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Player of the month #42: Misha

Greetings, Tibians and Tibianas!

Happy New Year, Unicorns! We hope you've achieved all the goals set for 2023. As we celebrate the new year, we are excited to announce the addition of new participants to our interviews!

To kick off 2024, we introduce a standout member of the Tibian Community known for her enchanting art, charisma, and kindness. This month, we present to you a player who has brought joy to many with her artistic creations; Misha Artwork!

Misha Artwork is an artist whose creativity and passion shine through in every work shared with the Tibia community. From vibrant illustrations to captivating character designs, Misha invites us on an artistic journey through the magical universe of Tibia. Her Instagram profile, @mishaartwork, serves as the gateway to her creative world, where each post lovingly reflects her talent.

For those looking to take their support to the next level, Misha has created a Patreon account, where followers can become true patrons of her art. Get ready to enjoy an exclusive interview with Misha Artwork; we are confident that you will fall even more in love with the Tibia universe through her creative eyes.

Enjoy the interview and let's continue supporting Misha's incredible talent!

Thank you for joining us at TibiaGoals!


1. Could you please introduce yourself to the community? What's your name, where are you from and what do you do for a living?

- Hello Tibia Goals community, it is a pleasure to be able to tell a little more about myself for you
. Thank you very much for the invitation! My name is Michelle, but many call me Misha or Mi. Currently, I live in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil, in a small city with around 70 thousand inhabitants.

For more than three years, I have dedicated myself completely to my work as an illustrator. However, recently, my main focus has been taking care of my daughter. Motherhood has added a new dimension to my life, and although I continue to dedicate myself to illustration, spending quality time with my daughter has become my priority. Despite this change in focus, my passion for art remains strong, and I’m always looking for ways to balance my creative work with the responsibilities of motherhood.

2. When did you start playing Tibia, and how was it introduced to you?

- I started my journey into the world of Tibia around 2005. I joined under the influence of school friends who had already been playing for some time. I created my first character in Elera, a rookie paladin haha. I played for free the entire time I was on that server. After that, I left Tibia for a few years. It was only in 2012 that I decided to give my old addiction a second chance. After searching a lot for an MMORPG that came close to Tibia, I realized that nothing compared, so I created a new account and a new paladin, Darth Misha, which I still have today.

3. How and when did you start creating your chibby art?

- I have always had a passion for art since before I started drawing chibis. In 2020, I was inspired to create my own chibi to use on my Twitch channel, where I live-streamed while playing Tibia. Immersing myself in the world of chibis was an incredible experience, and since then I have continued to improve my artistic skills in this style.

4. How has the journey been like in and out of creating art for the community?

- From the beginning, my journey in creating art for the Tibia community has been incredibly rewarding. The warm acceptance and continued support of the community have been instrumental in my artistic growth. It's inspiring to see how my work has positively impacted the player experience, and I'm excited to continue contributing and strengthening this connection with the community. One thing that I consider very special is having managed to unite the universe of Tibia, with all its active community that interacts in a medieval world, with magic, politics, fights and many other things that make it unique, with my real life, through the drawings.

5. What difficulties have you encountered within the community, when creating this type of content for the Tibian community?

- I can say that I haven't encountered many difficulties on my journey so far, but of course, nothing is perfect. This is not a problem for me, but I feel that, like in many other communities, whether virtual or not, there is an overvaluation of the old. So I think some people don't value my work because my art is digital or because I haven't been contributing to the communit
y since the early days of the game, like some wonderful artists have done and continue to do to this day.

6. What was the first Tibian art you created and who was it for?

- Long before I started creating chibis, I was already making various types of digital art. I think my first Tibia-related piece was a pixel art of a Stormtrooper-inspired outfit. It didn't turn out perfect, but at the time I loved it haha. After that, many other sprites came. I have folders full of sprites that I created that were never used or shared on the internet. Even my first work as a commission was a chibi from the Elementalist Outfit, made for Paola from Tibia Home, she was my first client!

7. What is the part you enjoy the most about your content?

- Without a doubt, the part I like the most is being able to illustrate my clients' characters in a different way than the one shown in Tibia, with gestures, expressions, colors and everything that represents the personality of each of them. I like to make everything as magical as possible; I want people to feel something good when they see my illustrations.

8. Do you have an art in particular that it's your favorite, and why is this?

- I have many favorite illustrations, each for different reasons, and this is a question that is always difficult to answer. If I had to choose one, it would be the illustration I made for the player Mikolaj. It gives me a feeling of comfort when I look at that room, with the furniture and the bookshelf. The crow near the window is one of the things I liked the most to draw so far; it has a gloomy look but at the same time friendly air, like a pet friend. The light coming through the window and passing through the leaves of the rose bush is also one of the things I am quite proud of.

9. And Misha as a player, what's the activity you enjoy the most in Tibia?

- I always really liked the in-game events, like Orcsoberfest and Winterlight Solstice, for example. I spent many hours at these events killing creatures in search of rare items, but it has been a long time since I participated in them, mainly due to lack of free time to dedicate myself to it. I played Tibia again in 2012 on a very competitive server called Rubera. At that time, I was already attracted to PvP, and we almost always had to run away from PKs, etc., but I was focused on doing other things in the game and didn't pay as much attention to that. Nowadays I have a lot of fun with PvP, with the little free time I have.

