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Player of the Month #47: Esme Crawford

Hello Unicorns, in our last interview we got 2 players of the same war, they shared their POVs and explained to us about the war that is currently going on in Lobera. 

This month we went to the Retro Open servers. She's a PvP girl, and she will share with us how the war is currently on the Retro Open servers. But this player is not only a PvP lover but she also loves to collect Fansite items and Rares. 
On the Player of the month of June we bring you Esme Crawford


Hello Esme! Thanks for accepting being our player of the month, hope you enjoy it! Are you ready? Let 's start!

1. Could you introduce yourself to the community? What's your name, where are you from, what do you do?
- My name is Esmeralda Arellanes, I am from Mazatlán, Sinaloa Mexico and I am currently a full-time mother.

2. When was the first time you played Tibia?
- I started playing 18 years ago, but I always played intermittently between “retiring” and coming back.

3. Do you remember who first introduced him to you?
- Yes, I had a friend named Hugo. At that time my mother had a cyber cafe and in Mazatlán the Tibia was at its peak at that time, so he taught me how to create the char and the basics of attacking and healing, but it was more difficult than now.

4. Is there a story behind your character's name? 
- Not really, is my name with my husband's last name. 

5. Tell us more about how the war is like in Retro Open Servers. Have you encountered any problems/difficulties because you are a woman?  
- Well, coming from server open several years ago I had problems with how to attack and the frags thing, it is much easier to become a network, and at that time I was not so good at ware and then I died very easily.

6. Do you have any fun anecdotes in the game?  
- Of course, as all players always have funny anecdotes, the most recent one that I spent doing the TibiaGoals Dailies was going with my 2 challenge partners Eduardo & Karen, to have the panda mount together. Karen and I brought stealth ring, but Eduardo ran out of it and he came running on a lvl 30 char without hotkeys and without healing while I threw invisibility rings at him and he ran instead of taking them until he took about 3 little steps and boom he died, Fortunately after that we all got the mount and completed our Daily. 

7. Do you think the toxicity in the game is more to active women in war? 
-  Yes, of course, and even more so when you are the wife of the leader, and a banker, you become the main target and apart from that there is no shortage of insults. But at the end of the day it is better to ignore and as I always say, prove everything you say in facts in the game, offenses are useless, you have to take things from where they come and while the people who matter to me and Your opinion is interesting, this is fine with me, everything else is superfluous.

8. Do you remember which was your first fansite item/rare?
- I won the Nightmare Doll in the dress like a Boss contest, I chose the Devovorga one.

9. Which is your favorite item in the game and why?
- Without a doubt Crunor's Heart, since I saw it I fell in love with it, it has the beauty of the cold, which I feel is how you should act and think when being in a war, but it also has the fire that would be the warmth of what a team is when is United. And I am blessed because in my team I feel that I have good people, despite everything, they have never betrayed us and they are there for us and we are so thankful.

10. What is the item you always use to decorate your house? 
-  There is always Gold, plants, trees & everything that is Purple. It's something very distinctive about me. 

11. We've seen you participate in different Fansite contests, in your opinion, what do you think about them?  
- Well, in general I participate just for pleasure since I really like crafts. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing a very good job and not having the result I'm expecting, but I am satisfied with my participation... Plus there were a lot of laughs haha in addition to the burns with silicone, I feel that sometimes we do need an explanation of what they base their qualification on because sometimes they set requirements and when it comes to grading they don't even take it into account. I think that one always wants to come out on top, but it is not always possible.

12. In which contest that you've participated has been your favorite, and why?  
- It would definitely be dressing up as Devovorga since it was my first contest where I won an item & it was also fun to make the whole outfit and put on makeup and end up with pink hair hahaha and I was like Mike Wazowski “I WAS ON THE COVER” of hahaha!

13. What's the best and the worst thing Tibia has given you?  
- The best thing has been my husband, and my beautiful baby, as well as very great friends in my life like Mar, Aribebesh, Lizzy, Thairy and I recently met Karen, among other girls with whom I am now getting to know and getting along very well, I feel that it is hard to find people like them. The worst thing, I think, is that all the toxicity received at certain times had affected me because I took everything very personally, but I think that now it is something that I prefer to ignore. 

I want to thank you for the interview and everyone who is with me in Tibia, sharing everything, especially my team that has never left me alone, my little family BASTEX, which has taught me to play better and learn from my mistakes in the war. I also thank Lizzy for her help with the new decoration I made exclusively for this interview to show my items.

14. If you could describe yourself with one achievement, which one would it be and why?   
- I think “Joke's on You” I can be a very good person, but at the same time you have to be careful because I have a very explosive character. My team already knows me as I am, fortunately.

15. Do you have any goals in game or RL?  
- In the game, get the long-awaited Chrunor's Heart (if anyone sells it, send me a message). In RL I would like to finish my career as a QFB, and obviously the best goal as a mother is to guide my children along the path of good and give them an excellent quality of life. 

16. Would you like to share some words of motivation to our TibiaGoals community?  
- Always be loyal to yourself & always be honest with yourself, also never take things personally, take things from who they come from and if it is not important to you just move on.

17. War or Collect rares?  
- War 

18. War in Issavi or War in Darashia? 
- Darashia 

19. Sd or Paralyze rune? 
- Paralyze, I'm an ED

20. Never use mana shield potion again or Never use blueberry cupcake again? 
- Never use Blueberry cupcake again, because of the cooldown. 

21. Stone skin amulet or Might Ring?  
- Stone skin amulet 

22. Decorate your levels or Decorate your house? 
- Decorate my house 

23. Magic Wall or Tera Wall?  
-It depends on the circumstance, for an open field the MW, but when you are doing a push the terra wall is better.  

24. Twitch or YouTube?  
- YouTube  

25. Playing Tibia listening to music or Playing Tibia talking with friends (Disc-Ts)? 
- Tibia and talk to my friends on TeamSpeak.

Image created by @Mishaartwork

Thank you so much Esme for your interview with us, we really enjoyed it! We wish you the best in RL and in game and achieve all your goals! 

Hail TibiaGoals~


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