Wednesday, September 2, 2020

How to get the LEAVES and how to transport them

Welcome back, decoration lovers!

If you're a fan of green sceneries, you will surely want to use the leaves in your houses!

There are two kinds of leaves, a big one and a small one.

You may not put the leaves inside your backpack so you will have to push them!

TIP: While pushing the small one, make sure to place your mouse cursor
 right under it because it is situated at the very bottom of an sqm

You may find the leaves in 4 areas:
  • Venore: the Coryms cave
  • Edron: the troll cave
  • Edron: feroxa monsters spawn
  • Darashia: were hyenas spawn

1. Venore: the Coryms cave

2. Edron: the troll cave

3. Edron: Feroxa monsters spawn
Tip: The leaves that are once taken do not respawn back which means that if someone has taken them, they will be gone until the next big update.
4. Darashia: were hyenas spawn

See also our admin's videos on how to find the leaves:

 * * *
The second video shows you how to transport pushable items from facc land to Port Hope, Ankrahmun and Darashia! Please remember that after summer update 2020 you can find some leaves in Darashia so if you don't want to push them so far you may just as well take your time to gather them in Darashia!

Remember that you may NOT transport the Areca palms through the teleport showed in this video. In order to transport the objects, you have to be able to put them on the special SQM and also be able to stand on it. Unfortunately, you can not step on the Areca palm so it is impossible.

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  1. Very nice tutorials! Quick and simple. I wish we had the opportunity to carry leaves in backpack :D I know that in the past they were like a luxury item, but nowadays they are literally everywhere, so maybe carrying them wouldn't make much more difference ;D Thanks!


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