Friday, June 30, 2023

Player of the Month #36: Jokkersita

The Tibian community has undergone a revolution in recent years thanks to the rise of streaming on topics such as wars, decorations, hunts, and interactions on social media between players. One of the most prominent trends is the growth of stream sessions where passionate gamers play various roles and plot goals in Tibia while broadcasting their game sessions and characters. In this article, we'll explore the positive impact streaming has on the Tibiana community, from the perspective of Jokkersita, our Player of the Month for July.

At TibiaGoals we seek to give more visibility to the wonderful work that Tibia players are doing on streaming and content creation platforms. She adventures in the “colab streaming” world, she has managed to build an interactive community that will take your breath away! TibiaGoals is so excited to give you this interview with this amazing Tibian girl! So without any more preambles, let the interview start!

Before we start the interview, we'd like to thank you for agreeing to participate, we are so happy to have you with us on TibiaGoals <3

1. For those who don't know you yet, how would you introduce yourself? What is your name, where are you from and, of course, your social media?

- My name is Alba, I’m 25 years old, and currently I live in Madrid, Spain. You can find me on Twitch & Instagram as Jokkersita.

2. Who first introduced you to Tibia and when was that?

- My brother was the first one to discover Tibia, eventually he showed me a little bit from the game. For me it was really fascinating and I really enjoyed watching him play. I think this was around 2006. However, I never played much, actually I never went premium. Until 2019, I decided to check what happened with Tibia and downloaded the client. Since then I got hooked and here we are, with some small breaks but always connected to the Tibian world. 

3. Jokkersita is your name in the game? What made you choose that name? Is it the only name you've ever used?

- No, actually my name in the game is Tasty Arepa. I used to own an RP that was my main char, and it was named Jokkersita, but eventually, I sold that char, because I wanted to move to GBE and because I discovered that I liked to play as a Druid rather than a Paladin. As main characters, yes, those are the names that I’ve used mainly. 

4. To learn more about you and your character, what type of server are you playing on and why?

- Currently, I’m playing on the server Karna, GBE, Optional PvP. I really like the peace from the GBE and Non-PvP

5. Which is your favorite activity on Tibia, besides streaming?

- Huuuuuuuuuunt! Always hunt! 


Historically, Tibia has been considered to be a territory normally "dominated" by men. However, we at TibiaGoals seek to challenge this stereotype by opening a window in this section for you to meet the female gamers streamers who, with their skill and passion, break down gender barriers and show that women can be outstanding and successful gamers.

In addition, streaming could be inspiring the younger generation to play Tibia as the girls who broadcast possible role models for girls and teens who want to adventure into this Tibian world.


6. How do you connect with your audience? Do they participate in your stream? 

- Through the chat always! I always try to pay attention to the chat as much as I can while I play, and if the hunt lets me. 

7. Do you have any special memories related to any Tibia live?

-Oh, many! However, I think that what makes it special is not what happened to you in Tibia, but the reaction and support of the people who are accompanying you.

8. Is there something you'd like to do on a live stream, but for some reason haven't done it yet?

-Probably a kitchen stream, since you have to have the right equipment for it. A laptop that supports a live broadcast, for example, and you also need good lighting.

9. Do you admire any Tibia streamers or players in particular?

-Admiring seems like a very heavy word to me hahaha, of course, I like some streamers more than others and I always check what's new or what they're doing but I really don't consume much content on Twitch.


Building an inclusive community

Tibian streaming has encouraged the creation of a much more inclusive and united community in various types of causes.

Streamers not only share their passion for Tibia, but also actively interact with their audience through live chats, creating a space for conversation, camaraderie and mutual support in which beautiful friendships have emerged. In addition, many of them use their platform to discuss important topics, such as creating new accounts, leveling up, completing missions, or discussing upcoming game updates.


10. What has been your worst experience on Twitch or Instagram? Could you share it with us?

- I couldn't talk about a specific experience without triggering unnecessary drama. What I can tell you is that some of the challenges of having a certain level of exposure is having to deal with negative comments and a thousand different opinions at the same time. In the internet era everyone has an opinion and feels the need to share it without considering the effect it may have on the other person.

11.  How has your "setup" changed from when you started just playing Tibia to becoming the streamer you are today?

- It has changed a lot. At first when I came back to Tibia in 2019 I was playing with a laptop and a simple mouse without extra buttons. In fact, I played 100% with a keyboard, only a mouse to loot, very old school. My laptop was damaged in the middle of the pandemic and obviously I couldn't be without my main source of entertainment, which was Tibia. So there I decided to buy a computer, and with the motivation of streaming and the support of many people I started making small upgrades to improve the quality.

12. Can you select your favorites?

  • Darashia or Marapur? -Darashia
  • Play being Low Level or High Level? - Both
  • Must-Have Rune: Paralyze Rune or Sudden Death Rune? - Sudden Death Rune
  • Profession: Elder Druid or Royal Paladin? -Elder Druid

13.Tasty Arepa 4 must have: Outfit? Backpack? Weapon? Color? Item?

- Druid Outfit, Raccoon Backpack, Cobra Rod, Blue, Brown Mushroom

Thanks so much to Alba for this interview! 

We wish you the best in all your goals!

Hail TibiaGoals~

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