Thursday, August 17, 2023

Huntsies Event V 2023

This time it will be a Parcheesi kind of game!

The event date: 19.08.2023

The event starts at 21:00 CEST and that is when you must be online.
By 21:15 we expect everyone to be in Kazordoon 'Forge Master's Quarters' house.
Don't be late!


1. You need a character on Premia leveled 8 up to 15 maximum.

2. Send us a sign-up e-mail until Saturday at 17:00 CEST with your character's name on Premia

3. We will divide people into 4-6 groups counting 3-5 people - everything is dependent on the number of people signing up. Once we dictate the groups, please accept them as they are.

4. You will pick two representatives of the group. One will roll the dice one will walk on the board. The rest of the group will only stand and watch. As the winning only depends on luck (the dice), it doesn't matter who represents your group.

5. The winner is the person who manages to get through the entire board first. His entire group will take part in the rewards lottery for the place I

6. The second winner's group will take part in the lottery for place II

7. The third winner's group will take part in the lottery for place III

If you happen to have any questions, let us know on Discord!

The house will be borrowed from our friend Monzcarro Murcatto. When we are all there, please listen to what we say. The people who aren't representatives are supposed to stay in the determined zone. If someone is caught disturbing and sabotaging the fun they will be kicked out of the house with no warning. Be respectful and let's have fun!

The board rules:

A representative of your group rolls the dice while everyone is standing next to them to see the dice.
The 'board walker' doesn't move until a TibiaGoals admin says e.g. "Name 4!" Then, they can walk 4 sqms.
The various colors on the map can create various situations:

1. Green tapestry -  +2 steps

2. Yellow tapestry -   -2 steps

3. Purple tapestry     -  pick a representative of another group who must go 2 steps back

4. Blue tapestries is space for admins, dice rollers and the rest of the group - Do not exit the blue space if you aren't the 'board walker'

5. Orange tapestry is the starting point

6. Pillow heart is the final point

An exampe situation:

1. Artemihza Rose has just gotten to the pink spot.
According to the rules, the person on the pink spot commands a representative of any other group to move 2 sqm backward.
Artemihza Rose picks Divbae to go 2 sqms backward.

2. Divbae goes back 2 sqms. Now, she is in the pink spot. Interesting situation, isn't it? Well, now Divbae can decide who goes 2 sqms back. She commands Justie to walk 2 sqms back!

3. Divbae tells Justie to go 2 sqms back and Justie is now in the green spot.
According to the rules, the green spot is +2 sqms. That means that Justie can go 2 sqms forward now and... Divbae should have considered that move better!
4. Justie is back on her sqm. Now the move belongs to the person whose turn is after Artemihza Rose, as her first move created the whole situation.

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