Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Daily respawned objects you can decorate your house with


Please, bear in mind that even though the most of the objects spawn around Venore, with a little bit of courage you may push them to your house at any spot in the free account area, such as Carlin, Kazordoon, Ab Dendriel, Thais etc.

is the best city if you are into pushable decoration objects. Here you may find:

1. Areca Palm  and ficus benjamina

2. Cabinet in Rottin Wood's house and in the swamp leading to the Coryms' cave

3. Hourglass  which is placed upstairs in the south of boat in Venore

4. Kidney table  and Venorean chairs and 

5. Pendulum clock  in Rafzan's house

6. Timber chair , stool  and taboret  either in the swamp and caves leading to the Coryms and also in Rottin Wood's house in the Outlaw camp

7. Wooden chest in the swamp area and caves leading to the Coryms and in Rottin Wood's house in the Outlaw camp. You can not rotate them but you can find one chest facing front  Rottin Wood's house in the Outlaw camp after passing the gate with the power ring. 

8. The leaves (big) and the leaves (small)  can be found in those spots the closest to the exit and in certain spots deeper in the cave.

Apart from that, you may find a potted plant  in Queen's Eloise palace in Carlin.


1. Ornamented stone table

2. Pendulum clock  upstairs in the house east of depot (use elevator)

3. Wooden chests  in the bulding around both Oramond and the lower Rathleton 
4. Small golden taboret  in thebuildings all around Oramond

1. Standing mirror in the area with the Ice Witches
2.  Ornamented stone table in the foreign quarter

1. Ornamented stone table 

1. Standing mirror
2. Small golden taboret

Moreover, you may find  those objects:
Wooden chests , timber chair , stool  and a taboret 
At any Yasir boat located in Ankrahmun, Carlin or Liberty Bay.



  1. That's a nice source of information for tibian decorators, congratulation. I would add 2 nice decoration items to your list: first, in free account lands, in the Haunted Cellar (Outlaw camp), you can find a pushable Crystal wall just beside the portal north of the ghost npc. Second, during a mini world change when the Chakoya iceberg hits Port Hope, you can get 2 sets of Icy mammoth tusks: they are in the wall where the chakoya throne is, you need to "browse field" the wall sqm and the sqm right in front of it to get the 2 pieces of each tusk. Then you can push it to Port Hope or use the Explorer Society hub to bring it to facc lands. Cheers!

  2. Also in Kazordoon's Tavern 'Jolly Axeman Tavern', you can find 4 pushable coal basins (not the boring kind, but the ones with flames).