Monday, July 31, 2023

Player of the month #37: Cesarxz

A glimpse into the past

Hello Unicorns! In the past months we have interviewed streamers in the Tibian community, and to continue with these great players who share a bit of their experience in Tibia through their streams, this month TibiaGoals brings you a leader from the NA servers, who streams on Twitch showing the world of PvP on the Quintera & Lobera servers. The player of the month for July is Cesarxz.


We have witnessed a significant growth of streamers within the Tibian gaming community. These players share their games on platforms such as Twitch and Instagram, becoming ambassadors of the game, which has provided multiple advantages for both the community and CipSoft.


Hi Cesar! How are you? How's it going! First of all we want to thank you for accepting this interview, we are very excited to share with the community a little bit about you our player of the month. Ready? Let's begin!

1. Could you introduce yourself? What is your name, where are you from etc?

- Hello, My name is César Gomez, I am 28 years old, I am from Cozumel Quintana Roo, but at the moment I am living in Brazil.

2. Who introduced  you to Tibia and when was this?

- A friend from high school, about 13 years ago or so.

3. We know that you are a leader of the server Quintera, in your opinion, what do you think it takes to be a good leader?

- In my opinion, to be a leader you have to know a little about everything, you also have to be someone with a tough attitude so that people follow you and respect you, although there are different kinds of leaders, some who runs, others who are politicians, bankers, etc... and that complements everything to have a good team.


Cesarxz, one of the influential streamers within the Tibian community, has played a prominent role in this process. His live broadcasts have allowed new players to discover and become interested in the game, while veterans find in his content a source of entertainment and advice to improve in the game, promoting interaction between players, has created spaces to share experiences and strategies, and has forged a more united community.


4.Define your guild in 3 words.

- Toxic, MF*s , Sick

5. What has been the war that you have enjoyed the most?

- I guess it was a war against "Geffin". An old leader who was from Neptera I think that was the best war.

6. The community likes to see your PvP content, when did you start streaming on Twitch?

- About 2 years ago I started streaming a lot but I'm not that constant in it.

7. Define your stream in 3 words


8. What is the hardest thing you have to deal with being a PvP streamer?

- It is difficult to stream as a leader because all the attention is based on you, in what you do, who you exiva, also you are the first target, so that makes it more difficult to stream in PVP.



Streamers have brought Tibia to a wider audience by broadcasting their adventures live. Their  followers, often new players, get to see firsthand how the game works and the unique features it offers. This exposure has brought a new generation of gamers to the Tibia community.


9. What is the best and worst thing that Tibia has left you?

- The best thing is that I met my wife thanks to the game, and people who are really worth considering as friends and colleagues, the worst thing..nothing so far, everything is relaxing in a matter of the game.

 10. Besides Tibia, are there any other games you play or stream?

- Nope, I mean, I'm not really into playing other games, although at the moment I'm learning to play LOL.

11. Any goals in Tibia or in RL?

- I think that at this time in the game I just want to finish the war that we are currently fighting on Lobera, and in RL to see my son born and watch him grow.

12. If you could make one change in Tibia regarding PvP, what would it be?

- Actually, in the matter of PvP, I currently like it a lot, although the only thing that would have to be modified are the FRAGS, to have a little more.

13. What is your definition of charlover? Do you consider yourself one?

- Depends, for me it is being a person who likes to do bosses, achievements and those kinds of things and more than anything that it hurts to be annoyed in the game when they kill him/her. I don't consider myself a charlover. I really don't like those things and I only do it when I help my wife haha.


Streaming has promoted a more active and participatory community in Tibia. Fans/viewers can interact with streamers via live chat, ask questions, get tips, and share their own in-game experiences. This has strengthened the bonds between players and created a welcoming environment for new members.


Streamers have also been featured in special in-game events and have participated in collaborations with CipSoft. These collaborations have led to the creation of unique and exciting events for the Tibia community, increasing diversity and entertainment in the game.


14. Who are the best runners in your opinion?

- Plex, Paxlof, Pess, Sheik, Pablo.

15. Would you like to say a few words of encouragement to the community?

- For the Tibian fellas, well, Tibia is a very cool game, hopefully more people will be encouraged to run respawns, and to fight more wars and stuff and that if at the time they find themselves in a war, don't get discouraged, to be honest, war is the coolest thing about the game, and being fighting while chatting with friends.


Potentiating the creation of Content and Guides

Streamers not only provide entertainment, but are also a valuable source of information for new players. Many of them create educational content and guides that help newcomers get familiar with the game and improve their skills.



Run Pk or Ks?

  • Running Pk

RP or ED?

  • ED

Do not use SDs again or Do not use paralyze rune again?

  • Do not use SD again

Running respawn Rotten golems or running respawn fish?

  • Rotten Golems

Do not use Blueberry cupcake again or Do not use mana shield potion again?

  • Do not use blueberry again

War in Issavi or War in Darashia?

  • Darashia

Speed ​​set or Soulwar set?

  • Speed

Do not use might ring again or Do not use Stone skin amulet (ssa) again

  • Don't use Might Ring again

Magic wall or Tera wall?

  • Magic wall

Fear or Root?

  • Root


In conclusion, the history of Tibia is a testament to the longevity and adaptability of a game that has known how to evolve over time. The streaming phenomenon has been a powerful tool for Tibia's renaissance, bringing advantages to players and CipSoft alike.

Thank you very much Cesarzx for contributing to our active and engaged community, promoting the way you play, and creating content, ensuring that this beloved MMORPG continues to thrive in the future.

May you achieve all the goals you set for yourself!


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