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Player of the month #38: Missy Mystique

Welcome to an electrifying look at the world of Tibia through the eyes of our dedicated girl with ML 137! As the vibrant tapestry of digital adventures continues to unfold, the Tibia Goals team couldn't be more excited to embark on this journey of goals and achievement-seeking. 

With our hearts brimming with anticipation and curiosity, we have set out to unravel the captivating stories and extraordinary experiences that lie within the realm of our esteemed interviewee. 

So join us as the charming Missy shares her stories and insights against the lovely backdrop of TibiaGoals. 

Let the adventure begin!

1.- Before we start the interview, we'd like to thank you for agreeing to participate, and we'd love to know: Is there anything about yourself that you would like to highlight in the article?

- It's an honor to be asked to be POTM, what I would like is to tell people to not give up on their dreams, even if it might take years, give yourself time, and don't give up on yourself, ever!

2.- For those who aren't familiar with you yet, how would you introduce yourself? What's your RL name, where are you from, and, of course, your social media accounts?

- Hello, My friends call me Mo or Habi. I live in the Netherlands, with my 11-year-old son (Damian). I am half-blood, so I am half Dutch(mother) and Half Turkish (father).

For the Social media part, I am not very active on social media, all I pretty much use is the Missytibiaa (instagram).

3.- Who first introduced you to Tibia and when did that happen?

- It was my dads girlfriend at that time that was playing tibia, so I started tibia in around 1999 with my father, back then known as Duckies Druid/Duckje/Duckjes Druid.

About 7 years after we started playing we retired and sold everything we had. In february 2016 me and my dad both talked about coming back to tibia, so we both created new accounts, and came back to tibia. 

Sadly my father passed away 1.5year ago on my birthday. and in his honor I am playing this day, taking everything he taught me, with me in everything I do

4.- Missy Mystique is your in-game name, what led you to choose that name? Is it the only name you've used?

- I started my journey in a rush, I didnt think about my name so my first name was "Miss Mom" I believe?  but not long after I created it I regret the choice, cause what was I thinking honestly?. I liked the Miss/Missy part so I wanted to keep that, and I myself am a big fan of the Xmen. The character I liked most was Mystique (Raven Darkholme) her power is/was metamorphing. 

Mystique can psionically alter the formation of her biological cells at will. As a result, she can cause herself to look and sound like an exact duplicate of any human, later on she got exposed to radiation and that's where she's got her more reptilian physique!

5.- To get to know more about Missy Mystique (the character), what item should you ALWAYS have in your backpack but always forget? Also, what item do you always carry in your backpack but never use?

- The item I always carry but never use have to be the carrots (it is to enter some place on tibia incase of pvp it's a good place to run) But first of all I forgot where this place is, and second of all I've been walking around with 10 carrots for like 3 years now? Never used a single one XD.

The items I always carry are everything that gives me extra magiclevel, I mean my base mlvl is 137, but with my set I have mlvl 178. which honestly is pretty crazy on my level (489)

6.- Can you recall a time when you overcame a particularly tough challenge in Tibia? How did you manage to conquer it?

- Yeah it has to be when my father died. We were playing tibia on January 23rd, my dad stayed online till after midnight to wish me a happy birthday. (usually he always logged off between 22/23:00 (cet)) but this night he stayed with me until 00:30, he told me happy birthday, said he loved me, and sent me a gift (he always used to send me gift in-game and a gift irl for my bday) I said I loved him, logged off 30 mins after him, around 01:00

2 hours later my phone rang, it was his girlfriend, my dad had a heart attack and died in his own living room. Sooooo this is where I questioned everything, like do I still want to play tibia without him? I started this with him, and I always thought he'd be around forever, I've never known tibia without him. Did I wanna quit? Did I wanna stay? could I even stay? it was all very painful, but as you can see. Now 1.5 years later I am still here.. for my feeling I am playing in his honor, he wouldn't want me to quit, because he enjoyed playing this game with me, and we had a lot of memories here, I wasn't able to let that go and quit the game. 

7.- Boss hunting can sometimes get intense. What's your go to strategy for staying calm and focused during those nail-biting moments?

- Boss hunting for sure is intense, I am in a bosshunter group on discord, and a nemesis boss whatsapp group.

People can get very triggered over these bosses, so much so to the point where if you make a mistake, you could end up hunted if you go at it the wrong way.

Sometimes people use the wrong wand, or they use an ava instead of the wand from the thais museums.I myself made the mistake not to long ago, I ava'd a boss on accident, so someone didn't get the kill *it was their last one* and I actually got a message from our server leader about it. The worst part is, I can ava max for like 1.2k so I really made a mistake there XD We talked it out like adults though I apologized for the mistake I made, and I will obviously try not to mess up again.

8.- Do you create Tibia content for other social media or platforms?

