Thursday, June 1, 2023

Player of the Month #35: Willzera

Hello Unicorns, on our last player of the month we enjoyed a lovely interview with one girl from our staff, this month we go to the PvP/ War side. Our player of the month of June is a guy that is a streamer, is well known for his PvP skills and his big Twitch community. This month Tibia Goals brings you to the player Willzera! 

Hello Willzera, How are you? Thanks for accepting being our player of the month of June, we are really excited for this interview! Let's start! 

1. Could you please introduce yourself? What's your name, where are you from etc?

-Hello my name is victor from Brazil living in USA, and I’m 29.

2. Who showed you Tibia for the first time and when was this?

- A friend of mine back in 2003 showed me.

3. What's the story behind your character's name?

- Most of the names are related to my channel name 'Willzera'. I'm not really picky with names.

4. The community likes to watch your PvP content, when did you start streaming on Twitch? 

- My first time streaming on Twitch was back in November 2016.

5. What's the most difficult thing you have to deal with being a PvP streamer?

- Nothing difficult about being a PvP streamer. I'm used to trash talk and to haters trying to bring the stream down.. Back in the day when I started streaming it was really hard, I almost gave up streaming because of the hate. Huge fail for them, I'm still around 😅

6. Define your stream with 3 words

- Fun - Rage - Calm 

7. How many wars have you participated in and which you enjoyed the most,and why?

 - I have been part of many wars.

I'm enjoying this war that I'm fighting right now with Army.

8.  On your personal opinion. Who are the best runners/PvP players? (it can be enemies or your own team) 

 - There are lots of good players around Tibia.

Beto, Danny and Skiing  good runners.

9.  If you could make one change in PVP what would it be?

- The only thing I would change in tibia is players able to walk through magic walls.

10. Besides Tibia, do you play any other games?  

-  Just tibia

11. Do you have a player who inspires you?

 - Not really 😄

12. Do you have a goal you want to achieve in the game or RL?

 - No goals in the game just to have fun and enjoy the game. About rl I prefer not say it.

13. Do you have any words for the community?

- Have fun and don't take the game so seriously.

X or Y

-War or Dominado server?


-KS or PK?


-Ingol hunt or Soulwar hunt?


-ED or EK for running respawns?


-SSA or Might ring?


-Run Library or Run True Asuras?

True Asuras

-Speed set or Soul set?


-Magic wall or Tree wall?

Magic Wall

-Team hunt or Solo hunt?

Solo hunt

-Never use Strawberry cupcake again or  Never use Blueberry cupcake again?

Never use Blueberry Cupcake again

Thanks to Willzera for this interview, we loved having you with us this month.

Hail Tibia Goals~

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