Monday, March 6, 2023

Huntsies 2023, event II



Hello Dear Unicorns! 

In the 2nd Huntsie of this year, you will take part in the in-game quest and on Instagram! Are you excited?!

1. You need to have an Instagram account that's public (it cannot be private because then we will not get a notification of the tags)
2. The event takes place on the server Secura. You need to have a character of level 8 to participate.
3. You need to sign up to participate, by sending a mail to with your Secura character's name and Instagram username! 
4. You can sign up till the 8th of march at 15:00 CET (5h after the server save)
5. The event starts on International Women's day, Wednesday 8th of March at 21:00 CET (11 hours after server save)

If you have any questions about the event, don't hesitate to ask us via Discord or Instagram

Find NPC Bijou Luna somewhere you can get an adventurer stone
and ask her about feminity

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