Thursday, December 28, 2023

The last Huntsie of 2023!


1. You need a character level 8 on Secura (not lower and not higher) 

2. Send us an e-mail with that character's name by the server save time on Saturday, December the 30th.

3. Log into that character on Saturday, December the 30th at 20:00 CET in Ab'Dendriel temple - characters that are not there at the given time will be disqualified regardless of fulfilling the mission. We will only wait a few minutes!

4. Details on what to do will appear in this post on Saturday, December the 30th at 20:15 CET


Your task is to collect the given items and deliver them to us as fast as possible! The first person to bring us all the items wins!

21:30 CET

Note: If you do not manage to collect all the items - bring us what you got anyway! The person with the biggest number of items is going to be a winner, then!

Get familiar with the rules down below!


1. You must hand the items to us in person via the "trade" option in a backpack containing a letter or a label with your character's name! We are going to wait here in AB'Dendriel temple for you.

 We will not accept items one by one!

2. During the time being of the mission, you may NOT enter any depots. Anybody caught cheating and buying the items on the market will be disqualified from all future huntsies!
Pssst, we have spies in depots ;)

3. We are providing you with the graphics of what the items should look like. They need to be exactly those items - no exceptions are allowed.

First of all, run and get yourself a backpack and an empty label or a letter!

The list of items:

1. You see a grave flower.

2. You see 10 moon flowers.

3. You see a torn book.

4. You see worn leather boots.

5. You see rubbish.

6. You see rotten meat.

7. You see rubbish.

8. You see a broken bottle.

9. You see rubbish.

10. You see a lump of dough.

11. You see a fern.

12. You see broken brown glass.

13. You see a broken flask.

14. You see broken green glass.

15. You see a broken sword.

16. You see a burnt scroll.

If you happen to have any questions, we are available for you on our discord :)

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