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Player of the month #40: Dumon Von’Terryer

Dumon Von'Terryer is an experienced player, with an exceptional level that surpasses the magic mark of 1000+. She is also a formidable force in the Tibian lands, with an undeniable passion for PVP. Her name resonates in conversations about the game's most well-known players.

As a permanent member of one of the most powerful guilds in NA, Dumon has secured her place as a respected Elite and provides full support to the team. Her skills in battle, preventing attacks from occurring, giving KS with leaders, she is legendary, and her victories in guild wars leave a trail of respect and admiration wherever she goes. However, what makes Dumon even more special is the fact that she is a woman in a world often dominated by male players. Her determination, skill and resilience are truly inspiring, and she has overcome barriers to stand out in a highly competitive environment, proving that gender is not an obstacle to success in the Tibia universe.

Join us for this fascinating interview as we explore the history, strategies, and challenges Dumon faces along the way. This player's extraordinary career and passion for PvP will undoubtedly captivate everyone.


1. Before we start this interview, we want to thank you for joining us on this adventure. Let's get started! But first, are there any funny or quirky stories about yourself that you would like to share in this article?

- When I started playing, I was a very newbie and didn't understand what NPCs or human-like monsters were. Whenever I died by a monster, even a hunter, I would cry out of nervousness because I didn't understand why. I always thought the guy was hunting there and couldn't get in. Until I met Kaz's famous PKs, and the funny thing is that they were usually paladins. I always complained to my friends: "There are some guys who always throw a 'stick' at me and I die", then I understood that there were not only druids and Knights in the game.

2. What was your first experience in Tibia like and what initially attracted you to the game? Who first introduced you?

- I started dating a guy who had a group of friends and they all played together. Then, my boyfriend included me in the group of friends, and everyone liked me. The youngest of them helped me create my character and always took me to places where I could hunt. When I reached level 50, my boyfriend used to hunt with me, but I always played as a Free account until I understood about premium accounts. After that, I mainly hunted in Port Hope. I spent a lot of time not hunting, just doing runes and chatting. 

3. To get to know yourself better in the world of Tibia, what is the object that you should ALWAYS carry in your backpack but always forget? Also, is there an item that you constantly carry but rarely use?

- I always wear the chargeable rings and necklaces, but I always have to go back to the temple to recharge them, haha. Until recently, I used to carry Ferumbras armors, until my friends told me to stop carrying those.

4. What is your favorite PVP strategy in Tibia and why do you think it works so well for you?

- Well, I always give my opinion during battles, I feel comfortable doing so. They are simple and effective strategies. For example, there are people of all levels in the guild, but not everyone has the ability to rush to a respawn. To help in the battle, I usually say: "Those who have low levels and cannot run, block the corridor of that place", or for example, when the battle is in Goanas, I say: "Those who cannot run, go to the defense , everyone who has low levels, place floor runes", when the battle is in Falcón, I ask that you block the bridge in Edron. So on. Many want to be useful in war but do not have suitable characters for it. By doing these small strategies, the PKs can't escape and help a lot.

5. What is your favorite place in Tibia and why?

- I love the Port Hope waterfall, it is a very beautiful and old place.

6. What is your favorite object in Tibia and why?

- One of the objects that I have and love are the bunny slippers and a (SCA) that a very special friend gave me. At that time, it was worth a lot, but he stopped playing and gave me all his items because I always took care of them and defended him. In fact, I have all the items people have given me to this day. As for the fansite objects, my heart beats strongly for Panther and Luna. I really like their design, I think they look perfect in any decoration.

7. Have you had any intense rivalries with other players in Tibia? Share this exciting story with us.

- I try to avoid having problems in the game, because when we play the game it is to forget about real life and distract ourselves a little. I had problems in the wars, many insulted me, some I responded if I felt that person had bad intentions, I ignored others because I knew they were in the war and they only insulted for fun. However, there are only two girls playing on Havera that I really consider rivals, and one on a green server who always mentions me on her live stream just because I gave her KS, haha. In Havera, one of them is toxic to the point of using people's real lives for fun, and I think 90% of Tibia players don't like it, so it's not just me. I prefer not to mention the other one, she knows why. Only those who are true know who the false ones are. :)

8. As a beautiful Brazilian living in Portugal, what is the main difference between the Brazilian and Portuguese gaming community in Tibia?

