Thursday, October 26, 2023

Huntsies 2023, event VI



This Saturday 28th of October, at 19:00 CEST (9h after ss) the second but last Huntsie of this year will begin!

As usual, we cannot share more details! This post will be edited on Saturday when the Huntsie begin and you will know all the details then!



Your task is to create a Halloween decoration in open space (out of pz).

You have 2 hours!

*The decoration is supposed to be a standard decoration. Please, do not  create any pixel-art-like shapes.

You should use the following compulsory objects and items:

5 pumpkins (from the market)

2 Areca Palms

4 skulls

12 zaoan chess pawns

1 deer corpse

10 orange tapestries 


Apart from the compulsory items, you must use:

3 purple items of your own choice 

3 orange items of your own choice

3 red items of your own choice 

Apart from the required items, you can use 10 any items of your personal choice which can be bought from any NPC in game.

(No rares are allowed)


Your creativity will matter. TibiaGoals staff members may decide whether your entry can be considered valid or not - decorations with items randomly dropped on the floor will not be considered valid and result in disqualification.

TibiaGoals staff will be active on Discord throughout the entire time to answer your questions and doubt if you happen to have any!

Send your decoration on: once your decoration is ready! Remember you got time until 21:00 CEST


The requirements:

1. You must be level 150+. The server doesn't matter

2. Premium account is not mandatory, but will for sure help.

3. Reserve around 2 hours of your time.

You can check the general rules, as well as the prize list for the Huntsies >here<

Your voice matters

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