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Player of the Month #46: The same war, two players of the Month

Greetings to all the intrepid members of the Tibian community!


At TibiaGoals, we are here to turn the game into an even more exciting adventure. 

How? Well, we love delving into the deepest corners of Tibia's passion and strategy in various areas of the roleplay.

We refuse to stop only at what we know! We love to innovate, so in our "Player of the Month" section, we're changing things up for a couple of months. Why not share the same story from the point of view of two adversaries?

So it occurred to us to include in our section a small analysis of the same story according to its participants. We have had the opportunity to interview guild members to analyze the latest updates. And most importantly, we are impartial, neutral and objective. We always encourage tolerance and respect, explore strategies and celebrate all achievements,

Because at TibiaGoals, we want to be part of our community,

Thank you for always staying up to date with our content!

PvP is like the spicy seasoning on Tibia's meal, it adds a level of competition and excitement that simply can't be found in any other in-game activity. It's like a rollercoaster of emotions for many of our members! Defeating another player not only gives you that sweet feeling of victory, but you can also loot them and move pieces based on the winning team! Risky? Yes, exciting? Definitely!

Besides, what would Tibia be without the wars? It's like the bread and butter of the game. Some players become true legends in the middle of these epic battles! Among them we can name:

  • Dejairzin: A druid level  2583 and a daily experience of +204,181,346 in Inabra.
  • Goraca: A sorcerer level 2560 and a daily experience of +196,872,281 Bona.
  • Bobeek: Another druid level 2554 and a daily experience of +200,502,788 Bona.
  • Dejair Errepebombinha: A paladin level 2481 and a daily experience of +188,655,969 in Inabra.
  • Veyllor: Another paladin level 2445 and a daily experience of +196,373,922 in Gentebra.

If you want to learn more about other players or explore additional statistics, you can check out: Tibia Statistics - for up-to-date data.

And, of course, we cannot forget how PvP influences the game's economy. How this defines the whirl of purchases and sales of Tibia coins and items on the market for many people! PvP is about emotions. It's about the thrill of facing another player, the suspense of not knowing if you'll win or lose. Tibia at its finest now on IG!

A little more details…

Wow, the war in Talera and Lobera is giving something to talk about on social media! So, based on our research and the wise advice of active Instagram members, there are two players who have emerged as breakout stars on both sides. And the most curious thing is that they are mutually recognized as adversaries to admire! So, without further ado, let's meet these members! A special shout out to Destroyer Onlywar and Perfect Darki for being the heroes of our edition!

On the Lobera server, the predominant guilds currently are Army and Godslayers. On the other hand, on the Talera server, there is no specific dominant guild at the moment. However, the Reappears guild has been prominent since forever. Both servers are filled with rivalries and strategies, and players fight for supremacy in each of these worlds.

According to Destroyer Onlywar, a player immersed in the Lobera war, has a perspective on the events that triggered the conflict and its consequences. From his point of view, it all started with a conflict between a member of Final Act and Army, a clash that ignited the confrontation.

But the plot became even more intriguing when a leader of the Reappers decided to join the conflict on Talera, without the full backing of the rest of the leaders. This decision transformed the war into an endurance test, where each side tried to outdo the other in an hours-long battle in front of the computer, a true game of cat and mouse with schedules.

The Army proved to be masters of planning, investing its time with surgical precision to generate pressure on its adversaries.

However, according to Destroyer, the true art of the game lies not in being the best at PvP combat, but in being active, annoying and able to make the enemy lose patience, a role in which Wilzera shone. But the plot was further complicated by splits in the Reappers, where some players surprisingly joined the Army, adding an unexpected twist to the story.

This awakened in Destroyer the excitement of a more dynamic and entertaining game, where the war transcended the simple mechanics of the game and became a true epic.

For Destroyer and many other players, the war in Lobera was not just a battle of virtual forces, but an intricate game of strategy, shifting loyalties, and personal rivalries that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, awaiting the next twist in this epic saga of virtual battles.


Let's now dive into the perspective of

Perfect Darki about this very situation!