10. Misha’s favorites :

  • Backpack: Moon Backpack
  • Outfit: Pharaoh Outfit
  • Color: Purple
  • Mount: Midnight Panther (although I haven't had the patience to tame it yet)

11.Name 2 items you always carry in your bp but never use, and 2 items you should carry but never do?

- The items I carry and never use: Blueberry cupcakes and several keys. Items I don't carry but should: Machete and AOL.

12. What do you think of the latest updates, if you could improve something within the game, what would it be?

- Although I haven't done the new missions, I thought it was a very interesting idea. T
he outfits are great and all the new mechanics Cip has implemented make me think that maybe I should update my character soon or I'll be left behind. If I could improve anything in the game, it would be to implement the option to change the character's skin color. I don't know if there's a reason behind the lack of that option in the game, but it would be cool to be able to customize the character even more.

13. When did you start streaming on Twitch, and how has your journey been so far?

- I started streaming on Twitch a little before 2016, but I don't remember exactly when because it was on another channel. On my current channel, Antissocialclube, I have been streaming since April 2017, always streaming Tibia and sometimes other games. What I can say about my Twitch channel is that it's a project I try to get into, but never quite get around to. This happens for several reasons, but mainly because my social battery is very low and I always think "I'll be streaming every day this week!" and on Wednesday, where is Misha's broadcast? Haha, it's complicated. Those who follow me know that I always appear from time to time.

14. Do you play any other games besides Tibia?

- Besides Tibia, I played a lot of Counter Strike (CS:GO), I trained, I had an amateur team, I was very dedicated, but I decreased over time and I stopped completely when I got pregnant, because I can't keep calm playing that game, like that I thought it wouldn't be good for the baby and I haven't played since then. I have little time to play currently, so I only play Tibia seriously. Other games I play sporadically like Heroes of the Storm, Fortnite, Overwatch... Do RPG table games count? Every Sunday I get together with some friends to play D&D.

15. Do you currently have any goals in Tibia or RL?

- I can say that I don't have any particular goals in Tibia, every time I want to do something different and then I change my mind. I'm also too lazy to pursue goals like having all the mounts and outfits, for example, which would be something I would like to have. I play a lot focusing on my character customization, and I don't care as much about level, character death, and things like that. In real life, I can say that I have some goals. I would very much like to be able to buy a digitizing tablet with a good sized screen, but that goal is still a little far from being achieved. I would also like to set up a workshop in my house so I can work in it and make other types of art besides digital art. I can say that a goal would be to have something done by me within the game or related to the official Tibia art, to sum up, to work for Cipsoft one day. Haha, it's not hard to dream, right?

16. Any new projects with Misha ArtWork?

- Yes, I'm planning new types of rewards for my Patreon subscribers in 2024, in addition to stickers. There will be news soon. In 2023 I made a collection of stickers with the theme of Tibia and toys from the 90s and 2000s, one of the works that make up this collection is even that of Luna in a crossover with My Little Pony. I also want to continue with the website that I am developing together with my husband to publish the drawings I make for the Tibian community.

17. Do you have any words for the community?

- As Misha the artist, I want to greatly thank you for the love and support that I have always received from the Tibian community, and tell you to continue being part of this great and magical universe. As a player, I want to ask everyone to be kind to each other as we all have our daily struggles. Tibia should always be a space where we can distract ourselves, make friends or enemies (but only within the game), relax and have a little fun.

18. Name 3 people you’d like to be for our next player of the month!

- I have met a lot of interesting people in this game, I would have more than three names, but I can choose a few. I would very much like to see an interview with the player Anardy, shielding specialist and leader of the Fierce Immortals guild of Lobera that has existed for more than fifteen years. She was the leader of that neutral guild in one of the most violent servers of Tibia and always managed to solve all problems through diplomacy, she undoubtedly has many stories to tell. Another person I would like to see interviewed and learn more about is player Queen Thay from Quelibra. In addition to participating in wars, hunting in difficult hunts, she is a boss hunter and makes wonderful decorations. And last but not least, the player and streamer Vexcraw, who I have been following for many years and has always been a source of knowledge about EK, fast leveling, absurd gains and reaching goals.

Thank you again for the invitation. It’s an honor to participate in this interview for Tibia Goals. I adore the team of this fansite, they are wonderful!

Who wants to know more about my work and also follow my broadcasts:


Dear Misha, on behalf of the entire Tibia Goals team, we want to express our sincerest gratitude and congratulations for being our first "Player of the Month" for 2024. Your dedication, creativity, and contributions to the Tibia community have not gone unnoticed. You are a constant source of inspiration for all of us.

Your passion and talent are truly remarkable, and we are thrilled to recognize you as a valuable member of our community.

Hail TibiaGoals~

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  1. Amo o trabalho da Misha, muito talentosa e nos surpreende a cada ilustração que nos apresenta <3