Huntsie #2: Anniversary month: Find Luna!

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The event consists of 2 phases:

I phase: 27.06.2022 - 30.06.2022 (ends at the server save) - singing up
II phase: 2.07.2022 15:00 CEST - the quest

This huntsie will take place inside of the game, on the world Secura! It is designed to look like a regular Tibia quest and the TibiaGoals staff will play the roles of NPCs. Your task is to get to the end of the quest!

First of all, take the stuff from your inbox! The items in the parcel are for you to use - they aren't necessary for any mission in the quest
Find the first NPC in one of protection zones in or around Ab'Dendriel and ask her about Luna!
Remember to talk to the NPC in private chats. They will only message you back if you're on their screen, though!
If there are queues at one NPC, remember we are not bots! We will have to answer everyone one by one so it may take a few seconds! Do not stress out though, we will handle it in a fair way for everybody so don't worry!
Deadline to finish the quest: 17:00 CEST (2 hours)


1. Create a character on Secura before the event. Your character must be level 8 of any vocation.
At the start of an event, every participant's level must be 8, but if you take level 9 during the event, that is ok. Your character must be created especially for this event.

2. Send us your new character's name via e-mail: by the server save of 30.06.2022

3. Communicate with NPCs: Lady Mass (Secura's name: Justysia Huntsies), Divine'Angel (Secura's name: Divinie), and Bijou Kidi (Secura's name: Bijou Luna) to receive hints on further missions. Pay attention to what every NPC says in order to know what to say to the other NPCs in the following missions.

4. You may not skip missions.
For example, if a player X is further in the quest than a player Y, player X mustn't tell the player Y the passwords to the further missions. The quest is organized in a way that we will know how many NPCs you have visited and how many times, so skipping missions will result in disqualification.

5. At the end of the quest, you will be given a password that you will have to send us to our e-mail:

6. The first 10 or 15 e-mails (depending on the number of participants overall) we receive, will take part in the lottery for the top 3 main prizes which are a secret. The list of potential prizes may be found here.

Your e-mail must contain:
A. Your main character's name
B. The name of your Secura character that participates in the event
C. The password

Have fun! 


  1. From the rules, I guess #1 and #2 are part of the Phase I and from number #3 is where Phase II starts?

    So I can create the character from now, send and email and wait until July 2nd to communicate to Luna's Mothers to receive hints?

    1. Yes, exactly! The rules 3 - 6 are for the quest - the 2nd phase :) If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask <3

    2. Wich city should we go?

    3. We don't want to spoil too much! Make sure to be in the centre of any city for the start. The begining of the quest will be in a place where everyone will need to take a boat or walk! :)