Tuesday, March 7, 2023

International Woman's Day 2023: Tibian women with passion!


I have been working at a railway company for almost 10 years. The train conductor and passenger service was my first job and I always enjoyed it. As a conductor, I had the first-row opportunity to watch train drivers do their amazing, unusual job. Unfortunately, my eyesight condition wouldn't allow me to become one, and 19 years old me absolutely had no courage to pursue this way, mostly because more than 99,99% of polish train drivers are male.

Within time, I felt like I needed to challenge myself more, so I've had LASIK surgery done and I decided to give my dream a shot! After 4 months of training I managed to pass the exam for a train driving licence and my current company offered me a job and further training (which is around 2 years in total) and here I am! I'm excited for whatever the future holds for me! My future goal is to encourage all the women not to be scared of pursuing their dreams, ever! For me it wasn't easy and it wasn't all pretty, but views like that are worth it in my opinion, aren't they?

Dumon Von'terryer

Everyone knows that animals have been my passion since my childhood. I have always cared about them. But 15 years ago I saw a documentary about how animals are killed so that people can eat their meat. I saw a scene there that has never left my mind since then - a scene of a dying cow. That was the moment I decided to stop eating meat. At that time I was still eating fish and chicken, and a friend asked me if those animals were different from the cow. Of course, they were equal and that was how I started getting familiar with speciesism. I studied about it and I stopped eating all animals and stopped using everything from them, and I'm happy because of it.

While living in Europe, I can eat the best food that vegan food technology can offer. We can find good recipes everywhere and when I'm inspired I can cook my own vegan food and have fun when it works! Besides, being vegan helps me stay in the shape that I like!


What is my passion? It's hard for me to answer this question in one word because I have at least a few hobbies, but I think that apart from cooking and sports, my main interests could be described as "art-related activities" :D

It is from this side that the Tibia community knows me best! In my spare time, I love to spend hours working with polymer clay, and having fun with pixel art, or drawing. I don't do it professionally. It simply gives me a lot of joy and peace, and that's the important thing. Most of my works are created for Tibia-related contests (organized by different fansites), in which I like to participate because I have an excuse to create something new! ;) It's always a challenge for me to create more and more new items using the pixel art technique and I still can't get over how many possibilities the 32x32 pixel size offers! I am also pleased with the progression in drawing competition entries that I have achieved over the years 2016-2023 with so few opportunities! However, my passion has moved beyond Tibia. Nowadays, I also make things out of polymer clay for fun that are in no way related to the game. Sometimes I give my creations to friends as gifts (and they pretend to like them! xD), and most I keep as models for future projects.


I don’t consider myself an interesting person, so I've been thinking about what could I write about myself that could be. Before receiving the invitation to participate in this article, I didn’t consider that I had something good or useful to contribute to the Tibian community until Justy suggested that I write about the amigurumis that I have made and I think that to be able to talk about this I will have to tell you a little story:
It all started a few years ago, when I had no idea what to give to my friends for Christmas, so I asked my mom if she could teach me how to knit scarves (she has always knitted as a hobby, she is very good and likes to create and learn new things).
This was my first encounter with knitting, years later I wanted to knit a kitten for one of my best friends, to be honest I could never finish that kitten, since knitting in 2D and 3D is very different, and knitting amigurumis is a bit more complicated, and that's how I lost my interest in knitting the cat.
At the end of 2021, the possibility of buying an online amigurumi creation course appeared, my brother gave me the course and shortly after I moved to Chile (I am from Mexico), and in Chile my husband (always supporting me in everything). , he went with me to a store and buy material to start practicing, but it was closed, so I had to wait and come back another day, when I returned I bought everything I needed to knit the amigurumi that they taught in the course, that's how my passion began for this art.

Then, I got to work to create a doll with the Elementalist outfit for Dyaniixz, a friend I met thanks to Tibia (although originally it was going to be with the female mage, I had to start all over again because she just put on spikes and changed her favorite outfit), it was quite a challenge; create, undo, start over, until I achieved what I wanted, since I needed it to be as close to the game as possible. I really liked the result and she loved it.

I love knitting amigurumis and I always give 200% of dedication so that each one is as perfect as possible, especially if it is one that wears outfits or well-known designs, although I am still in the learning process, when I finish an amigurumi and deliver it , and I see the emotion of the person who receives it or knowing that they liked it, makes me feel that so many hours invested have been worth it.


I have had many passions throughout the years. My first big passion was dancing. I was a lot into Jamaican culture and Dancehall. I used to take part in some competitions and then I moved to another style - bachata. I still enjoy dancing but my true passion is simply just music and anything that is music related. I love music production, songwriting, and singing/rapping. You can still listen to some of the music I made here.

However, currently, my biggest passion is bodybuilding and I am obsessing with the gym pretty much. I think it is so cool that you can control your body through strength training and the food you eat. It's also the coolest thing ever to see how your body can lift more and more weight with each training.
Becoming stronger and stronger gives you a great deal of motivation and looking better is just the side effect of it for me. What I love about the gym is that when I go there I turn myself off completely. It's only me against me and there is no time for worrying, overanalyzing, or being sad about anything. A lot of people say that people go to the gym to escape something and I believe there is a lot of truth to that but in a good way. The gym is like therapy for me and currently, I can't imagine a day without training. The things I used to worry about don't have any meaning now. I think everyone should get super tired every day and half of their problems would magically disappear. I am not saying that working out will solve your problems but it certainly gives you a fresh and positive point of view that eventually helps you deal with everything. 


