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Player of the Month #34: Artemihza Rose

Hello to all our lovely Unicorns, in this month we have someone really special to be our player of the month, she is a “World Traveler'' in RL, she dedicates to show the community amazing pictures of all her trips, she works for a big company as a strong and dedicated women, on Tibia she plays a cute & powerful Elite Knight, on the player of the month of May we have from the staff of TibiaGoals to the lovely Artemihza Rose.

Hello bebe! Thanks for letting me interview you! I was thinking about this interview for the last couple of months, and I'm really excited to let the community know more about you! So let's start!

1. Could you please introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from, what do you do for a living?

- My name is Gidarette, 34 years old and I am proudly Portuguese and Venezuelan, pink is my color and I try so hard every day to live “ma vie en rose”. 

I am a Senior Cyber Security Architect and currently, I’m working for a leading technology company. I have been living in a small but beautiful country in Europe: Luxembourg for the past 4 years where I have learned French, a little bit of Luxembourgish and improved my Portuguese and English. Addicted to traveling and I firmly believe that I prefer to keep all the memories in my mind and photos rather than in material possessions, but I also love to read, swim, and play Tibia in my free time. Although, if I could define myself in one word, it would be Potterhead.

2. Who introduced you to Tibia for the first time and when was this?

- I played Tibia for the first time when I was living in Venezuela, one of my parents' businesses was a Cyber Cafe where we used to make “Tibia Party-Lan” and initially I only played The Sims. However, I discovered Tibia thanks to seeing a group of guys who lived near my parents' cyber cafe and frequented it. 

This group of players became very well-known from 2005 to 2009 for the records they had in Tibia, first in Rubera and later in Fortera. Some of their names were: Aton De'Jemg, Breath Fire'Hary, Quick'zor, and of course Shaks Van’Healsing among others. 

3. What's the story behind your character's name? 

- My Princess was created in 2006, she was my second character. Initially, I started as a Master Sorcerer (a profession that I love but don't know how to play completely). I remember that my name was given to me by my then-boyfriend, Shaks (Poncho). He used to call me "Bebellota, Bebe or Artemihza," and that's how my name was born.

My account was hacked and I lost all my dolls and plushies, this being a pretty big collection at that time, 2009, and on top of that my MS was rooked to level 1.

So I left my Master Sorcerer and focused on the Elite Knight, which I have been leveling up myself since then with some periods of retirement, of course.

4. Which activity do you enjoy the most in the game?

- This depends a lot on my current mood, but I would say that skilling has become my favorite activity recently because it's something I can do during my workday. 

However, I really love leveling up in team hunts with my RL’s friends but they are semi-retired now. Also, I am part of Non Lifers, which is an active war guild in EU servers, although my activity in 2022 and 2023 has been limited, I have been participating in wars with my guild since 2019 (I must admit that I am really bad at PVP). Now, we have moved to retro hardcore, and well, the fun is "different." I’m getting the characters there, so who knows xD. 

I also enjoy collecting outfits and mounts, as well Steel Boots and Gold Ingots (I know it doesn't make sense, haha). Currently, I have 1200 Steel Boots and 1200+ Gold Ingots in my collection.

5. Which is your favorite item in the game, and why?

- Without a doubt, the Demon Set (Helmet, Armor, and Legs) is an item that maintains the essence of Tibia 7.6, which was the era in which I enjoyed the game the most and made the best friends (Monzi did an entire floor in my house based on this items and it’s there where I am training ALL THE TIME). 

Now, about the new items versions in Tibia: Luna, this item represents the tangible dream of our fansite admins who gave me the opportunity to start working on it and who are now really important people to me. In Tibia Goals I met Sky Elie, who became my friend and confidant in real life.

Luna also shows me that it is possible to coexist and work with people who are completely different from us, with whom we may have disagreements and at the same time, deeply love, respect, and admiration.

6. If you could change something in the game, what would it be?

- The injustice that we as EK’s suffer due to the crazy prices of Plasma Rings and Amulets and the low efficiency of training Swords. Even during double XP events, it can be challenging and costly to skill up.

7. What do you think about the toxicity between fansites, and what would you do to change it? 

- Social media has become a breeding ground for fanaticism, and Tibia is no exception. It is notable that when a fansite gains reputation within the community, disrespectful comments often follow, and unfortunately, in most cases, they come from women towards women. Nowadays, the toxicity is amplified by the use of Instagram, Discord, or Facebook, where opinions are given without considering the consequences. 

Personally, to change this, I have decided to unfollow accounts and even fansites with whom I do not identify or use a position according to their convenience. I believe that CipSoft could better evaluate each fansite to see the type of impact they have on the community.

8. If you could be in any Fansite as staff, which one besides TibiaGoals would it be? 9

- Currently "Tibia Duality" and "TibiaPal". Both are fansites that provide information, news and tools to the Tibia community in a friendly way, they are also the ones I consult on a daily basis.

9. We love to see your pictures on instagram about some parts you've visited, which one is your favorite place and why?

- This question is very easy to answer, Paris. I believe it is the most complete and beautiful city for tourists, it has activities for all kinds of interest and also has the Eiffel Tower and Versailles. Living in Luxembourg, Paris is only a 3-hour drive away, so I can go there when I need to disconnect. I love the language, the food, the colors, and the city's ability to emerge. 

“Ne pouvoir se passer de Paris, marque de bêtise; ne plus l’aimer signe de décadence” Gustave Flaubert

10. What's your definition of a charlover player, do you consider yourself one?

- "Sky Elie" is the definition of a "charlover." I consider myself to be a "wannabe" since, for me, it's all about addons, outfits, skills, set and mounts, so I don't consider myself to be a full-fledged charlover.

11. Do you have any goals in RL or in the game?

- I am working on security and data protection projects in Europe and I feel that by being able to obtain a couple of certifications and more experience within this year, my immediate goal would be to manage the Cyber Security team at the company where I work. In the game I think to tame the Rhino's mount, I have been trying this for 4 months daily and I only manage to drain my stone 🙁.

12. Do you have any words for the community? 

Remember that we don't know the reality of the people behind the game, let's be respectful and if we don't have anything polite or good to say, it's better to keep our mouths closed.

X or Y

-Decoration house or Decoration levels?

Decoration house 🙂

-PvP or NonPvP?

PVP, even if I’m the worst mage ever.

-Mage or EK?

EK 4ever

-Strawberry cupcake or Rotworm Stew?

Strawberry cupcake

-Never hunt again duo ED/EK or Never solo hunt again?

Never solo hunt again

-Outfits o Mounts?

I can't answer this, I love both 🙁

-Store item deco or Market Items for deco?

Market items deco thanks to what Monzi did with my beautiful house in Premia

-Hunting with boost or hunting with prey?

Hunting with both all the time haha

-Bestiary or Hunting task?

Hunting task now 🙂

Thanks so much for being our player of the month of May, everyone in TibiaGoals love you so much bebe <3

Hail TibiaGoals~

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