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Player of the Month #43: 💖 Special Valentine's Edition with Nicollexz Meraki and Richyxz Meraki! 💖

In our monthly interview at Tibia Goals, in this month of love and friendship, we present a special Valentine's edition featuring the charming couple "Nicollexz Meraki and Richyxz Meraki." Despite the distance, this duo has turned their story into a beautiful marriage, proving that love in Tibia transcends screens. The TibiaGoals team is thrilled with this edition, feeling that love is in the air. We are delighted to share this unique and romantic story with our community, highlighting how the world of Tibia has witnessed true and lasting connections. 

May love continue to flourish in every corner of this magical Tibian universe! 💖

Enjoy the interview and let's continue supporting this incredible couple!

Thank you for joining us at TibiaGoals!


Hello guys, how are you? Thank you very much for agreeing to be our couple of the month of love! We are very excited to have you guys this month and to meet you, so let's get started?

1. Could you introduce yourselves to our community, what is your name, where are you from and what do you both do?

N: Hello! It's a pleasure to be invited :3 My name is Rikcy Nicolle Erazo, I'm from Honduras and I'm currently working as a medical assistant at my family's clinic.

R: Hello! Nice to meet you, greetings to everyone from Ricardo Ruelas alias Ricanelaxz, I am Mexican and have a degree in business administration and I dedicate myself to doing a little bit of everything.

2. When did you meet Tibia and what was it like?

N: In 2006, 2 older cousins along with other cousins my age showed me the game and from there I began with this Tibian world.

R: In a cyber in 2007 by some friends who already played Tibia.

3. What server are you currently playing on, what are the names of your characters and is there a story behind these names?

- Currently we play in the server Pulsera our characters are called Nicollexz Meraki and Richyxz Meraki, I think it is unnecessary to clarify who each one belongs to hahaha the background of our last name "Meraki" is its corny meaning of always putting a lot of effort into what you decide to do and we put it on with our closest friends from Tibia and RLS.

4. How did you guys meet and when was this?

R: Exactly on November 26, 2017 I was looking at my Instagram and I saw a photo of Nicolle and she looked very pretty, about 2 hours later I checked my Instagram again and the same photo came up again but this time I messaged her to see what was happening and of course many things happened hahaha!

5. What do you think would be the basis for a long-distance relationship to work?

- It is important to have trust, communication and, above all, be clear about where you want to go together, if you really want to take your relationship beyond the screen because being clear about that and mentalizing yourself that despite the adversities that person will always be at the end of the tunnel for you.

6. What is something you used to believe about relationships, but not anymore?

- We both had the idea that Tibia and/or long-distance relationships were not real because many times people pretend to be something they are not in front of the screen, clearly this was not our case and this is why we were both very convinced that there will always be exceptions .

7. What do you think of streamers who do it as a couple, do you see yourself doing that type of content?

R: We both like to see other couples playing video games and making content together, personally I would like it a lot but Nicolle is very annoying.

8. Do you have any funny stories together that you would like to share with the Tibian community?

- When we were just getting to know each other and we went out to pk other enemy makers with makers and once we had a combo ue ready to kill our enemies, Nicolle killed both of us with the ue, we laughed too much and even more because she laughed in a very evil way.

9. What do you think of the toxicity in the community when a couple fights war together?

- There are always people who take the game very personally and that toxicity goes beyond the screen to insulting you with things from your RL life and I think that many times we can cope with personal insults but when they go from being personal to seeing how they insult your couple, that's where you need to have more control and have a clear mind and not take insults seriously because at the end of the day that’s someone who doesn't deserve even 1 minute of your time. There will always be good things and bad things, but the toxicity that exists is quite strong. We really haven't met 1 Tibian couple who is "known" who doesn’t get hate.

10. What achievement would describe you as a couple and why?

- "Nothing Can Stop Me"

Because we have always known how to get out of the problems that life presents us, nothing can stop us :)

11. Any in-game or RL goals you have together or separately that you would like to share?

- In the game reach lvl 1000 together and in rl buy our house soon.

12. Any words of encouragement for relationships in the Tibian community that you would like to say?

- Take relationships more seriously and try to meet in RL not just stay in the game, to take the relationship beyond the screens because a long and well-worked relationship is more worth it than a quick and undervalued relationship .

Without cheating, let's see how well you know each other and ask some X & Y questions regarding what the other likes. First they answer their answer and then their partner.

What is your favorite mount?

N: Neon Sparkion

R: Lady bug

In which city do you prefer to fight?

N: Venore

R: Thais

Something you always forget in your backpack and always need?

N: Mushroom

R: Nothing, she always has everything.

Something you always carry in your backpack but never use?

N: The little foods to tank

A: She has a backpack with items to enter places that only she knows about but I have never seen her use them.

Favorite Outfit?

N: Warrior

R: Hunter

Who dies more often?

N: Him

R: Me

Who is the more charlover of the two?

N: Me in achievements, him in charm points

A: She, on achievements

What is your favorite activity in the game?

N: Fight war

A: fight war

What's your couple's nickname?

N: Coshito 

R: Freshita

What is your favorite hunting place?

- Banuta out of nostalgia, we hunted there when we first met.

Define your partner in 3 words


-Complacent (with me) haha







Thank you very much guys for this beautiful interview, once again we thank you for the time you have given us, and we wish you the best in the game and in RL.


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