I’ve always been fond of art, and once I was given the opportunity to dive into the jewelry world, it won my heart over. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined how much I would love this. Learning from an insanely skilled team of women probably had a lot to do with it. My favorite part is designing custom pieces. Talking to people and finding out the backstory of what they want and why they want it is wonderful. Some may just like to collect jewelry and wear it to enhance their outfits. But there are also those who want it as a statement, a future family heirloom, a promise, a reminder or a celebration. Even redesigning old pieces full of memories and giving them a second life and meaning is a lovely process too. I believe jewelry is a beautiful way we humans have of saying “I want to carry this beautiful thing on me all the time because it represents something precious to me.” 
We all want to leave our little footprint in this world. And having been part of creating somethingbeautiful that holds someone’s most treasured memories and that will be passed down through generations is definitely worthwhile. My second favorite part is literally looking at natural gemstones. I love learning to identify and analyze all their elements. It’s one of those skills that you can spend a lifetime polishing and still, there’s a high chance that when you examine a gem you’ve examined a thousand times before, you’ll find a new blemish or inclusion you didn’t catch before. It’s fascinating and there’s still sooooooo much more I have to learn about this. I hope I’m lucky enough to keep pursuing these passions, and who knows? Maybe one day I’ll become a great jeweler or gemologist :)


My name is Libby and I play the character “Libi” on the game world Lobera. When I’m not at work or playing Tibia you can usually find me on the back of a horse.
I spend most of my free time working around horses and offering to ride anything I can get my hands on. Because of this, I have had the opportunity to travel to several states across the USA and compete with my own horse King’s Pawn. Together we have competed and won many state, regional and national awards.

Horseback riding is a hobby that has helped mold me into the person I am today. I have learned when to give and take, have responsibilities beyond my own self and empathy for those around me.

Nina Meow

Hello everyone, capturing the most beautiful landscapes that my eyes see is what I have always been most passionate about, which is why I dedicate myself to studying photography in order to be able to capture these moments with better quality. Knowing the sky after seeing it from the ground for so many years has been one of my best experiences, and that is why I dare to say that skydiving has become another of my greatest passions. I already count the days to do it again.

Missy Mystique

I've recently started a small business. I'm here to tell you and show you a little about my job.
How it started is, I love a clean house, and I love for that house to smell nice, not just after cleaning, but around the full day/week. So I started looking into how to make my house smell nice,(besides daily cleaning). I started to make wax melts, what are wax melts? They are wickless candles, scented wickless candles in this case. I was always a fan of wax melts, the scent throw is amazing, and its an easy way to have a good smell in your house for over 4- 10 hours depending on the melt and the size of the candle under it. I looked into how to make them, I started small, with like only a couple of scents, to now over 100 scents, and over 100 moulds to make scented candles or wax melts!
How does it work? 

Well, there are special wax melt burners, you put a tealight in the bottom and put my waxmelt above the fire, so it melts and releases a nice scent in your house or wherever you decide to put the burner. What I do is, I make the wax melts, I can pretty much make them in every shape/scent that my client wishes.
the possibilities are endless when you have a lot of molds, would you like p*nis shaped waxmelt? I got you. Do you want it to smell like roses? I got you. Want it to smell like Paco Rabanne's "Invictus"? I still got you. Are you looking for baby shower wax melts, in whatever color/scent you want, I'll make it happen for you.

I also make thank yous for, baby showers, wedding, and gift bags. I do also make candles, but mostly wax melts.  I mostly deal in fragrance-inspired scents, so perfume scents, and rituals scents. So pretty much you tell me what your ideas are, tell me what you want, what colour, what shape, what scent, and then I get to work!

Amy Meow

Since I was very little I have been attracted to artistic things such as colors, painting, drawing and crafting.
I consider myself a very creative and artistic person, but video games and animes were undoubtedly a very important boost and inspiration to develop my skills, everything I know and have learned over time I owe it to my curiosity for wanting to learn how videogames and animations are made and that is how my passion was born.

I gave myself the task of search and the more I learn, the more I was passionate about it, so I got to the point of studying everything that it entails, a simple idea, expressing it into a sketch, drawing it, making it digital art, modeling and animating it until it is functional and have life. All this is super entertaining for me, yes, what excites me the most is making everything look impeccable, beautiful and flashy and that's what I pay attention to the most, haha, so I can say that my favorite things apart from playing video games and I also like watching animes, in the case of video games developing them and designing the artistic part and in the case of animes, making animations and/or drawings.

I am a fan of Nintendo and their videogames are my favorite, among other games from other platforms, Tibia is also one of my favorites and many have witnessed my passion for creating art related to tibia such as posts, drawings of my char, pixel arts or fictional scenes that do not exist in the game. In the case of Sailor Moon, this is one of my favorites, which has also inspired me to create artistic things related to it, besides from the fact that I identify myself a lot with Serena, haha.
Crafting is another of the things that I love to do, for example, invitations to a social event, design them digitally and then print them and add physical details later, or simply some craft, lately I have made crafted boxes with recycled materials to store small things and I really enjoy the whole process of making it, even if I end up with dirty hands, it's part of enjoying the process!
I also must mention that I really like fashion and creating my Rls outfits and combining them, buying things online, especially clothes or shopping is another of my passions, this is something that I can also combine with my passion for art, for example sometimes I create Tibian Outfits that don't exist just for pure entertainment and because I'm really passionate about it and I enjoy doing it ♡

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