Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Player of the Month #31: Valentine's edition

Hello unicorns, this month is all about love and friendship.. And because Valentines its around the corner we prepared for you a special Player of the Month : Valentines Edition <3 

These lovely couples shared their love story, and we are so happy and excited to share with you! 

-Pilincky Emex & Yuli Emex

Hello guys, Can you please introduce yourselves, names, characters and servers?

-Hi I’m Angel L, my char is Pilincky Emex and we play on Solidera

-Hi I’m Yuli Gzz, I got a name changed and now Im Yuli Emex on Solidera

How did you guys meet and how long? 

-A: In Thais depot, I was drinking and playing Tibia, and we had an attack because we were at war, so I started singing and she started singing with me, and after that we started talking. (I thought she was a dude).

-Y: In my defense, I was a little noob level 40 and I was bored, that happened on Nov 2021.

Do you have a funny anecdote together in Tibia?

-A: We have many, but I think the funniest one was when I asked her to marry me on Tibia, we were in the middle of a hunt and I told her “Lets get married!”, I think her brain was bugged and she didn't know what to do and she was stuttering haha. 

-Y: He didn't like charlover stuff, another funny one was like in the middle of an attack I was killed and he was like.. No one died right? He wasn't aware I was already at the very far xD.

DO NOT CHEAT answer this questions separate 

His/her Favorite mount? 

A: Raptor o Pantera

Y: Night Waccon

His/her Favorite activity on Tibia? 

A: Pk and follow to my toxic Yuli on whatever she wants

Y: Follow Angel on his attacks and try to be a charlover 

His/Her Favorite City? 

A: Thais 

Y: Yalahar

Who dies often?

A: Used to be Yuli, but she doesn't play often anymore :c

Y: Angel, because of war

Who is the charlover?

A: Yuli

Y: Obviously me

-Nelasz & Sylus Slayer

From the server Solidera we have another cute couple, Nelasz and Sylus Slayer, Hello guys! How are you?

Nelasz: Hello! Greetings to everyone, my name is Leonela and my main character is Nelasz that's how my family and friends call me. Currently I'm playing with my husband on the server Solidera. 

Sylus Slayer: Hello friends, my name is Carlos, my character name is Sylus Slayer, I play on the server Solidera with my queen. 

How did you guys meet and when? 

We met around 2008, on the Liberty Bay boat, we both were doing the pirate outfit quest on our own, I remember we were having issues with one mission, and I asked help to Sylus, we talked more and we became good friends, on 2010 we became a couple. 

Do you have a funny anecdote together in Tibia?

We have many funny experiences together, there's been many that we don't even remember . Maybe one of the recents ones was doing the primal ordeal quest, we laughed so much learning to do the mechanics, there were so many failures but it was a fun challenge. 

His/her Favorite mount? 

Nelasz: Night Waccoon

Sylus: Shock Head

His/her Favorite activity on Tibia?

Nelasz: currently getting levels

Sylus: War 

His/Her Favorite City? 

Nelasz: Oramond

Sylus: Oramond

Who dies often?

Nelasz: me

Sylus Slayer: Nelasz haha

Who is the charlover?

Nelasz: me

Sylus Slayer: Nelasz

-Meowsiita & Pess Joeru

Who says that love and war can't get along? Well, our next couple is playing on a server that is currently at war, they both fight this war together, from the server Talera, we have Meowsiita & Pess Joeru.

Hello guys! How are you? Can you please introduce yourselves? 

-Hi! We are Meowsiita & Pess Joeru, we are from the server Talera and we’ve been dating for 5 years. 

How did you guys meet and for how long? Do you have a funny anecdote together in Tibia?

-We met through a friend we have in common 5 years ago, our funny anecdote I think was when she started playing PvP and I told everyone to get PK and on her first fight on Warzone she got red skulled. 

DO NOT CHEAT answer this questions separate, let’s see how well you guys know each other

His/her Favorite mount? 

M: Tiger Slug

P: Midnight Panther

His/her Favorite activity on Tibia? 

M: He is always killing people

P: Look for bosses and achievements

His/Her Favorite City? 


P: Oramond

Who dies often?

M: Pess

P: Me, I'm always Pk

Who is the charlover?

M: Me 

P: Her haha

-Lady Mass & Szevvczenko

On our next couple we have one of our beautiful admins, we are so happy to see her this happy! They

both play on several servers, they are Lady Mass & Szevvczenko.

How are you guys? Can you please introduce yourselves, names, characters and servers?

J: Hai ❤️ My name is Justyna, also known as Lady Mass (on Talera) and Justysie (on Antica)

K: My name is Jakub, my char is Szevvczenko (I'm generally known as Sheva), I am currently playing on three servers: Thyria, Antica, Vunira.

How did you guys meet and for how long? Do you have a funny anecdote together in Tibia?

J: We met through Tibian Instagram actually. I remember we talked on Antica once like 3-4 years back, but it never went further from this. We talked on Instagram every here and there, but it was like small talks and responses to stories. Until this one day like 9 months ago, when we both focused on the convo a little bit more. We clicked almost immediately and realized we are identical, to the point it kinda creeps us out actually xD 

We have lots of anecdotes together, but there's one that we always rub into each other's faces whenever we have occasion HAHAHA, I always tell him "YOU UNFOLLOWED ME" and then he says "BECAUSE YOU NEVER EVEN FOLLOWED ME BACK" hahahaha, of course we are kidding. We don't really play Tibia together, so we don't have in-game anecdotes I'd say :c

His/her Favorite mount? 

J: I'd say no mount at all / mine is Razorcreep ofc ❤️

K: Mine is Shock head or panther / I think I'm not the only one who knows the answer to the question xDD "Prismatic Unicorn"

His/her Favorite activity on Tibia? 

J: PK and KS and all the boring stuff like that XD / standing in DP, picking rewards and doing ML

K:  WM and killing people when it comes to me / When it comes to daily activity, her fav activity is collecting rewards, when it comes to slightly longer activity, it's mlv skilling and chatting with friends

His/Her Favorite City? 

J: It's the worst cuz I remember we had this convo and I forgot what it was omggg... idk Liberty bay?:x / Mine is Thais;D

K: 3. Mine is Thais / When it comes to her, I would bet on two cities Liberty Bay (because of the houses) / Thais (like 90% of Tibians)

Who dies often?

J: He does, only because I never do anything hahaha, hard to die while picking up rewards in depo, but actually with my capabilities... who knows

K: Definitely me XD

Who is the charlover?


K: I think Lady Mass due to her high mlv. Although I remember videos where Justyna killed other players and took part in Tibian battles in the past

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