- Thank you! The Portuguese play on European servers and I have had little contact with them, so I can't judge. I think we Brazilians are complicated in the game, haha.

9. If you could add a new vocation to the game, what would it be and what would its unique abilities be?

- I think the alchemist would be an interesting addition to Tibia. Only he could enchant certain things and have a unique role in wars,in the hunts and against Bosses.

10. And regarding recent updates to the game, did any surprise you positively or negatively?

- As an old player, I think Tibia is adding a lot of positive shortcuts, but I'm against the continuous double experiences, I think that ruins the magic of the game a bit. Tibia used to be known for attracting you with different elements in the game, but nowadays everything is so easy that you don't worry about a thing. Maybe that's CIP's intention.

11. How do you react to the criticism and controversies that occasionally happen in the community due to the results of fansite contests, especially for someone who likes to participate?

- I used to participate in contests regularly. I know that Tibia staff makes the first votes and CIP gives the final verdict. But I'm not as talented as others, and that really discouraged me from participating. Especially when a fansite is not able to tell a participant that they already won the item in the previous contest and that they "cannot participate anymore." I know that's not the fansite's responsibility, but people should also be aware that other people want to win too. But that is something that no one can control in the rules and in people's awareness. Many will say that I am "crying", but I am only saying what many would like to say. That's why today I only participate in the daily Goal, I didn't know it would be so much fun. But it is about the daily effort and not the judgment of the staff or CIP.

12. Do you think Tibia is an underrated game compared to other more modern MMORPGs? Because?

- I don't believe it. Tibia is a classic, and a classic is a classic. Here we create friendships, guilds that become families, and even marriages in real life. It's a magic that I think other games don't offer.

13. What are the biggest challenges of being a PVP player in such a competitive environment? How do you handle the stress and pressure of intense wars?

- My only real stress is not having as much time as I would like, so I can't dedicate myself to the game as much as I would like. I don't like being a "combo pawn". I think men and women should fight equally, after all, the server is enjoyed by both, right? So giving KS is not just for men, nor is it avoiding it. I know running is hard for us, but simple things like giving KS and avoiding enemies really bother the opposing team. It's just a matter of really wanting to help the team the way you should. My only real stress is not having time to help my team, because I like to be active in the fight.

14. Let's go to your favorites:


- Thais

Playing as?

- Master Sorcerer

Essential rune?

- Paralyze Rune and Sudden Death Rune

15. How do you see the role of women in the world of video games and what are the challenges you face as a top player?

- Women are often labeled as "burdens" and believed to contribute nothing to the team. When I see a girl who stays on the ship exiva” enemies with bombs and preventing attacks from happening, " I find it impressive. It may seem like little, but it is not. Imagine preventing a single attack from happening while you're online. And when you are not online, some attacks from enemies occur. This shows that it is important. I think the challenge for top female players is to at least start doing that, if they really like war. A challenge for a top player is to stay grounded, as they will always be the target. Many believe that they will abandon the war if they are constantly attacked, but those who truly love the war do not give up.

16. Regarding the culture of memes and humor in the Tibia community on Instagram, what do you think about it?

- I have a lot of fun. I laugh a lot at a good meme.

17. Dumon in summary: Outfit? Backpack? Weapon? Color? Item?

- Mage full, Raccoon backpack, Soultainter wand, Bunnyslippers, pink and white.

18. Have you established a special friendship with other Tibia players? Share a special story with us.

- I have met many people in Tibia, all of them have contributed good stories and none of them have disappointed me, but the people I carry in my heart are Jeni Ryther, for being a sweet person who always supports me in everything and always tells the truth; Dilia, like an older sister who always takes care of me; Jedz, who also always looks after me like a big brother and is always there for me; Mudin and Kervis, who taught me to play a little better and always supported me in everything.

