having the base done, you may put a different item on every stack to make it look more interesting!

Now, if you want your decoration to be more full, you do the exact same thing but start from the upper left corner. This will be your highest stack. The best number of levels (pawns, trophy stands, stools etc.) to use in this area is 3 or 4. You don't need to add items in between them, because as you buid more in the south, the soughtern part will completely cover the northern part. If you look at the provided picture, you can notice the decoration goes lower from the north (the wall) to south (right to the "bridge").

4. How to create a 'leaf tapestry' on the wall

If you only want some jungle accents and not neccessarily full jungle decoration, you may want to hang a 'leaf tapestry' on your wall! It looks interesting and many people wonder how it is made but it is very simple. The leaf wall is nothing but small leaves stacked with zaoan chess pawns next to the northern wall. As I mentioned before, zaoan pawns are a great decoration tool!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I may update it once I learn new things so come back every now and then!

Yours Divine'Angel

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  1. This tutorial is amazing and I really enjoy learning about transition and layering the decoration. Thank you for sharing it!