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Player of the month of March #32: Er ii

Hello Unicorns, we enjoyed February and how the love and friendship was shown all over our Tibian community. In this player of the month of March we bring you a beautiful strong woman known in the community as a rare collector, she is admin in one fansite we all love to share our screenshots!, from the server of Lobera we bring you for our player of the month of March, the lovely Er ii. 

Hello girlie! How are you? Thanks for accepting being our player of the month of March, as you know this is the month of women, we wanted to have a girl that enjoys different aspects of the game. So let’s start! 

1. Can you please introduce yourself (Name, character, sever) and what do you do for living in RL?

- Hi, My name is Erandy but people know me as Eri, I changed my chars name recently to Er ii (Ewrr previously), currently I play on the server Lobera and on RL I am a doctor.

2. When was the first time you started playing Tibia, who showed it to you? 

- When I was in my first year of college, a lot of friends were talking about Tibia, they already had their chars level 20 etc, so one day I googled it, downloaded it and that's how everything started. 

3. Do you remember when you started to collect Fansite/ Rare items, do you remember which one was the first one?

- My first rare was a Teddy bear, the first one on Zanera, obviously I didn't looted, I got it as a bday present, my first fansite item was the Knightmare doll, I was completely in love xD

4. How was being in war during this war that is now active on the server Lobera (Army vs Godslayers)?

- Currently, I'm out of war, but in this war I was on Army side, it has their good and bads, like with anything, I think both team has their schedules to attack, hunt, etc, and personally it was a good experience, both teams respected me and Army was always supporting me when they tried to kill me, they hyped me every time to be better.

5. Do you think being a girl during war is more toxic/complicated than being a guy?

- Definitely yes, even though I don't consider myself a problematic person, many guys have the idea that if they keep harassing a girl, it doesn't matter if it's with daily msgs, not letting her hunt, etc, does not work everytime.. But definitely yes.. 

6. Do you have a funny anecdote in the game? 

- Of course! When I recently started playing Tibia, my friends from school didn't have any patience to show me how to play this game, I was annoyed and I decided to learn by myself, so everyday I used to go to Venore sub, from Venore’s depot. I used to make runes to sell, there was another character there (Tenzor) he used to do the same, we were seeing each other a lot on the same spot, that we became friends, one day he borrowed me his soft boots, I used to think they were just pretty cute purple boots, he explained how they worked, we were talking and I was so focused on the conversation that when I turned to check the boots they were brown! And looked like it was trash, (they used to changed the appearance before when you needed to refill them ), so out of nowhere I started to apologizing to him, I promised him I was going to save money to buy new ones etc (I was thinking I messed them up or something), and he was just sending me questions marks “???” After apologizing I told him what happened and he was laughing at me :( , this is something that still makes us laugh. 

7. How did the idea of Tibia Gallery start?

- I’m one of those persons that for each achievement in game, or any cool spot, I take a screenshot, I used to do this and saved them, I still got CD’s with folders of many screenshots from Tibia, very good memories, after those screenshots I started to upload them on Flogao, when this was closed I was thinking of a cool place to upload your screenshots etc and be able to share them with more people, and specially to be able to share the link on Tibia, because before it was illegal to share external links. 

8. Have you ever had an obstacle/difficulty being a Fansite admin within the community?

- Definitely yes, I think there’s always a lot of misunderstandings from people who think that because we are admins, we let people win the contests.. I've had many claims and people who stopped talking to me because they were not in the top 3 or the winner, on the other hand, I don't feel comfortable participating on any fansite contest, because people think because I am an admit, other admins are letting me win.. This happened to me with the Cipsoft lottery, I won the War bp and people made comments as if the lottery was rigged.

9. What would you recommend to someone who wants to start a Tibia Fansite?

- It depends a lot on what type of fansite you would like to create... but I think it's either stories, articles about players, guides to make the game easier, it takes a lot of time and dedication, for many people it looks very easy to look at a guide but in reality They don't know all the work behind it, that you don't have miss any step, that you have to make it understandable to everyone... etc. So it would be perseverance, dedication and something very important to stick to the rules established by CipSoft since they constantly monitor the content of each fansite.

10. Do you have a favorite item, which one and why?

- Can I choose more than one? One of them is the Tibia Gallery doll (obviously) I think because of the effort behind it (referring to the Tibia Gallery page), and of course the panther doll (fansite item), I just think the idea was very creative put creatures that you can find in the game, it goes according to the game and apart from this, its beautiful *------*

 And as a general tibia item, amazon set, and golden helmet item, I'm a fan of items that have a backstory as such, the amazon set has its background in Venore with the amazons and all the history they went through, (great story for a fanfic) and the golden helmet I consider to be one of the legendary, epic items of Tibia.

11. Besides Tibia, is there another game you like to play?

- I like League of legends, I could say more but I don't have much time to play :x

12. Do you have any words for the girls in the community on International Women's Day?  

- Thank you very much to those women who uphold the title "woman" inside and outside the game, hardworking, creative, and super gamers who motivate other women to say (I would like to be as pro as her)

13. You are an achievement hunter, which is your least favorite achievement?

- Alumni *-----* obvious reasons

14. If an achievement could describe you, which would be and why?

- Beak Doctor “You significantly helped the afflicted citizens of Venore in times of dire need. Somehow you still feel close to the victims of the fever outbreak”.

I feel that I am always there for the people that I appreciate when they need me (I always try)

15. Is there a goal you have in RL or in the game?

- In real life, having my own clinic and in the game... for the moment I want a golden helmet and lvl 1k but with my friends...

16. Would you like to share some words of encouragement with the Tibian community?

- Enjoy the game, playing it should be fun, come and share time with your friends, joking, I think you have to stop being so toxic and intense (women vs women) (men vs men). Try to achieve your goals within the game and outside of it... believe me if you can with work and dedication.

X or Y

- Quest or Achievement?

- Achievement

- Rapid Respawn event or Double Exp/Skill event?

- Double exp to train :x 


-  Store decor items or Market decor items?

-Market decor items

- Team hunt or Duo hunt?

- Team hunt

- Hunting Rp or Hunting Ed?

- Hunting as an ED

- Paralyze rune or Sudden death rune?

- paralyze rune

- War or Neutral?

- I thought Id never say this but I think as a NEUTRAL XD

- Pvp as ED or Pvp as RP?

-Pvp as ED

- Listening to music while playing or Talking with friends (Discord/TeamSpeak) while playing?

- Listening music while playing with friends, my hunts with friends are quiet we never talk while hunting xD

- Store mount or Store outfit?

-Store mount

- Edron houses or Yalahar houses?

-Yalahar Houses

- Thais Depot or Darashia Depot?

-Thais depot

- Decorate a big house with ugly items or decorate a small house with cute items? 

-ofc small house with cute items

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