Gida, who is my friend in RL, we talk little, but it is that type of friendship where we are both there when necessary and take every opportunity to talk. And many others from Talera like Piu, Abner, etc., who accept me as I am, with all my flaws.

19. Share with us one of your most exciting victories and, if you remember, a lost battle or server. What strategy did you use and how did you feel afterwards?

- We went to help on Impera a long time ago, and at that time we did not step over others. I remember that everyone was passing from the little house in front of LB's boat to the little stone house, that is, crossing the city. And I, with a high lvl char, at that time, let everyone run so that they thought the team was over and could get past the enemies.

A guy asked me if I could let him run the char there, and the leader said "She knows how to play." I thought, "Oh my God, now I'm going to have to do it right." I used "utana vid", went down and up the ladder, and when I saw that the enemies were busy with the other guy, I ran asking them to open the defense. When I walked in, the team was screaming, hahaha. Another time in Impera, I went to” kill steal” Ferumbras against the Bugado team, and this guy only said nice things to me (ironic). He trapped me in a 1 frame space, my friends went there and told me: "Pretend you're in shock, when it counts, cast 'ultimate explosion'", and so we did, he died from headshot in our combo. When I manage to do something well for the team, I feel very satisfied.

20. What was your biggest goal or achievement in Tibia and how did it feel to achieve it? / What was your biggest loss in the game and how did you overcome it?

- I can't say that my goal was to reach 1000, because the level is always accordingly, sooner or later it is reached, you just need patience and perseverance. My real goal is to maintain a strong PvP team in Talera and fight with them and the American players. I like to see this team united; It is a daily conquest to keep my friends in NA. My biggest defeat was losing in a war against the OS guild, because my friends at that time turned against them, because it was easier to join OS than to be an enemy of OS. I overcame that when I came to Talera and united all the anti-OS teams on the same server.

21. What do you think about the perception among players in the community that guild leaders in PvP can be authoritarian?

- I only play with a Talera team. So, comparing Talera and Wintera, which have excellent leaders with the same mentality, I think those who complain about the domination on these two servers and the leaders are complaining for no reason. Here we are not oppressed, the leaders are patient, of course, each dominant has their responsibilities, but that is normal.

22. What is the most ambitious goal you have had in the game in relation to eliminating other players or winning wars?

- Nowadays, open war requires patience. So, the only way to advance in an open war is to always block the enemy's attacks and prevent their characters from leveling up.

23. How do you react when your guild members make big mistakes in war?

- Laugh, we all laugh. We already have the maturity to know that this is for fun. But when someone is new to PvP, we teach them and answer their questions.

24. Do you think diplomacy and alliances are as important as fighting skill in PvP?

- Yes, diplomacy and alliances are important to end a war as quickly as possible. If there is a member we don't want on the team, it is often how to get a deal in PvP in general.

25. What is the best rotation Dumon Von'Terryer has in a war?

- Never stay in a protected area for too long, boss, level up, and don't show fear, or you'll be a constant target.

26. What is the set that cannot be missing in a PvP attack?

- A set of speed and a set imbued with death.

27. If you could give advice to new Tibia players, what would you tell them?

- This is just a game, it doesn't end tomorrow, so stay calm, go slow and be consistent. Don't damage your mind because of the game, and don't trust people who ask for help on Thais and Kaz, hahaha.

28. Without trying to create drama, can you name a retired player you miss in battles, an epic opponent you'd like to face, and a player who's currently giving you trouble?

- I would like Fiziolasty, a Polish player, to continue playing, I was a big fan of that player. Thank God, no one is giving me trouble right now.

29. What tips or recommendations would you offer to be successful in the Tibia PvP community?

- Your enemy today may be your ally tomorrow, so play smart, rotate, and be less toxic.


Wow, Lorah! Thank you for this amazing interaction. 
May all your wishes come true, and may life surprise you with lots of joys and exciting adventures!"

Hail TibiaGoals~

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