- The only place I put Tibian content is on my Tibian Instagram "Missytibiaa"

9.- What motivated you to start the process of hunting bosses and completing goals in Tibia? Is Tibia the only game you work on goals for, or do you have other games on your list?

- The new bosstiary got me doing bosses honestly, I'm not a big fan of exping, or doing bosses for that matter, but if friends ask me I usually go, but they gotta be careful with me, I have low hp, it's easy for me to die. people tell me I should level, and they are right, so I can take more damage etc, but getting myself to exp is something that's always been hard for me, it's the aspect most people like about this game, hunting, powergaming.

For me it's MagicLevel, Decorations, quests, achievements, and last on my list are boss hunting and exping >.<

10.- What's the most exhilarating boss encounter you've had in Tibia so far? Any epic moments you'd like to share?

- Man, this Gaz'haragoth. he murdered me twice already, and my stupid ass keeps going there, mind if I die I lose around 50kk in cash to get my mlvl back (off double), I haven't done the hard bosses honestly, magma bubble, soulwar, library, the way there is crazy and on my level it's so easy to die, I die so fast XD so I skipped dipped most of the crazy ones.

11.- Achieving greatness takes dedication. How do you balance your in-game pursuits with your real-life commitments?

- This is a hard question, finding balance in playing tibia, having a son, having my own company, and also taking care of my house (cleaning, dinner, laundry) u name it.

Some weeks I do good and the balance is really good, and then some days it's really hard, and I can't find any balance at all, sometimes I have to force myself online, or offline for that matter cause other issues (sad as it is) come first, My son is my number 1, whatever he needs comes first, then (u might not like this) but my job/company is nr2 because let's be honest here, I can't pay my bills with air. and then it's my house ( I think a clean house is really important ) mostly for my inner peace, I feel good when my house is clean you know, last but not least are tibia and my real life friends.

I mostly play in the mornings/afternoons,  but I am not online till late, you will not find me online a lot after 21:00- 22:00 cause I also like to watch movies, series etc before bedtime!

12.- As an achievement enthusiast, which in-game achievement are you most proud of unlocking, and what was the journey like?

- The "Potion addict"  it reminds me of the time before the wands, where drinking manas and spamming spells and/or making runes was the real deal, it reminds me of the good old days, not saying the wands are bad, it just makes training a lot easier, and you don't have to do much these days to get mlvl besides swipe your credit card if you want to train 24/7.

13.- Share a funny or unexpected situation you've encountered while pursuing your boss hunting and achieving goals :)

- I was camping these bosses in the Bewitched event, the "Bane Lords"  I told my friend I had to be afk for like 30 mins, if he could take my spot for 30 mins, and he said sure, I only needed 1 more bane lord to finish the bosstiary..

10 minutes later my friend messages me, I found the boss (I got all happy) and then followed it up with, I accidentally killed it >.<

14. Do you admire any particular Tibia player?

- Yeah I do, he's my brother in-game! I will not name him due to privacy.

He's had my back through thick and thin. helped me through some dark times, and we've known each other for about 20 years now 

I really admire Marcus Eon, who has been part of my Tibian adventure.

15.- Can you select your favorites?


- Darashia

Playing being...

- Low Level

Essential rune?

- Sudden Death Rune

16.- We all have a favorite skill topic in Tibia. Which gives you more adrenaline: Magic Level or Level up?

- MagicLevelll<3

17.- Missy in 4 characteristics: Outfit? Backpack? Weapon? Color? Item?

- Summoner Female (FeruHat) 

- 25 years backpack

- Soultainter

- Dark Purple

- Wicked Witch/Amazon Armor

18.- Achieving goals is rewarding, but it's also about the journey. Are there any friends or fellow gamers who've made your Tibia adventures even more enjoyable?

- A lot of people I met have made my time on tibia more enjoyable, Rod (The broski), Marcus Eon(achievement hunter), Ares Darkwind(fav forum troll) Merlin Janek (does not play anymore but he's the best son in-game), my father the reason I started this game.

19.- What's your favorite aspect of the Tibia community, and how has it contributed to your success as a boss hunter and achievement collector?

- My favourite aspect now is the instagram community, there was none of this 10 years ago, or maybe even 5 years ago, before I never showed what I had achieved. and now I can. To my surprise there's quite a lot of people that enjoy looking at my tibian pictures.

How has contributed to my success? Well, I became more aware of how high my magiclevel actually is and this made me want to invest more into it, because it seems like it's my thing, it keeps me wanting to grow and be better than I was yesterday. and I think that's beautiful, I rather compete with myself than with others, I set my goals for myself and not for anyone else.


"From the bottom of our heart, thank you Missy for sharing your story and we wish you all the best in the world."

Hail TibiaGoals~

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