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Player of the month #41: Hegal

Another year has come to an end, in 2023 we enjoyed meeting new players in the Tibian community. We brought you an achievement hunter in the month of April, in January and May we introduced you to members from our TibiaGoals staff, we got to know more about leaders from NA and EU and their servers,PvP streamers, boss hunters.. and of course! In February we felt the love with our special couple edition. 

And with the last month of the year we thought about interviewing one of the most viewed streamers in the Tibian community, his content goes from PvP,  to solving mysteries in the game, but always engaging with the chat on his stream. 

On the player of the month of December we bring you Hegal! 

Hello Hegal! How are you? Thank you for agreeing to be our latest player of the month this year. We are very excited to learn more about you and your adventures in this game, so let's get started!


1. We know you have a lot of followers and viewers who watch you every day, but could you introduce yourself to the side of the community that doesn't know you, what your name is, where are you from, and what you do?

- I appreciate your kindness and interest. This is a very nice opportunity. My name is Gabriel, but it is not something I share very often, it is like hiding my identity for convenience. I am from Mexico and I am dedicated to Twitch and growing my brand.

2. When was the first time you played Tibia and who introduced it to you?

- It's funny, I don't remember well. What I do remember is the impact of getting to know the Tibian world, being used to consoles since I was little, I didn't had the opportunity to connect to a PC, I loved this immediately as I progressed, the character became a unique experience, was my Uncle who introduced me to Tibia, but because I asked him to.

3. To get to know yourself better in the world of Tibia, what is the object that you should ALWAYS carry in your backpack, but that you always forget? Also, are there any items that you carry constantly, but rarely use?

- I FORGET EVERYTHING RELATED TO PVP, I hate myself. The items I never forget are tools or objects to research while playing.

4. You have tried to decode The Serpentine Tower, what do you think about this mystery?

- Yes, I think it is wonderful, as a creator of content and everything related to it like movies or books, I love the immersion that the author gives in this case. I know that this mystery was not expected to be so special, but you never know what is going to hit.

5. When was your first PvP experience in Tibia and what was your reaction? 

- My first PVP experience was in Zanera because it was the world where I started playing, I simply took out skull to defend whoever came with me at that time and it was exciting to try to kill someone, but I failed in the attempt and ended up dead, those moments surviving as a child were unique.

6. What is your favorite place in Tibia and why?

- It’s a house in Venore, those who know me from before, know what house I am referring to, I liked it because of the meaning it had, it was where we gathered and kept our belongings and decorated, etc., sadly I no longer like it because of the raid and the change to Venore, it is very nice now it no longer has the nostalgia that I liked.

7. If CipSoft invented a new vocation in Tibia, what do you think this vocation would be and what would its attributes be?

- I can't think of a vocation, but I have always wanted them to add professions to the game, like cooking or a blacksmith or an adventurer, maybe, a new vocation that is dedicated only to this and its attributes would be to be able to make better manas or better runes and sell more expensive in the market. 

8. When did you start streaming on Twitch and how did it happen?

- Aug 14, 2017 was the day I decided to start on Twitch, all my life I have wanted to dedicate myself to something that has to do with video games and the internet, this the perfect space for what I want in my life, how it happened comes from when I was child, is something that gives me hope and I the way I have grown its a passion that will never end.

9. Do you have a special moment in your Twitch journey where you realized how big your community of followers is?

- 22 days ago I started an extension on my Twitch channel, the dynamic is that if you donate 1 dollar to the counter it adds 5 minutes, I expected this to last at most a week and I see no end to it.

10. What do you think about toxicity inside and outside of streaming, how do you deal with it?

- The world of streaming is very difficult to handle because of the "mockery/comments" that you can receive, many are joking, but what normally happens in all streamings is that viewers usually test how much a person can endure, that is not entirely toxic, But if you add that there is hate on the internet, it is a very dangerous combination for someone who is very sensitive or manipulable. Outside of streaming, nothing should happen. There are cases that have come to real life and have ended very badly.

11. Regarding recent updates to the game, did any surprise you positively or negatively?

- The update that surprised me the most is the preparation of almost a year of cipsoft to control the tibia coin, the whole set is perfect to avoid the rise, even so it will continue to rise, but if it had not done it it would reach 70k the most likely , they are very intelligent and very capable of controlling it, it seems that Tibia is advancing very quickly to a point of no return.

12. Hegal in 5 words ¿Outfit? ¿Backpack? ¿weapon? ¿Color? ¿Item?

- Outfit: Citizen addon

Backpack: Gray Backpack 

Weapon: Ornate Ax

Color: Byzantine

Item: HoTs

13. Do you have any goals in or out of the game?

- Of course, I have many goals personally, the biggest today is to launch a project that has 1 year of preparation, like many other good habits, etc. Within Tibia, I just have to enjoy it as I should, I don't have any goals, especially maybe I'll go up to ml 135 and be lvl 1000, but I'm really in no hurry.

14. Many players enjoyed the UPC event you participated in, how was your experience at this event with the community?

- I had fun, I'm surprised that they didn't let it do it as expected. In all the events I've been to there is always a negative part because of someone, I guess it's normal, I liked getting closer to other communities and chatting. 

15. If you could make some changes to the game, what would you change?

- There are a lot of things to do in the game, I wouldn't want to change it, the game is good as it is, the conflict is how they run it, but Tibia has always been a good game, I think the PVP system can be used much more, I feel that it is nostalgic and wonderful, but too much is sacrificed, that is, it is only for people who have access to many characters,that they can take advantage of it and prepare something to make it fun.

16. If you could give advice to new Tibia players or players who want to start streaming, what would you tell them?

- Streaming seems easy, but in reality it's a lot of creativity and perseverance, I have seen many people start in this world and leave because of toxicity or because they are not interested, everything is fine, there is no bad answer or bad attitude, if you want to distract yourself by streaming it is fine If you want to take it more seriously, that's fine, in this environment anything goes and it's the best way to exploit your creativity and learn about personal points that maybe you didn't know you had, such as insecurity or strengths as people, I think the advice is yes. If you are looking for a place where you challenge yourself, it is the best place.

17. We have watched your streams for over 100 hours straight, what has been your record for most hours live on Twitch, is it difficult?

- Streaming Tibia is much more complicated than any other game, I could spend 15 hours playing Minecraft and it would be fine, with Tibia just 5 hours is already a lot, it is a game that is difficult to stream by itself, the most I have streamed non-stop is 25 days.

18. Do you have any words of motivation for the community?

- Never stop trying, never give up and always make the best of everything.

Thank you Hegal for this great interview with us, we really enjoyed it!

We hope you achieve all your goals in life! 

Hail TibiaGoals~ <3

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