Darki, an experienced and observant player, contemplates the frenetic dance of alliances and betrayals that characterized the Lobera War since the year 2022. He had witnessed the evolution of the sides.

For Darki, it all started with an unexpected twist when a member of the Reappers, one of the guilds involved in the war, decided to temporarily withdraw from the game due to rumors circulating about him.

Upon returning, this player, far from returning to his old team members, decided to form a new guild called Final Frontier, leaving both the Reappers and the Godslayers behind in a surprising move.

With the return of this player, many members of the Reappers joined him, sparking a new war in Talera, a different but equally contested territory. The Reappers, now under the leadership of a major player, faced Final Frontier, backed by some members of the Army, in a fight for control of the territory.

Meanwhile, in Lobera, the situation had changed drastically.

The Godslayers, once an imposing force, were now reduced to characters borrowed from Quintera's support, losing power and relevance in the contest. The focus of the war had shifted to Talera, where the battle between Final Frontier and the Reappers was reaching its climax.

The war had evolved beyond simple clashes between guilds; It was now a complex situation of strategy, shifting loyalties and personal rivalries. Darki knows there were still surprises to discover and unexpected twists to witness.

For this edition we have prepared a series of questions for each of the players about things they would like to know about each other! Here are their answers:

Perfect Darki asking Deztroyer Onlywar 🙂

Define me in two words (maintaining respect), can you?

- Reserved and willing

What is your tactic to escape an attack unharmed?

- Always have at least 200 ssa and 200 might ring, (be well refilled. Go with my team, because without them, one would not be able to emerge unharmed from any attack.

If you could praise one skill of my char, would it be my impressive tanking skills or my impeccable sense of strategy?

- I consider your way of tanking.

What's the funniest thing you've observed about my play style?

-That sometimes you throw double food with a bomb just so you don't die XD.

If our chars went to in-game karaoke, what song would you choose to highlight your experiences in war?

- The Score - Born For This

What surprises you most about my game strategy?

- The way you tank, you don't hesitate to food.

If we could merge our gaming tactics into a super strategy, what would we call it?

- Hahaha it would be something like, tanking with style

What should my guild/team improve to make war more fun?

- Stop making so much advertising that is often false, and start dedicating yourself to playing the server, proposing something more than just playing with bombs all day, and using those mains that you never use.

Destroyer Onlywar now knowing Perfect Darki 😊

Define me in two words (maintaining respect), can you?

- Sociable and competitive

What is your tactic to escape an attack unharmed?

- Always be aware of what enemies might do, whether they are going to look for you while you hunt or waiting for you somewhere.

If you could praise one skill of my char, would it be my impressive tanking skills or my impeccable sense of strategy?

- The ability to know how to position yourself when we attack and always stay outside or far from our range.

What's the funniest thing you've observed about my play style?

- The funniest thing I've observed about your playstyle is that you're always ready to go for a run at any respawn.

If our chars went to in-game karaoke, what song would you choose to highlight your experiences in war?

- I would choose the “I want a hero” from Shrek 2.

What surprises you most about my game strategy?

- I'm surprised that most of the time you always have the “follow attack” with your char.

If we could merge our gaming tactics into a super strategy, what would we call it?

- We would call it Darki only war 🤣

What should my guild/team improve to make war more fun?

- I think that the only thing that your team and Tibia in general have to improve is to stop mixing game things with RL issues. I feel like that takes a lot of the fun out of the game and they always stray into more personal topics.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the star runners who have been part of this war or its variants, the true MVPs who keep things moving. The most outstanding players are Beto, Nick, Barkiyo, Negate, and Paxlof, Pess, Deztroyer, and Persie.

If you are reading this, it means you are reaching the end of the article.

We want to know your opinion and remind you that at TibiaGoals we seek to encourage and motivate social respect. Game misunderstandings and enmities should be resolved in-game and not brought to real-life issues. 

Furthermore, we want to remind you that we have no position on what is described here; We simply seek to provide a safe and fun space for community members, proving that in-game recognition can exist 😄🎮

Hail TibiaGoals~

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