Saturday, April 1, 2023

Player of the Month #33: Garoto do Sorriso

Hello unicorns, this month is all about commitment and admiration.
In Tibia many players have established themselves as legends by reaching their goals and objectives, some because of their motivation and others because of their passion and commitment. That's why we bring as our Player of the month the TOP 2 of Tibia Achievements: Garoto Do Sorriso, a beloved Elite Knight from Yonabra with 1,308 achievement points.
Welcome Garotinho

1. Hi, could you introduce yourself, what's your name, where are you from, what do you do? Etc..
- Hello, it's a pleasure to be here. 
My name is Nícolas Pérez, I am Brazilian and I live in the city of Pouso Alegre (MG). I've been an electrical engineer for 7 years and I work in the area in which I studied.
As you can see, one of my favorite hobbies is playing Tibia. It's the time when I can clear my head, chat with my friends, and pursue my in-game challenges.

2. How long have you been playing Tibia, and who was the person that introduced the game?
- I started playing Tibia at the end of 2004. I was at school and a friend came to me and told me that he found a really cool game and that I should play it too. At that time, we used to play LAN gaming in the same house and that's where it all started. I stayed by his side watching him play to understand the game. I had not learned very well, because my first death was in the sewer at Rookgaard because I didn't know how to climb the ladder! (LOL)

3. What is the story behind your character's name?
- Well, my name comes from my school days. I have always been a very optimistic, shy, and cheerful boy. People liked to talk to me and I always listened to them, always finishing the conversations with a smile.
Little by little, people referred to me as the "Smile Boy." So I use the same nickname on every platform I play!

4. If you could make any changes on Tibia, what would they be?
- I confess that the game has been improving over the years, to engage the target audience that used to be children and are now adults.
One suggestion I would make would be to further exploit achievements in the game, giving them a direct buff to strength/speed/defense or even making them an explicit prerequisite for accessing some experience/perk hunting areas.

5. Do you think being charlover is a bad thing? Do you consider yourself one? The community considers you one of the best.
- I am very happy with the love that the community has for me, despite the fact that I consider myself an average player.
I consider myself a charlover, in the literal sense of the expression, because I am the type of player who loves to do everything that corresponds to the character, maybe on a mission, an outfit, a mount, an access, among other things.
I usually say that if the main quest tells me to go left, I'll obviously explore the whole area to the right before continuing with the quest.
I don't think it's a bad thing to be a charlover, I'd say it's a quirky play style that doesn't make sense to some people. The important thing is that you have fun in the game and that is exactly what I find as a charlover.

6. Do you have any goals in the game or in RL?
- My goal in the game is to get as many achievements as possible, for me it's a wonderful feeling of personal accomplishment.
In RL, I would say that going back to my hometown and having a peaceful life, being able to spend more time with my loved ones.

7. Besides Tibia, do you play any other games?
- Currently, I spend the little time I have to have fun in Tibia. But I know Diablo IV is coming... (giggles)

8. What is the best and the worst that Tibia has given you?
- The best thing Tibia gave me was friendships. I don't know how to explain it, but I know that a good part of the community shares the same feeling as me: it's funny how Tibia players can easily connect to each other.
I would say that the worst thing Tibia gave me were some unexpected goodbyes, the loss of close people due to illness in RL.

9. Is there a player you admire?
- I have great admiration for Flanbers Penn. He is a very humble player, has a sense of fun very similar to mine, and is extremely dedicated as he has a very well-developed character in various aspects of the game.
A person who risks doing the Ring of Ending 3 times while at level 1300 (while being in the Top skills of Distance) really deserves special admiration.

10. You “rooked” your character to level 1 to achieve your goals, was it a difficult decision? Do you regret everything you lost?
- It was and still is a very difficult decision. I remember this every day! (LOL)
It really was a very complicated and complex decision. My character had things that I never dreamed of conquering, there are 14 years of history, a lot of love and progress in between.
But when I realized that I could never get all the achievements without "returning the character to level 1", I started to get discouraged from the game. So I had to make a very abrupt decision: stop playing because I couldn't achieve my goal or give up my current development to regain my satisfaction in the game again.
I do not regret it, because the feeling of my personal fulfillment is very great. However, I do miss some things that the character had, which I need to get them back in the future.

X or Y
Paralyze Rune or Sudden Death Rune? 
- Clearly Sudden Death Rune, perhaps from always dying to PK in ancient times! 
Running PK in the spawns or Pk in the cities? 
- In the cities, trying to hide in every corner. 
Elder Druid or Elite Knight? 
Fully Elite Knight, including the Axe! 
Playing Tibia while listening to music or Playing while talking with your friends (Ts/Discord)? 
- It depends on the day: there are days when playing without talking to your friends is boring, but there are also days when you don't feel like talking to anyone. 
Achievements for mounts or achievements for outfits? 
- Definitely mounts, I love pets! 
If you could change your main character's vocation, what would it be? 
- In fact, I was able to change the vocation of the character, but I preferred to keep it as Elite Knight (laughs).
However, I could take the risk and being a real paladin, to shoot some crooked arrows!


I'm honored, thank you very much for the invitation!

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